Ballet is a graceful method of dance that originated in 16th century France. Extremely technical, ballet is characterized by strength, flexibility and beauty. The most skilled ballet dancers use pointe shoes to appear weightless. Ask questions here about ballet techniques, history and famous ballet companies.

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Is ballet in coordination or balance?

Ballet is a combination between both. That is one of the best thing about ballet, one of the reasons that it is so amazing to watch, the opposition and the idea that you can be firm and soft at the same time, the idea that you can have more than one quality that characterizes your movement at one time.

As far as improving and the technical side of ballet goes you need both coordination and balance in order to have correct alignment and overall to do steps correctly.


A pirouette needs both balance to allow you to get around and not fall out of your turn, or even try for multiples but it also needs the coordination of your arms closing in order to gain momentum and the coordination of your spot in order to be able to get around or even do more turns.

Why is balance needed in a ballet dance?

Balance is necessary to control all your movements, if not you will just fall over. Balance is necessary especially when you go on pointe. You need balance to be able to dance on pointe.🩰

How many acts are The Nutcracker' ballet?

2 or 3 acts depending on the choreographer.

What are tights worn by ballet dancers called?

Most dancers refer to them as either 'tights' or 'stockings'. Depending on the type they can also be called 'body tights'

Just... "tights." Unless they're just stockings or unitards. Or even full-body stockings. Still... tights are traditionally just "tights."

Name 5 characteristics of ballet dance?

- grace in movement

- pointed feet

- posture and alignment

- turn out

- extension of the legs, feet and arms

Where did ballet start?

Ballet, although sounding French, actually began in Italy as a form of interpretive dance for fencing.

Definition of pas de bra ballet movement?

I think you mean port de bras. It means 'movement of the arms' and involves moving the arms through different positions in a continuous and graceful movement.

A basic port de bras is where the arms go from bras bas, to first, to second, then back down the bras bas.

A full port de bras is where the arms go out to second, then as you fold down, keeping your legs straight, the arms lift to 5th.

Here are all the arm positions I can think of - bras bas, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 1st arabesque, 2nd arabesque, 3rd arabesque, open 5th, demi seconde, demi bras, and also many more will be used in ballet routines that don't have names.

Source(s) - 8 years of ballet training

How to describe ballet in a other term.?

It's formalised dance with classical music, teling a story like a play.

Can you say break a leg to a ballet dancer?

i don't know you personally but most people physically can say "break a leg" to a ballet dancer but i don't know if you can

however, if you were looking for if it is wrong to say that to a ballet dancer i personally think "good luck' is better for any performer because in some cases of TV "break a leg" has become cliche. i don't think it is completely bad to say that though.

Technically your supposed to say a curse word in french. You don't want to say

"break a leg" or "good luck" because it is considered bad luck.

No, that's considered "hexing" even more than saying "Good Luck." You're just supposed to say "Merde."

We say 'chuckers' haven't got a clue where its from we just do.

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When did your love for dance begin?

I don't quite remember an exact time or instance that ballet struck me as something I wanted to do. I was always dancing to music around the house so my mother decided to get me into ballet classes. I've done ballet ever since.

Where can you buy ballet shoes here in manila?

i don't particularly know where Manila is, but most towns and cities will have a dancewear shop around somewhere, where you can go in and get some shoes or get fitted for them. If not, there are lots of websites that you can order off, i recommend

However, if you want to get pointe shoes i wouldn't recommend buying them online as a proper fitting is needed to make sure they are the right shape and flexibility for you. If your pointe shoes fit wrongly, not only will they be uncomfortable and unsafe, but they could misshape your feet and cause bad blisters or bunyons. This will not happen in normal slippers though.

Source(s) - 8 years of Ballet training, three of which en pointe

Where can you buy the royal ballet school uniform?

I don't know where you can buy it but I know what the uniform is - so you could buy similar items. Actual uniform for schoolWhite blouse. Black cardigan. Green & navy pleated skirt. Grey tights. Any black shoes suitable for school. Any hair. Ballet Uniform Pink ruched leotard. Pink thin elastic leotard belt. Pink satin ballet shoes. Pink pointe shoes. Hair scraped into a bun. Other Red tracksuit top with white stripes down the arm and white zip on right pocket. Red tracksuit bottoms with white stripes down leg and white zips at bottom of trousers. I think the uniform can be purchased at White Lodge (The Royal Ballet Lower School), but as I said before, I do not actually know. You can purchase most of the school uniform at any grocery/clothes shop, but I think you will have to hunt around to find the skirt. Ballet uniform can be purchased at any dance store, online or in-store. Tracksuits may be on sale at dance shops or any sports shops. Good luck -- hope I helped!

What is the French translation of the English phrase 'ballet company director'?

"director of ballet company" is "directeur d'une compagnie de danse [classique]" or "directeur d'une compagnie de ballet".

What is the DVD for grade 4 ballet?

These are some of the dance steps: adage, arabesque, battement tendu, grand battement, port de bras, rond de jambe, sissonne, sissonne en avant, sobresaut, and a feet position, turnout.

In what year did classical ballet start?

Classical ballet can be traced to Italy during the 1400's at the time of


Who is the founder of ballet?

Well, it all goes back 100's of years but King Louis the 14th ordered, i believe, Paul Bauchamps (im not sure abt the name!) to organize ballet so that everyone in the world would dance it the same way.

Are canvas ballet shoes washable?

yes, put them in the washing machine on a hand wash setting or just hand wash them. But as soon as they are down out them on and then stuff them with newspaper, otherwise they will shrink.

How much do ballerinas weigh?

A "classic" body of a ballerina would have long, slender arms and legs; a small head; and a long neck. The height of the ballerina will determine her ideal weight. Most ballerinas are between 5'3" and 5'8", so the weight range is generally 85 pounds to 130 pounds depending on height and other factors such as muscle mass.

Can pavlova be frozen?

No. Definitely not.

My family has been freezing Pavalova's since we started eating them. For Christmas, we cook too much and eat not enough and therefore freeze them. They are exactly the same once defrosted but it's not a good idea to freeze them and then deforst them and freeze them again. When freezing them, put them in 'meal sizes' so you're not getting the whole Pavalova out and having to worry about ruining it from defrosting it.

What is a pointe shoe vamp?

The vamp is the part on a pointe shoe, which can be altered depending on the length of a girl's toes. The vamp is the front part of the shoe. To be more visual, if you were standing on a pointe shoe, the front of your foot/toes would be touching it.