Battlefield (video game)

Battlefield is a series of first person shooter video games. A few of these games are Battlefield 3, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4free, and many other games. All of these games are especially known for their exhilarating multiplayer. It is also know for having land, air, and water vehicles along with the infantry. This makes it even more realistic when compared to an actual Battlefield. This category has questions relating to all of the different Battlefield games that have been made or soon to be made.

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What is the age limit for battlefield 1942?

This game has been rated ESRB MATURE 17+. Although some versions are rated PEGI 18, however Battlefield V is rated PEGI 16.

Battlefield 2142 deluxe edition CD key?

is not the same as the standard version.. kgb multi 5 edition.. wish the ea generic generator had this covered.. may re dl a standard version..

I can't do multiplayer on battlefield 1942?

Try installing the latest patch/updated for 1942 and install Punkbuster that should get it working :).

Does battlefield 1943 have bullet drop?

yep, whether or not its noticable all games these days do.

Where can you buy battlefield 2142 CD key on line?

You can not Battlefield 2142's CD key is located on the back of the Battlefield 2142 Game Manual.

Why does punkbuster always kick you on Battlefield 2142?

Punkbuster is a anti-hack system that kicks cheaters and hackers on servers you must install Punkbuster to play on most Multiplayer Battlefield 2142 servers.

How can you get global point in Battlefield 2142?

u get global points automatically when u play the game on official ranked online servers. keep in mind that the points will only be added to ur profile if u finish the round and wait till it starts to load the new one!

Is battlefield Vietnam the best game ever?

of course not, it's actually a silly question to ask!.

There are tons of better games

What is the best battlefield Vietnam mod?

POE - Point of Existence - Sound effect are awesome and weapons are up to date, advanced modern version of Battle Vietnam. Dice City Eve of Destruction and of course the Gravity Mod is the greatest minimod. F. Garay Oh! I know! how about BATTLEFIELD: VIETNAM?!?!?!?

What is the best class in battlefield play4free?

Depends on what you like. If you like blowing up APC's and Dune Bugs then engineer is good. But my best ones are recon(Sniper) and Assualt. Assualt is pretty self explaining. But if you wanna heal your self and others then medic is good. But the best I think would have to be the Recon. You can hide in far places and not be noticed. But its a good idea to move place to place often. If not you will be killed. There is the kill cam. But if you wanna get up close and personal with the enemy an engineers machine gun is good. But its awesome to get newer guns for engineer or assualt classes. But really don't ask us just read the discription and choose. Your bound to find one that fits your person.

How do you play battlefield Vietnam without a CD?

You, can burn a CD on MagicISO and will copy the CD files to the computer and other programs that allow you to play the game without a CD.

What is the battlefield 2142 key code?

The key code allows you to install and play the game and is located on the back of the Game Manual.

Do people still play battlefield 1942?

Yes, lots of people still play 1942 online servers can still be found Full or near full on 1942 Multiplayer.

When did battlefield 1942 come out?

Battlefield 1942 came out on September 10, 2002.

How do you deploy the air raid on Battlefield 1943 PS3?

on the Minny map, there will be a bomber icon. go to it and there will be a bunker like thing with a radar dish on the top. that is where you can use the bomber run

What is the code in the case for battlefield 1942?

If by this you mean the security code, it will have been different for every single copy of the game produced, and only the one in YOUR case will work with your disc. Asking for someone else's code won't give you any results. In order to install the game, you'll have to find another copy with its own case code still intact, or you'll have to resort to certain underhanded means, which are, of course, illegal. But they work.