Beef and Veal

Beef, being the third most popular meat that is consumed worldwide, is the meat from cattle of classes ranging from cull dairy cows to beef steers/heifers. Veal, on the other hand, is meat from primarily dairy bull calves that have no use in the dairy operation, and is considered a delicacy by many.

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Does beef stock have beef in it?

Yes, as does gravy and other things similar to it. If you wish to stay completely clear of meat you may wish to check the ingredients of products that are meat flavoured(although these don't always contain meat) and sometimes even fizzy drinks such as 7up as they can contain gelatine.

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Beef and Veal

How long does raw ground beef stay fresh in the refrigerator?

Three (3) days is considered a maximum time to keep raw ground beef. It really should be used within a day or two of purchase. Freeze it immediately if it will not be used by then. Note that freezing old ground beef will not make it better. It should also be safe as long as the date on the package hasn't expired.

Beef and Veal

What is another name for veal cutlets?

They don't have another name, per se...however, breaded veal cutlets are often referred to as Cotoletta (an Italian name, meaning "little rib"). The most common dish that is prepared, using breaded veal cutlets is Veal Parmesan, in which the fried cutlets are topped with a marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese.

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Beef and Veal

How long to cook a hip of beef?

A hip of beef is usually a very large cut of meat. Over 50 pounds. If that's what you mean see related links for a long discussion on the method and variations in cooking such a large cut.

Beef and Veal

How much does a porterhouse steak cost per pound?

It depends on your area of the country and its market conditions. Meat as well as other foods is subject to many geographical factors as well as the quality of the animal it came from. Porterhouse steak is one of the more desired cut of the cow and would command a higher price per pound than a less desired cut like the chuck or brisket.

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Beef and Veal

What is a homogeneous mixture Brine beef stew sand and water soil or raisin bread?

Brine is homogeneous. Beef stew, sand and water, soil and raisin bread are all heterogeneous.

Beef and Veal

What are the ingredients to a McDonald's M burger?

Every McDonalds burger has 100% pure beef along with it's foundation ingredients: mustard, ketchup, onion, and pickle.

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Beef and Veal

What city is the beef capital of the world?

Hereford, Texas

Beef and Veal

Is beef n' go real?

Apparently not, it would be too messy and ruin lifestyle in health so the food industries would have no choice but to shut it down.

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Beef and Veal

How long before marinated beef will spoil?

You only want to marinate beef for a few hours or over night. It will only last a couple days in a refrigerated, uncooked state.

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Beef and Veal

What makes beef taste like fish?

Reheated too much, or it's going off. Chuck it.

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Beef and Veal

Is black angus beef lean?

It can be, typically grass fed angus beef is leaner than the grain fed variety.

Beef and Veal

How much potassium is in a McDonald's hamburger?

go to the McDonald's official website for more recent food information from the packages.

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Beef and Veal

Where does lean steak mince come from?

Lean steak mince is finely ground lean beef

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Beef and Veal

How are beef cows slaughtered?

Slaughtering methods may vary between each slaughterhouse, this is the method of most slaughterhouses.

The cattle are brought in from farms, feedlots, or ranches by trucks. They are held in holding pens were they are given a preslaughter inspection. Animals will then enter (one by one) into a small enclosed area (out of sight of other animals). Where they will then be rendered insensible (unconsious) by stunning. Animals are then taken to the assembly line, hanging by hind feet were the main artery is cut. The animal will then continue to bleed and will move into the butchering process.

For a more detailed explanation and how-to as how cattle are slaughtered, please see the related link below.

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Beef and Veal

What starter goes with a roast dinner?


Beef and Veal

Where are veal chops cut from?

The rib or loin.

Beef and Veal

What are some slang terms for hamburger?

cheesey weezy

Beef and Veal

What is ground round?

Ground round was a term used years ago referring to the leanest ground beef. The hind leg in beef is called the round (Top round, bottom round, eye of round and sirloin tip). Today if you were to read a recipe asking for ground round it does not mean you actually have a butcher ground a round roast, it just means that you need 4%-7% fat ground beef. Likewise ground sirloin would be 10%-15% fat and ground chuck would be 20% fat.

Beef and Veal

What is beef in basketball?

The shooting technique you're supposed to follow. Each letter in BEEF stands for something:

B: Balance- you have to go straight up when shooting

E: Eyes: the ball will go where your eyes go

E: Elbow-your elbow dictates how smooth and straight the shot is

F: Follow-through-increases your chance of making the shot by 10%...

Beef and Veal

Where does McDonalds buy their beef?

They find it them selves.

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Beef and Veal

Can you eat steak that went off yest?

Depends on what you mean by went off....

If you mean the meat looks and smells bad then the answer has to be an emphatic NO!!

But if you mean the meat passed its use by date yesterday then while technically you shouldn't eat it I rely on my own senses to judge the quality of what in front of me.

I am old enough to remember a time before both use by dates and before everyone had a refigerator when meat could be hung for days to age so if I had bought meat that was refrigerated immediately after purchase and smelt fine when I opened it then I would cook it even if it was a day over but if my meat does not look and smell fresh I wouldn't not cook it even if we had not reached the sell by day yet but that's just me anyone else would have to make their own decisions.

Beef and Veal

Cow is to beef as calf is to?


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Beef and Veal

Can you substitute beef broth for beef bouillon cube?

Beef bouillon is somewhat stronger than stock/broth, so I wouldn't recommend it. But you could do it if you had none.

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