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Baseball History

This category is for questions relating to the history of baseball such as team origins, player records and origins of baseball terms.

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How did Jackie Robinson die when and where?

Jackie Robinson died on October 24,1972(age 53) Stamford,Connecticut
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When was Alexander J Cartwright credited with being the father of baseball?

Why was Alexander J Cartwright credited with being the father of baseball? ...
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What determines the winning pitcher in a MLB game?

In almost all cases, the starting pitcher has to last at least five innings and his team must a) be in the lead before a reliever throws a pitch, and b) maintain the lead for the rest of the game. For a reliever to get a win, it's the same minus the five-inning provision. Losses are different, since that is based on the runs for which the pitcher is "responsible" -- ones that reached base against him while he was in...
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What are the strangest things to happen during the MLB World Series?

Since the first MLB World Series in 1903, dozens of strange, notable, or downright bizarre moments have occurred during the Fall Classic. Here are a few of the most unusual: A guy parachuted onto the field. In Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, then-37-year-old Michael Sergio decided to show his allegiance to the New York Mets by parachuting onto the field. Ron Darling gave him a high five, but Sergio was found guilty of criminal...
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What was the longest game in Houston Astros history?

The longest game in Houston Astros history was on April 15, 1968 when the Astros shutout the New York Mets 1-0 in 24 innings. ...
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What was Roberto Clemente's favorite food?

One of his favorite food happened to be chips and salsa. He was also seen drinking a beer many times. ...
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What is the most wins in a month by an MLB team?

21 The Dodgers in June, then 20 for the Dodgers in July 2017, although hey had a much better July going 20-22 vs. 21-27 in June...
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What team has most MLB wins?

In the entire history of MLB, that is the Giants.
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Roberto clemente favorite food?

Pizza, mashed potatoes, gravy and turkey. YOU IDIOTS!
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How many years did Hank Aaron play baseball for?

Hank Aaron played 23 seasons in the Major Leagues. 21 seasons with the National League, Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves, and 2 seasons with the American League Milwaukee Brewers. ...
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What teams have never been to the World Series?

As of the 2010 season: Among currently active MLB teams: Washington Nationals*/Montreal Expos Seattle Mariners * There have been two MLB teams that have gone by the name "Washington Nationals". The first one began play in 1901 and was, at different times, and by different people, called both the "Nationals" and the "Senators". It is pointless to say what their "official" name was because back then, team nicknames were, well, just nicknames. At any rate, this team called Washington, DC home from 1901 to 1960, and...
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What are the most runs scored in a MLB playoff game?

The most runs scored in a MLB playoff game is 30 (both teams runs combined). Boston (23 runs) won against Cleveland (7 runs) in Game 4 of the 1999 American League (AM) division series. This is also most runs scored by one team in a playoff game (23)....
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what is the normal cholesterol level for a 50 year female who is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 199 pounds ?

what is the normal cholesterol level for a 50 year female who is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 199 pounds? ...
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I'm going to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game this summer, where is a place to get a good deal on a hotel near Busch stadium?

You can get good deal on a hotel near Busch stadium at Millennium Hotel St Louis. Its address is 200 South 4th Street, St Louis and phone is (314) 241-9500 ...
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What's the history of the Boston Red Sox?

The Boston Red Sox are a founding member of the American League of Major League Baseball. The team plays its home games at Fenway Park, near Kenmore Square in the Fenway section. Built in 1912, it is the oldest sports arena or stadium in active use in the United States among the four major professional sports. Boston was also the site of the first game of the first modern World Series, in 1903. The "Red Sox" name originates from the iconic uniform...
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What do a rod ty Cobb Rusty Staub and Gary Sheffield have in common?

All 4 played baseball for either the New York Yankees or New York Mets. New York and Major League baseball are the common links. All 4 players were all stars. ...
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How many games have the Texas Rangers won since 1977?

The Texas Rangers have won 3272 games with a winning percentage of 50.1% including the 1977 season. Their losses over that span are 3263. ...