Axum was the capital of The Kingdom of Axum, one of the strongest empires in Africa between 100 BC and 700 AD. Axum is located in modern-day Ethiopia.

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Why was Aksum important?

The Kingdom of Aksum was the center of trading.

What were some of aksum's major achievements?

the most impressive achievements were the pillars of Aksum

What is ancient Axum social pyramid?

man, idk but i kno that kings were at the top then nobles, then the citizens, then slaves. but there are alot more classes than that

List three contributions of the aksum kingdom?

The Kingdom of Aksum was an empire located around modern Ethiopia that lasted from about 100 A.D. to 940 A.D. The kingdom reached many important milestones, and achieved a multitude of things, including a written alphabet. The Kingdom of Aksum was also the first in Africa to fully convert to Christianity, which lead to the present-day Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. The Kingdom was also known for being the first African state to issue its own system of coins as currency.

How did Aksum's location and interaction with other regions affect its development?

Aksum is the name of a powerful, urban Iron Age Kingdom in Ethiopia, that flourished in the centuries before and after the time of Christ. It location made it prosper because the surrounding nations were so underdeveloped.

Why was adula an important city in aksum?

Adula was an important city in Aksum because the Roman Empire need gold to make coins, so the Roman ships often docked it in Adula. That is why Adula was an important city in Aksum.

How did Axum begin?

As a center of a marine trading power of the Aksumite Kingdom. Historical records are otherwise unclear.

What do the gold coins reveal about the kingdom of aksum?

The gold coins reveal a rich diverse culture about the kingdom of Aksum.

Why did the people of Aksum become Christians?

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This is why they became Christians:

AKSUM BECOMES CHRISTIAN- Ezana succeeded to the throne as an infant after the death of his father. While his mother ruled the kingdom, a young Christian man from Syria who had been captured and taken into the court educated him. When Ezana finally became ruler of Aksum, he converted to Christianity and established it as the kingdom's official religion.

What did foreign merchants bring to Aksum?

the foreign merchants brang new idea's and beliefs,along with trade goods.

How did Aksum location Enable it to become a trading center?

Because of is location. It was surrounded by the Red sea, Mediterranean sea, Indian ocean, and the Nile.

How did aksum become a wealthy kingdom?

Trade routes, axum was the center of ancient trade. Until Islams rose to power in the seventh century. The Islams changed the trade routes.