Birthmarks are skin irregularities that appear at birth or soon after. They are usually harmless, but can trigger many questions for parents.

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Can you not have a birthmark?

It is more common to not have one.

Not true: Most people have some sort of mark on their bodies at birth, but most fade/ disappear totally in the early months/ years of life. Many people have faint pink birthmarks on their heads or back of the neck ("stork marks") which generally are covered by their hair, and are, therefore, not very noticeable.

The majority of Asian babies (probably 70%+), and often those with some Asian ancestry, are born with blue or purple marks on the base of the spine or the buttocks (the so-called "Mongolian mark"), most of which fade/ disappear early in life... but not always.

It is true that "classic" brown, black or red/ purple birthmarks are less common: many medical authorities estimate about 10% of most populations bear such marks.

Finally, most people have at least 20 smaller marks ("moles") on their bodies, although most of these emerge later in life (often at puberty), and, therefore, are not technically "birthmarks".

IMO, most people do have some sort of birthmark; many, however, either fade rapidly in early life or are not very visible. Also, many people are very self-conscious about their birthmarks, and spend huge amounts of time and energy covering them up.

Is it a sign if you and your boyfriend have a birthmark in the same place?

It depends on how you look on it; if you wan to believe it is a sign then go ahead but others would think of it as chance. Some places on the body are more popular for birthmarks but generally the birthmark distribution is at random.

So yeah, it depends on how you look on it.

Can you tattoo over a birthmark?

Make sure it is in fact a birthmark and not something malignant like skin cancer. If it is frequently exposed to the sun, I wouldn't recommend it as if it became covered you may not realize that something is wrong. Answer I have a koi tattoo on my arm going over a small birthmark i had, its right by the eye of the koi but is still just as visible as it was before the tattooo although now it just looks like it was intentionally put there, a dark color may cover it but if its a lighter color than your birthmark it will show right through

Where is michael jackson's birthmark?

The closest thing he had to a birthmark was a mole on his cheek. He did not have an actual birthmark though.

Does Zendaya have a birthmark?

Hey, lady or man, whoever ya r, do u have a birthmark? Let's use r senses a bit here, shall we? And if u dont, and you r nt human, well, i dont know whatta tell ya......

What is a birthmark?

Appearance of bluish-black patch on cheeks, forehead and eyes, lasting for a lifetime, is called BIRTHMARK. It usually occurs in teenagers and is restricted to one side of the face.

What is the birthmark of the zhu zhu pet named moo?

The zhu-zhu pet named moo's birthmark is an ice cream cone!

How do Simon and the boy with the birthmark resemble each other?

Well both of them died, one was forgotten and the other was murdered. They both show how the kids are still kids who can't keep the group together and how out of control being isolated on the island has lead to them becoming because they lose sight of civilised manners, e.g. keeping a track of who is who and breaking of into savages.

What does a star shaped birthmark mean?

  • I believe it means powerful in sight with psychic visions and prophetic blessings gift of insight also I believe because i have one myself that it means guidance and protection, creative, multi-talented and very powerful insight

If a 're-curring' birthmark does not re-occur again after 3 years does that mean it was a love bite?

What on earth do you mean? You are born with a birthmark and they do not go away.

No, Ive had a birthmark go away on my body once.

You Have a birthmark is it sign of past life?

Highly probable. See link; "Double Birthmarks. The Case Of Titu"

Star shaped birthmark?

When I was 17 years of age, I just discover something at my back. My friends saw this mark at my back right shoulder and they said that ii shapes a star and they took a picture of it and it is really a star...until now I'm turning into 21 years of age, my star birthmark is still there and it's beautiful

Does everyone have a birthmark?


In fact, most people have a mark somewhere on their body at birth: may be a light reddish/ pink patch on the back of the head/ neck, & if under the hair not noticeable. Many other marks (especially "strawberry marks") often fade quickly, frequently disappearing altogether in the first few years of life; later, people don't realise they had them - unless photos or parents inform them of the fact!

Some birthmarks are little more than dimples or very small reddish or blue patches on the skin - usually so faint they are not generally recognised for what they are. Also, newborns often emerge quite "battered & bruised" from passage down the birth canal, and such lesions, although rarely permanent, may be considered birthmarks - marks present on the body at birth.

Often people have more "noticeable" birthmarks in places that are not easy to see: unless informed of this by parents or others they may not know about their marks. This is surprisingly common: a former girlfriend of mine had a fairly large (couple of inches across) dark purple birthmark on the back of her head, above the hairline - many people must have seen this during her life (eg hairdressers), but she didn't know she had it until I told her! She was so amazed by this she didn't really believe me until I photographed it for her.

Almost all people have at least a few moles on their skin - a totally "flawless" skin would be very rare indeed! Many moles emerge during childhood, so strictly speaking are not birthmarks, but their formation is generally genetically determined, so in a sense they are.

Birthmarks come in many forms: the "classic" brown/ purple/ black marks present from birth that most think of as birthmarks occur in roughly 10% of most populations, but there are numerous other types of mark that may be present at birth but which fade/ disappear totally quite quickly. Because such marks are not extant or obvious in later life, people often overlook them. In truth, however, it's very rare for a baby to be born who has no skin mark of some sort as a momento of the event.

What does a heart shaped birth mark means?

There is an obscure legend about heart-shaped birthmarks. Those with them are called the 'Marked' and are said to have inhuman abilities. However, there is virtually no information on this legend - I'm curious about it as I have a heart shaped birthmark just to the left of my spine.

Can you get rid of a birthmark through plastic surgery?

yes u can i did that on my face and it doesnt even look like its there=)

What does it mean to have a birthmark the shape of a peanut?

Not a thing. Birthmarks, when they occur, are part of nature and have no significance nor any meanings.

What does a pentagram shaped birthmark mean?

A birthmark is a blemish on the skin formed before birth. The shape of it has no relevance.

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How do you lighten a birthmark?

use AMBI its a skin lightning cream that I'm currently using

How do you get rid of a birthmark that's on your lip?

you could peel that piece of skin off, or you could apply a special oil called ''tea tree oil''