Baleen Whales

One of two suborders of Cetacea (whales, dolphins, and porpoises), Baleen whales, also called whalebone whales, have baleen plates rather than teeth for filtering food from water. They are divided into four recognized families based on their internal and external characteristics.

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Why do baleen whales have two blow holes?

A better question would be "Why do toothed whales have 1 blowhole?": Because since they have teeth, they have to hunt their food, and they concentrate on having better hunting abilities, not breathing abilities. Having 1 blowhole allows them to hear better, see better, and swim faster, whereas baleen whales have adapted to their breathing abilities, them being filter-feeders.

What do baleen whales eat?

Baleen whales eat krill, zooplankton and small fish swarming in large schools. Because baleen whales have no teeth, they are believed to uses their enormous tongue to move food trapped inside the baleen, to squeeze water out of the mouth, and to assist the action of swallowing.

What is a baleen whale?

Baleen whales are a group of whales that are filter feeders. Instead of teeth they have baleens which are long plates acting as a sieve. They take a big gulp of water and filter out the krill, small fish etc and swallow.

Do killer whales eat baleen whales?

Yes they do, they eat animals as small as makerel to animals as big as baby blue whales which as most ppl know have baleen! So they answer to your question is yes

What are the natural predators of Baleen whale?

I only know the natural predators of a humpback whale, although I'm sure other baleen whales share the same predators. The natural predators of a humpback whale are orcas (killer whales) and occasionally sharks. The attacks usually happen in humpback feeding ground and on calves. Orcas are a bigger threat than sharks.

Is Baleen whale teeth?

whale baleen is not is teeth is the same stuff that your fingernails is made out of and it is strong but bendeble and brakeble

Why is the baleen whale so large?

There are really two factors involved in the size of the baleen whale. First, because they are acquatic, they do not have a problem supporting their weight, as they would on land. The water supports their weight, no matter how heavy they become. No land animal (not even dinosaurs) has ever been able to get that large. Secondly, they have effectively unlimited food. The baleen feeding system is very efficient and allows the whales to filter out food from any volume of ocean water; they do not face the uncertainties of having to chase down and catch their prey. They just have to open their mouths and filter the water. Given these two factors, baleen whales have the opportunity to grow to enormous size, and evolution tends to drive animals to larger size when that is possible, because larger animals are able to dominate smaller animals. It is a successful adaptive strategy - to a point. In the case of whales, it has also made them very attractive to human hunters, so they do have a weakness, one which may even result in their eventual extinction. But then, no evolutionary strategy is perfect.

Are baleen whales more social then toothed whales?

Baleen whales are less social than toothed whales baleen whales are normally found in small groups or alone where as the killer whale a species of toothed whale is noted to be very playful and inquisitive of humans and are very social creatures who live in large pods.

How do baleen whales and toothed whales obtain food?

Baleen whales just "smile" and swim. While they do that, tiny organisms called krill will get caught in the whale's baleen. Free food whenever needed!

Toothed whales have to hunt for their food. Some whales go in groups while others don't. They just hunt down the prey, eat what they want, then leave before the sharks smell the blood and go into a frenzy.

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Are Baleen whales and Blue whales the same?

Definition for Baleen Whale: Any whale that has baleen or is a odontocetes whale.

So, they are not technically same thing, but a blue whale is a type of baleen or odontocetes whale. This is because other whales have baleen, such as the Right Whale.

What baleen whale's eat humans?

none, they dont even have teeth and would probably throw us up.

How many baleen whales are left put together?

It will be impossible you do not know what lies at the deep

How long can a baleen whale hold its breaths?

A human can live without water for about 3 days.

Without food is about 3 months if you at least dirink some water.

What similarities do sperm whales have with baleen whales?

Sperm whales are around the same size and weight as the Bowhead Whale, Northern and Southern Right Whale, Gray Whale, Humpback Whale, Sei Whale and Bryde's Whale.

Why can the giant baleen whales grow so long?

The whale has some distinct advantages. Sea water is much more dense than say, air, which is what holds up the tiny land animals like human beings. So even though doubling in length would be a death sentence for a terrestrial mammal, it's alright for a whale since the pressure of the water helps hold the animal together. Also, the ocean is full of tiny creatures in a way that is without parallel on the surface of the earth. So by filtering plankton the whale can literally eat tons of nutrients at once.

Are toothed or baleen whales more social?

Generally toothed whales are more social because they are usually found in groups (pods).

Narwals, belugas, orcas, dolphins and porpoises are all toothed whales who live in pods and they are all very social animals. Usually their pods consist of family members although others can be adopted into a pod for breeding purposes.

Baleen whales are usually found alone or in very small groups.