Babies bring joy to every family but sometimes they bring uncertainty as well. Find out all you need to know about these little bundles of joy. Ask and answer questions from diapers to development.

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How fast is a normal baby's heartbeat?

  • A baby's heartbeat can range usually anywhere from 120-160 during your pregnancy. It can fluctuate constantly. The time that they can predict what the sex of the baby is in only when you are in labor and hooked up to the monitor to track the baby's heart rate. It is at this time that the lower numbers (under 140) are usually a boy, and the higher (over 140) are usually a girl.

  • Sounds about right. Ours was 140 this week (32 weeks); we've been told two versions of an "old wives' tale": One says 140=boy and the other says 140=girl. Guess we'll have to wait until the birth!!

  • I'm 32 weeks' and 5 days' pregnant with b/g twins; as of today, the girl was 143 beats per minute and the boy was 130. The doctor said both were in the normal range.

What do you feed a baby mouse whose eyes aren't open yet?

Well if you find a baby mouse with no fur what you should feed it is luke warm puppy or kitten milk (not cow milk, that can cause diarrhea) using a syringe. If you don't have a syring, you can use a piece of string until you can get one, just soak it in the milk until a drop forms at the end. If the baby mouse does not drink it take it to the closest RSPCA.
Here's a good guide to raising orphaned mice:

How much should a 19 month old baby weigh?

There are child growth standards by World Health Organization (Birth to 2 years):

  • Weight for GIRLS:
  • Weight for BOYS:

All weight before red line it is normal weight. All weight from red line before black line it may mean you need to see a pediatrician.

How do you fix a build a bear bunny ear?

If you've had a problem with your bear such as stuffing falling out, holes, etc... you can go back to the Build a Bear Workshop you got it from and they can repair your bear for you as long as you have your receipt.

Can babies drink milk if they have a cold?

Yes, although you have to be careful they don't accidentally inhale the milk rather than swallow it. If a baby mammal does not drink milk while it is ill, it will die of starvation or dehydration.

How much does it cost to buy a baby horse that is not trained?

it depends on the quality, conformation, breeding and temermant of the foal- so anywhere from 150 dollars to thousands of dollars. :) On average though it costs 600 dollars.

How did life change under the Factory System?

It changed because many people could now afford to buy food, instead of stealing it.

What is the best selling food product?

As a vet nurse I have learned that the food depends all on the dog, getting a food from your local supermarket isn't always the best for your dog as it could contain things that gives your dog some stomach issues. Although the packaging looks good and says its high in protein, calcium etc its not always the best. Try heading to your vet and getting food from there 'Hills' 'Science Diet' 'Greenies' are all great types of food formulated for your canines needs. Also if you are going to change the diet of your dog make sure that he will eat it and just slowly change the diet so the body can digest the modification, hope this helped.

Thanks Brooke x

What happens to the placenta after a baby is born?

When the baby is born, it is still attached to its end of the umbilical cord. It is still connected to the placenta. You will continue to have contractions until the placenta is delivered, or the doctor will remove it. Once expelled, the placenta is frozen and often sold to medical research labs, or it is incinerated as medical human tissue wastes. However, lately, many people want to claim their baby's placenta, either because of myths they heard or for cord blood.

NOTE: The placenta is considered human medical waste. That means it MUST be disposed of properly. For example, it cannot just go into the home trash bin if a couple decides they really did not want it. Also, state laws may govern whether hospitals can release medical waste to the mother and father.

Are baby showers only for girls?

Not in today's society! Baby showers are now for both parents-to-be and should be attended by friends and family of both.

How can spicy food affect your unborn baby?

Since any food that you eat ends up feeding your baby as well, they will get the spicy food that you eat. It may upset them and that's when you notice their restlessness.

How tall should a 2 month old baby be?

Up to two inches taller than they were at birth.

Why are some babies born underweight?

Some are premature other wise it genes that run in the family.

Is it bad for babies to walk at an early age?

It is good in fact. It helps babies with balance and muscular development.

Is heating up baby food in a microwave dangerous?

Yes it is dangerous. It is also not good have food from the microwave, because a lot of radiation comes from microwaves.

Is it safe for baby to eat biltong?

It must be safe, otherwise our grandparents would not give it to their grand children.

How do you make a baby?

A simple answer:A woman's egg is fertilized by a man's sperm. This is done either naturally or artificially (medically). In natural fertilization, a man inserts his penis into a woman's vagina and when he ejaculates, his sperm enters to contact the woman's ovum (egg), and fertilize it so that conception can occur when it implants in the womb. In "artificial" fertilization, there is a medical procedure done to combine the egg and sperm outside of the woman's body and then the fertilized egg is surgically put into a woman's body for fetal development (this is called in vitro fertilization and implantation).

After nine months of fetal development, a baby is born.

A short answer:Babies are made through a natural physical process called human reproduction (occasionally with the aid of in vitro fertilization as mentioned above). In natural fertilization, two humans of the opposite sex (one male and one female) have sexual intercourse. In this process, the male takes his penis and inserts it into the female's vagina. The male's erect penis is moved in the vagina until at the high point, the male's sperm is released and enters the female's vagina. The sperm travel into the womb and, if there is an egg deposited by the ovary waiting there (or on its way to the womb in the ovary tubes), the sperm connect with it and the combining of the egg and the sperm is what begins the fertilization that leads to what is called conception, when the egg implants in the uterus. At conception, the development of a fetus is initiated and ultimately a baby is born. A more detailed answer about natural fertilization and conception:In humans, when a man and woman have coitus (sex) it generally results in babies being formed. When a man and woman feel it is the right time to have a baby, they both sexually arouse each other by touching each other in parts of the body called erogenous zones. The man then places his penis into the female's vagina. The arousal generates a rhythmical movement against the female's body. During this process the man usually touches the woman in certain places, and vice versa, which further arouses them both. When this process reaches the peak, or orgasm, the man ejaculates (releases semen and sperm) into the vagina and his sperm swim up through the cervix into the uterus and Fallopian (ovarian) tubes towards the ovaries where the mature egg cell has been produced and released.

Thousands of sperm try to break through the cell wall of the egg cell to gain entry and cause fertilization, however, usually only one sperm manages this penetration. Following a sperm's attachment with the egg, the egg produces a protein that will inhibit the further entry of any other sperm.

If the conditions of the uterus are correct, the egg then implants itself in the lining on the inside wall of the uterus (womb) called the endometrium. If all is well, then conception is complete, and after approximately nine months of development of the fetus, a baby will be born through the woman's birth canal and vagina.

Occasionally there are problems that require the birth to be assisted medically or even surgically by a procedure that is called a Cesarean section (the baby is surgically delivered).

See the related questions below for more information about artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization and Cesarean sections.Babies are made when a sperm is able to join with an egg.
Biologically it is impossible for two females to produce a baby.
Assuming both of them are in good health and capable of normal sexual function, they would have consensual, planned and unprotected intercourse. Intercourse is where a man inserts his penis into a woman's vagina. Normally, this is pleasurable for both of them. When the man achieves orgasm, he ejaculates sperm into the woman's vagina, where it travels up her cervix into her uterus and fertilizes her egg. The fertilized egg implants itself into her uteral wall and begins dividing, becoming a blastocyst and them an embryo. Eventually, the embryo grows into a fetus. For most of the first two trimesters (about 24 weeks of pregnancy), the fetus resembles a tadpole or fish. By about nine months' time, the baby is born and soon becomes fully human, eventually gaining the ability to speak and reason.

Do abusers hit themselves?

Yes, some can. These people are actually in great mental anguish and I've seen men put their fist through a window or bang their head on a wall. Some have hit walls with their fists so hard they have broken bones in their hand. Women who abuse are great throwers of objects; will cut themselves (superficial cuts) or even go so far as to cut their long hair in chunks. They will hit, slap, and bite if given half the chance, not to mention kick like a mule. Until these abusers get help (they usually will deny they need help) then it's best people stay away from them. Marcy

Can 6 month old babies have onion?

might not be able to eat it but yeah they can might not be very healthy

Can babies catch colds and is it dangerous?

Yes because their immune system is new and hasn't been exposed to fight off the germs and it is dangerous because of their weak immune system.

At what age do babies point?

Pointing babiesBabies should point by 12 months. Some do it early, others later. If your baby has not pointed by 14 months, ask your pediatrician. Don't be worried, but not pointing by fourteen months of age is one of the 3 hallmark behaviors in detecting autism.

More input from Wiki s contributors:

  • My little guy just started to point and he is 10.5 months.
  • My baby started pointing @ about 10 months. Give it some time or ask your doctor.

Based on what I learned from my Life Span & Development Class, Piaget believed that children learn about themselves as well as their environment from birth to about 2 years of age. It is anywhere between Piaget's Sensorimotor and Pre-operational stage. During these stages, which occur in early infancy, the child begins to learn and understand that he is separate from his environment; such as, his parents continue to exist even though they may be out of sight or reach. During the pre-operational stage (infant-7 years of age), children begin to use natural words, body outlines, and equipment which gives him an active role in learning. Hence, your child still has time to learn how to point. Speak to a doctor if it worries and hopefully, they can give you the reassurance that you need.