Binoculars are small versions of telescopes set side by side so the user can view things at a distance with both eyes.

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How do use the binoculars in call of duty 3?

For Xbox 360, hold in the right bumper (what you use to hold your breath for Sniper shots).

What is the root word of binoculars?

Binocular combines the word in Latin for two (bi) and occulus (eyes). Hence it is a system for looking with two eves,

What are roy rogers binoculars worth?

his binoculars i would say when they were sold for 10,000.00 dollars. like all his things will maybe get action off sometime in the future. Thankyou very much for all the years i spent watching ROY ROGERS AND DALE EVANS SHOWS on t.v. I was born in 1947 and grew up like most kids. but this show and many more like them was what i watched after we got our first t.v. Thankyou very much

Does the word binoculars has a prefix?

No, the official spelling doesn't have a prefix.

What is a monocular zone?

The monocular zone is the region of the visual field that is seen only by one eye. The binocular zone is the part of the visual field seen by both eyes.

The nose is the obvious obstacle between the eyes so it is the prominent cause of the difference between monocular zones of each eye.

Did the lookouts on the Titanic use binoculars?

The answer is no. They brought binoculars on board before they left for America but they lost them down in steerage. The crew looked for them on the fifth night of their voyage but never found them.

Functions of the parts of the binocular microscope?

The binocular microscope is easily the most popular type of microscope today.

Binocular microscopes have a pair of eyepieces, each with two or more lenses. This allows the operator to use both eyes thus doing away with the eyestrain usually caused by a monocular microscope.

To learn more about microscopes and its uses visit the website in the link below.

Which brand binoculars are good for astronomy?

Orion, Meade, Celestion. Get 7x50s or 10x50s

How much are ranchemans class binoculars worth?


this isn't a price-checking site you know.

but if you want my opinion:



How much are 1960 Montgomery ward binoculars worth?

It depends on the condition and the specifications. Mag power and FOV Field of View

Binoculars on call of duty 3 wont go away?

If you're playing on the WII, hit the number 2 button at the bottom of the remote.

Why do people pay to go up on a tall building and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground?

It is a new and different perspective, a view of places in a way that cannot be duplicated on the ground. (This is also the case with satellite photos such as Google Earth.) And sometimes seeing things up close, and then from farther away, you can better appreciate it.

Other people just want to see places without going there. Others are simply seeking to optimize their sightseeing. It takes time to transit from one locale to another. By elevating your view you are able to view more things without any additional transit time. However, this advantage is minimized by being so far away. The use of binoculars helps to restore some measure of this advantage. Editorially, those that find this behavior silly are also likely to always choose interior seats in airplanes.

To satisfy the curiosity, which is a must to improve every aspect of life, people even went to sky to see this Earth. It is the curiosity which enforces people to do so. This is one one of the various aspect to see the surroundings. Even people see their photo in various frames and back grounds. Versatility enriches life.

Evolutionary psychology offers some ideas about this behavior. Our distant ancestors used elevations--bluffs, buttes, and so on--as vantage points to be able to survey the environment, looking for food sources and threats. Our desire today to visit observation points--in buildings or even while traveling through the countryside--very well may be related to something we have done for thousands of generations and millions of years.

When were binoculars first used?

The first conceptof binoculars was created in the 1600 hundreds but the very first proper binoculars were invented in 1894 as hunting glasses


Where do you look with the binoculars on ghost story island?

You get the binoculars when the ghost hunter with a tent is taken away by the magistrate. You only use them when you are playing the violin to summon the Woman in the Window. Look up at the house and then bounce up using the tent, entering the house through the basement.

Parts of Binocular Compound Microscope?

Parts of the light Microscope 1. Ocular lens or eyepiece: most are 10x magnification. The scopes used are binocular (two eyepieces). 2. Body tube: contains mirrors and prisms which direct the image to the ocular lenses. 3. Nosepiece: holds the objective lenses, rotates 4. Objective lenses: usually 3-4 on our scopes, 4x, 10x, 43x, 100x oil immersion (red banding). Total magnification = ocular power x objective power. Most of our binocs have fixed position lenses--the stage moves up and down rather then the lens. 5. Stage: Movable platform on which slides are mounted for viewing; all of the scopes have mechanical stages with X,Y vernier scales. Focus knobs move the stage up and down. 6. Condensor: A substage lens which focus the light on the specimen. The binocs have condensors that move up and down to focus the light beam. 7. Iris Diaphragm: the diaphragm is located just below the stage and controls the amount of light which passes to the specimen and can drastically affect the focus of the image. 8. Focusing knobs: outermost is the fine focus and innermost is the coarse focus. On the binocs these knobs control up/down movement of the stage. 9. Light source: The scopes have built in light sources. The rheostat ON/OFF switch is located either on the scope or on the external power supply and is used to regulate light intensity.

How is a monocular eyepiece different from a binocular eyepiece?

Monocular eyepiece had only one lens while binocular only has 2.

Why did'nt the crows nest on the titanic have binoculars?

There was a last minute change in the officers who were charge of the Titanic when it sailed from England to the USA, and the officer who was in charge of the equipment, (absentmindedly) took the key to the storage locker with him when he left the ship in England. They couldn't find a replacement key and the lookouts were not issued any binoculars, even though White Star Lines official policy was that binoculars were supposed to given to lookouts. They only had a few binoculars, and these were given to the high ranking officers, not the lookouts.

How is the strength of binoculars measured?

The strength or magnification of binoculars is measured as a ratio of how large an object appears in the eyepiece to that of the object viewed with the eyes only. The strength of binoculars is the first number of two numbers used to "explain" the binoculars. For example, 8x35. The first number (8) is the strength, that is, the image seen through the eyepiece is 8 times larger than that seen with the naked eye.

Magnification is only part of equation though, the other significant part is clarity or brightness. Think about a picture or text printed on a balloon. When the balloon is deflated, the image is small but very dark, crisp, and well defined. by blowing up the balloon, the image gets larger (and distorted) but it also gets fainter and harder to see.

Magnification of an image through binoculars or a telescope is similar. When you magnify the image, you are spreading the available light gathered by the binoculars over a larger area, very much like spreading the ink on a balloon over a larger area. The finer details will be lost, and the "resolution" or crispness of the image will be reduced.

That's where the second number comes in. The second number is the size of the objective (front) lens in millimeters. The bigger the number, the bigger the lens and, the more light you can gather. The bigger the second number, the larger the binoculars will be. There are real limits to how much "strength" binoculars can have because of the physical limits of gathering and bending (or focusing) large amounts of light to a point your eye can see. Images will become distorted and ultimately too faint to be of any value.

What would the value of an old pair of opera glasses be.looks like a small pair of binoculars. are brass with I think mother pearl inlay they have a small fold out brass handle for holding?

It's impossible to say without photographs.

Roughly, they are worth anywhere between USD40 to 150, in good condition, for an early 20th century model. Obviously, you can find older examples at steeper prices.

Check out the link below:


The most well-known marques of opera glasses are: Lemaire, Chevalier, Marchand, Audemair, with Lemaire being the most covetted.

Please note that there are several forged examples out there, since "antiqued" 19th Century versions CAN be pricey (opera glasses didn't start to gain in popularity until the 1840s. Before, telescoping spyglasses were used).

The fold-out brass handle is formally called a "lorgnette". The term is universal in all visual wear.


Lorgnettes in normal eyeglasses were very popular with older Victorian/Edwardian women who didn't want their faces marred by wearing glasses all the time.

If you post a photo, it would be easier to evaluate, but note, I am not an expert. Just a collector.

Where are leupold binoculars made?

Leupold & Stevens, Inc., 14400 NW Greenbrier Parkway, Beaverton, OR 97006-5790 USA

The "Golden Ring" models of Leupold are made in USA at the above location. However all other "Green Ring" models are made in China.