Background Checks

Background Checks are used for everything from employment to rental housing (Senior Citizens; Assisted Living; Section 8 Housing). A Background Check typically includes Social Security Number, Citizenship Status, criminal, commercial, and financial records and range from minimal sensitivity (such as employment for a minimum wage job) to high (such as a job related to the FBI or National Security). It may include property and driving records, drug testing, evaluations for Medical, Mental, and Physiological examinations, polygraphs and arrests/ imprisonment. Typically, a person cannot refuse a Background Check unless you wish to forfeit what you desire, e.g. that housing, that employment. Reasons for BCs include to verify personal information, personal honesty and integrity, exclude drug users, and general risk management.

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What effect will a five year old bankruptcy have on getting a job that requires a background check?

It all depends on the employer, usually after seven years a bankruptcy is clear from your record, even though someone has a bankruptcy in their record they can try to get credit to begin to improve their credit.

Does aei dish network do background checks?

For Technicians they do, yes. They also do a drug test.

Does a shoplifting ticket with no arrest show up on a background check?

If you weren't placed under actual arrest by a law enforcement officer, there will not be a record.

What kind of background checks does safeway do?

I worked for safeway and they dont do background checks

Is a pre-employment background check required to enter into the pharmaceutical sales field?

That all depends on the company policy, but these days, I would venture to say YES. Even retailers are doing it for a simple sales position, Believe It or NOT!

Which jobs require background checks?

Any jobs working with children or the government always require background checks. While most employers claim they will check the backgrounds of its applicants, not all follow through. It's best to be honest with your potential employer when applying for any job.

Will an out of state misdemeanor appear in a background check?

It shouldn't if the misdemeanor occurred while you were under the age of 18, otherwise, there's a good chance it will. However, most companies aren't too concerned with misdemeanor's, especially if they occured more than three years ago. It's the felonies they are more concerned about.

What shows up on a background check?

It depends on the Background check.

There are several types: security clearance, basic check for an apartment, gun purchases, and some others.


That totally depends on the type of background check being conducted.

If we talk about the criminal cases, the things shown during background checks are those who are convicted or charged with misdemeanors, felony, sexual offenses, and violations of parole. The law also permits to check for traffic violations, arrest records, violations against provision, and the list continues!

Are quashed convictions listed on background checks such as CRB and Police Checks?

CRB checks are now called DBS checks.

Enhanced DBS checks can reveal allegations and quashed convictions. Chief Police Officers can (at their discretion) choose to include any intelligence they hold on an individual if they believe it is relevant to a recruitment decision.

If the police have included intelligence on a DBS certificate, the applicant has a right to challenge that information with the DBS before they show the certificate to their employer.

If you were convicted of a felony 7 years ago and are now looking for an apartment to rent will background checks go back that far and if not is it better to answer no to the felony question?

If you did your time you paid your debt. Tell the truth. Many towns and cities have ordinances that allow landlords to refuse to rent to convicted felons. However, you can be evicted if you lie and it is found out.

What shows up in a criminal background check?

A criminal history includes any arrests and/or convictions, including arrests that did not result in a conviction. In most cases, arrests as a juvenile will not appear, but this would depend on the reason for the background investigation and the agency conducting it.

Do expunged felonies show up on background checks?

As a general rule, no, BUT THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS. Law enforcement, the courts, government agencies, and private employers empowered to do background checks for national security clearances, will always be able to access the expunged part of your criminal history record.

What does Office max check with pre-employment background check?

Employment, Credit History, Criminal History they hire out to: Acxiom Information Security Services

When employers do criminal background checks in tx how many years do they go back?

Your record is your permanent record. They may go back as far as they wish to go.

Are there any free criminal background check services?

All criminal background checks require some level of administration and therefore incur cost.

In the UK, you may be able to obtain free DBS checks if you are employing volunteers.

What is level 2 background check?

Level 2 background checks are basically a fingerprint based criminal background check processed by the FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC). In the vast majority of cases, level 2 background checks are required for contract personnel who are permitted access on school grounds when students are present, or if they will have direct contact with students or have access to or control of school funds. By law, only certified law enforcement personnel can fulfill the fingerprinting process as they must attach their police ID number to the fingerprint card. This certifies that your identity was verified by a police officer in order to curtail someone else fraudently being fingerprinted on your behalf. Oftentimes, school districts have their own set of requirements implemented into each contractor's RFP bids. In addition, they may require criminal background checks fom local police departments where a subject has resided in their past. In conclusion, level 2 background checks are fingerprint based background checks for personnel who will be having contact with children. Examples: teachers, teacher's aides, sports coaches, summer camp counselors, activities volunteers, school janitors, bus drivers, etc.

Will juvenile misdemeanors show up on adult background check?

Not after the person becomes a legal adult. The above also applies in Canada.

What does Amended charge type on a background check?

An amended charge is a charge that has been altered from its original form. For instance if driving under the influence is the original charge but the outcome has the amended charge of reckless driving.

Do gas stations run background checks?

Yes, they may. You are dealing with merchandise, selling gas, and selling alcohol (in some states), and selling tobacco. They want to make sure that the people they are hiring will not rob them blind because gas stations only make 3 cents on every gallon of gas and really they are penny profit businesses so they will definitely run a background check, especially if you are an adult, to see if you are who you claim you are.

How many years back do restaurant background checks go?

There is no standard answer to this question. Employers can look as far back (or not) as they wish when hiring employees. Some states attempt to limit the "look-back" time, but realistically it makes no difference.

Does a dropped charge show up on a background check?

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