Baking Chocolate

Baking chocolate, also called unsweetened or bitter chocolate (cocoa) is used with the addition of sugar in making cakes, brownies, confections and cookies. It is also available in bittersweet and semisweet, with some sugar added.

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How many squares of Baker's baking chocolate are in 2 ounces?

1 wrapped square = 1 square = 1 oz of chocolate.

You would need 2 wrapped Baker's baking chocolates for 2 oz.

Are baking chocolate and unsweetened chocolate the same thing?

Yes, baker's chocolate and unsweetened chocolate are the same.

Does unsweetened baking chocolate go bad?

Yes, unsweetened chocolate can go bad in two ways:

1) Developing chocolate bloom (safe to eat, just unattractive)

2) Developing mold (Don't eat)

You will know instantly just by looking at it if either of these two problems has affected your baking chocolate.

Otherwise, baking chocolate will keep indefinitely, though it will lose its characteristic chocolatey flavor and scent over time, eventually becoming tastless (though still edible) after a year or two. For good results, it's recommended that you not keep baking chocolate longer than 6 months, for although it will begin to lost flavor sooner than that, unless you are a connoisseur or baking for a connoisseur, it's not very noticable.

The best way to store your chocolate, baking or otherwise, is in a cool, dry place away from heat or light. Storing in the refrigerator is not recommended as chocolate will absorb any nearby scents, affecting flavor. Additionally, refrigerating or freezing good-quality chocolate will negatively affect the quality of the chocolate, not to mention will most likely also cause your chocolate to bloom.

How many squares of Baker's baking chocolate are in 1 pound?

24 is not Correct.

Who ever that is just being Silly.

Baker Squares are 1 oz each.

and there is 16 oz in a pound(lb)

So you would need 16 Squares of Bakers baking Chocolate to get a pound.\

And there is 32 in 2 pounds

How many semi sweet chocolate chips equals one square of semisweet baking chocolate?

1 square =1 ounce = 1/3 cup chocolate chips

2 squares = 2 ounces = 2/3 cup

3 squares = 3 ounces = 1 cup

Caution with the above answer: I am holding a package of Hershey's Semi-Sweet Chocolate chips. On the package it says 2 cups and net weight is 12 oz. So obviously a cup is not 3 oz, but 6 oz. If you use 3 oz for a cup you will be short changed.

2 oz = 1/3 cup

4 oz = 2/3 cup

6 oz = 1 cup

Can you buy baking chocolate at Walmart?

Yes. However, you probably won't find very high quality baking chocolate. It shoudl work to get you by!

How do you melt baking chocolate?

Melting chocolate is either done commonly in a microwave or over heat in a double-boiler.

How much cocoa powder equals 1 square baking chocolate?

Three level Tablespoons of cocoa powder, plus one Tablespoon of butter (marked on the butter stick wrapper) is the standard substitute for a single one-ounce square of unsweetened baking chocolate according to my vintage Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook.

This isn't an exact substitution, you understand, because the fat in baking chocolate is cocoa butter; but it's a perfectly acceptable (and delicious) substitute.

Freeze bakers baking chocolate?

may the baking sqaures be saved in the freezer if they near their expiry date.Does this reduce quality

What is the difference between baking chocolate and regular chocolate?

None specifically. The kind of chocolate used for baking should be high in cocoa solids - percentages are usually listed on both baking and eating chocolate. As long as you buy an eating chocolate high in cocoa solids (65% or higher), it will be fine to bake with (assuming no weird "fondant centres" or "caramel chunks" etc...). I think 'baking chocolate' is primarily sold to people who do not bake often, so do not know what to look for when choosing a chocolate variety with which to bake.

How do you substitute baking chocolate for chocolate chips?

use a knife to cut the chocolate in pieces and you'll be able to

How much cocoa and butter are in one square of baking chocolate?

There is no butter in baking chocolate; the fat is "cocoa butter", which is very different to dairy butter. The amount of cocoa solids in baking chocolate varies between brands, but it is usually listed as a percentage on the packaging of the bar.

Can you substitute 8 oz semi sweet chocolate chips for 8 semi sweet baking chocolate squares?

Yes, ounce for ounce. One square of baker's semisweet chocolate is one ounce, if you were to chop 8 of the squares up it would be the equivalent of 8oz. or 1cup of semisweet chips. Happy baking :-)

Where to buy German's baking chocolate?

Safeway, Albertson's , almost any major grocery store , in the baking aisle.