Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, and located south of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, in the Southern Hemisphere.

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When is the cheapest time to go to Cozumel?

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During winter since that is an off season time and hotels tend to be cheaper in off season.
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How did the Australia fires start?

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According to Diana Bernstein, climate scientist and Assistant Research Professor in the Division of Marine Science at the University of Southern Mississippi: “Apart from human activities, Australia’s hot and dry summers are to blame for the start and the spread of the wildfires." Although the region knows to expect a fire season, these most recent fires have been worse than most. This is because Australia is currently experiencing its worst drought in decades as well as a heatwave that broke the record for the highest nationwide average temperature in December. These elements combined have caused the fires to spread more rapidly than usual. Many experts also reference climate change as a contributing factor, as the increasingly extreme weather conditions are taking their toll on an already at-risk area. There is also the human element—there have already been 24 people charged with deliberately starting bushfires this season.
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Why December is likely to be warmer in Australia than in united kingdom?

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Because the two countries are on oppsite sides of the planet. In winter, the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun - making our climate colder. At the same time, the southern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun - making Australia's climate warmer.
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How many times can Mexico fit into Australia?

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how many times would mexico fit into australia
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What are the professional qualities of teachers in Australia?

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Know the students and how they learn. Lead teachers are expected to select, develop, evaluate and revise teaching strategies "to improve student learning using knowledge of the physical, social and intellectual development and characteristics of students" in order to meet the needs of students from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds (AITSL, 2011). Know the content and how to teach it. Lead teachers must be able to "lead initiatives […] to evaluate and improve knowledge of content and teaching strategies," as well as to "monitor and evaluate the implementation of teaching strategies to expand learning opportunities and content knowledge for all students" (AITSL, 2011). Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning. Qualified lead teachers should "demonstrate exemplary practice and high expectations […] and lead colleagues to plan, implement and review the effectiveness of their learning and teaching programs" (AITSL, 2011). Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments. Lead teachers are expected to be active in "the development of productive and inclusive learning environments," as well as to "lead and implement behavior management initiatives" (AITSL, 2011) in order to ensure students' well-being. Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning. Lead teachers are required to "evaluate school assessment policies and strategies" to diagnose learning needs and to "co-ordinate student performance and program evaluation using internal and external student assessment data to improve teaching practice (AITSL, 2011). Engage in professional learning. Lead teachers should "initiate collaborative relationships to expand professional learning opportunities, engage in research, and provide quality opportunities and placements for pre-service teachers" (AITSL, 2011). Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community. Professional and community networks and support[ing] the involvement of colleagues in external learning opportunities" (AITSL, 2011).
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Which distance is shorter Africa to South America or Africa to Australia?

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It really depends on your exact departure and arrival destinations, but leaving from Rio De Janeiro, South America to Cape Town, South Africa is a shorter trip than going from Durban, South Africa to Perth, Australia. south America
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What hospitals in Kerala are not recommended by the Australian Embassy?

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The only information from the Australian Embassy regarding hospitals is the following: Good medical facilities can be found in India's major cities; however in remote and rural areas facilities can be very limited or unavailable.
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How much is 1000 pesos in US dollars?

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1000 pesos is worth 72 or 73 dollars in the US.
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What is 'I love you' in aboriginal language?

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There are many aboriginal languages so there is no one answer to the question. However, the general concept of whacking a woman on the head with a club and dragging her back to the bark lean-to is common to all.
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Is Iran bigger than Australia?

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No. Australia is many times larger than Iran.
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Where can you buy the one ring in Australia?

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You can buy it from Youth Jewellery
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Why is the didgeridoo so important to Australia?

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IT isn't It however a very inter sting and unusual sounding instrument that is widely used in aboriginal music.
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What is the foggiest capital city in Australia?

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Australia's Foggiest capital city is................. CANBERRA
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Kalgoorlie Western Australia Gold Mine picture?

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See the related links for images of gold mines at Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.
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How much bigger is Australia than united kingdom?

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Do the maths properly!! Australia is over 32 times the size of the UK. 2,988,902/94,525 = 31.62 times!