Bern (Berne)

Bern is the capital city of Switzerland and has a population of 131,000.

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How do you go from Berne to Lauterbrunnen by train?

The timetable is basically exactly the same on all days of every week and throughout summer and winter. You first need to catch the train from Berne to Interlaken Ost (do not get off at Interlaken West which you stop at before Interlaken Ost). Trains on this line run about every half hour from early morning to late at night and journey takes 2 hours 3 minutes via Thun and Spiez.

On arrival at Interlaken Ost trains from there leave every half hour for Lauterbrunnen via Wilderswll and Zwellutschinen, and this journey takes 22 minutes.

As an example say you get the train departing from Berneat 0906 that will arrive at Interlaken Ost at 1003. You then can catch the next train from Interlaken Ost which departs at 1020 and you arrive at Lauterbrunnen at 1040.

What would the value of a waffenfabrik bern bolt action rifle be where can you find info on this subject?

It is probably a Swiss Verterli c. 1870-80 ~41 cal. I'm told about $250. Google will bring up additional info.

How do you say How are in you in Swiss?

There are four official languages in Switzerland. German, French, Italian and Romansch. In the case of German, Standard German is only used as the written language and in communication with strangers. The spoken language is Swiss German. There is no one 'Swiss' language. You did not say which language you wanted to use. Swiss German is spoken by about two thirds of Swiss, but it also has strong regional dialects. So in Swiss German, your question would be similar to one of these forms:

Wiä gat's Inä? Wiä gat's? Wiä häsch äs?

What is the capital population of Switzerland?

Did you mean: " ... which city has the most inhabitants?" That's Zurich in the north-east (ca. 300'000). Or: " ... what's the population of its capital?" That's Berne in the west (central) (ca. 180'000). About 7 million

What is the largest city in Switzerland?

The largest city in Switzerland by population is Zürich, then comes Geneva (French: Genève), Basel, Bern (the capital), and then Lausanne.

How do you get from Rome Italy to Berne Switzerland?

You have to go north to Milan, then follow the directions for the Simplon Pass (near Domodossola), when you are in Switzerland, you have to follow the directions for Berne


Or you have to go north to Turin, then north in Valle d'Aosta and follow the directions for the Grand St. Bernard Pass to Switzerland, when you are in Switzerland you have to follow the directions for Berne

or you can take a flight

or you can take a train (journey time varies between 7 and 9 1/2 hours)

What is the longitude and latitude of Berne Switzerland?

Every point on Earth has a different set of latitude/longitude coordinates, and there are

a huge number of different points in Bern.

The center-peak of the dome on top of the Federal Palace (Bundeshaus) of Switzerland in

Bern, which houses the Swiss Federal Assembly and the Federal Council, is located at ...

46.94654° north latitude

7.44424° east longitude.

Other spots around town have somewhat different coordinates.

Where is Bern city exactly located?

Bern is the capital of Switzerland.

The co-ordinates of the city are 46°57′N 7°27′E.

What is the capital city of bern?

Bern is the capital city of Switzerland.

What is the national food for Switzerland?

The answer to your question is, pastetli. Which is a meat pie type dish.

Is the capital of Switzerland spelled bern?


Bern is the official spelling.

You sometimes see 'Berne', but that is the French spelling, Bern is in German-speaking Switzerland.

What is the latitude and longitude of Bern Switzerland?

Latitude: 46°57′N

Longitude: 7°27′E

46°57'08"N and 7°27'00"E and 46°57'08"N and 7°26'45"E