Bastet is the goddess of cats in Egyptian mythology. Her other names include Bast, Baast, Ubasti and Baset. Questions related to Bastet can be found in this category.

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Who was Bastet's father?

She was the daughter of Sun god Ra.

When was Bastet born?

Bast or Bastet was the Egytian Cat Goddess who was born in 3200 BC i do not know the date, sorry

What was Bastet Goddess of?

She was/is the Egyptian cat goddess, the goddess of fire, cats, home and fertility. According to one myth, she was the personification of the soul of was also called the "Lady of the East".

What is Bast the goddess of?

Bast is the ancient Egyptian goddess of cats or sensual pleasure.

What did the Goddess Bastet hold in her hands?

Bastet the Egyptian cat goddess is holding a sistrum in her left hand. A sistrum is a type of instrument sorta like a rattle.

What are facts about Bastet?

1)Bastet is a cat goddess, or the protector of cats.

2)Bastet was respected highly throughout Egypt.

3)Bastet was worshiped ever since the Second Dynasty.

4)Bastet was the daughter of Ra, wife of Ptah, and mother of Mihos.

5)Bastet is traced back to ever since 3000 B.C.

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What was the relationship of Bastet and Anubis?

If you mean in the red pyramid (book)- they didn't like each other, at all.

If you mean just "old-fashioned" Egyptology than no one really knows. Why would the cat goddess and the jackal-headed god of mummy stuff ever hang out?

Some stories have them as mother and son.

Who is Bastet dad?

When you study ancient Egyptian religion in detail you find many inconsistencies, often as a result of the same god or goddess being worshipped in different guises in different parts of Egypt.

In some stories, the goddess b3stt (which is today pronounced Bastet, but this is not how the Egyptians said it) is the daughter and protector of the sun god Ra; in others she was always a sun goddess in her own right and had no parents.

Her name means "she of the ointment jar".

Did Bastet have any brothers or sisters?

Sekhmet was Bastet's twin sister. Bastet had no brothers.

When was Bastet alive?

Bastet was an powerful ancient Egyptian cat goddess, so she would have lived in ancient Egypt times.

Who was the son of bastet?

The cat goddess bastet or otherwise known as bast was the daughter of Ra the sun god the wife of Ptah and the mother of minos.

Did Bastet have a sister?

Bastet had 1 sister and 0 brothers. Her twin sister's name was Sekhmet. Hope that helped!! :]

How was the Goddess Bastet created or born?

Bastet was created by her father Ra and the ocean :)

Who married the goddess Bastet?

The Goddess of Ancient Egypt was married to Ptah and they had a son.

What is Bastet's family tree?

Her father was Ra, her sister was Sekhmet, her husband was Ptah, and her son was Khonsu or Mihos. She didn't have a mom. She was said to have been created by Ra's developing sperm in the ocean...

What are facts about Bast?

bast was well known for a cat-like shape. separating herself from most other gods with the HEAD of an animal but the body of a human. bast is one of the only gods that was pure animal. Showing the Eyptians' worship for cats.

What did Bastet look like?

she has a white dress,holds a cross and she has 2 blue lines on her legs,her hands,her arms,and her legs

Why do people worship Bastet?

In ancient Egypt cats were considered sacred and lucky. If you killed a cat even on accident you would be immediately hung. Since Bastet was part cat and also the cat goddess Egypt ions worshiped her.

How do you pronounce Bastet?

If you mean "How do modern people pronounce the name Bastet?", the answer is you can pronounce it any way you wish since it is an invented version of the name.

The ancient Egyptian writing systems did not include vowels, so the "a" and the "e" are simply guesses; we can never know how the name was pronounced in ancient times. In hieroglyphs the word is written bAstt (where the A is a glottal consonant that does not exist in English); many Egyptologists believe that the final -t (a feminine word ending) was not pronounced at all.