Black Rhinoceroses

The Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) is a species of rhinoceros that lives in a wide range of habitats in sub-Saharan Africa, primarily woodland savannah. It weighs 0.9 - 1.3 tonnes, and is recognizable by its two horns, with the front one being larger than the back one. Threatened by trade in rhinoceros horns, the Black Rhinoceros is now critically endangered and its population declined to 2500 in the 1990s. Learn more about this endangered species of rhinoceros here.

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How big can a black rhino become?

  • Weight: 1,750 - 3,000 lbs

    (800 - 1,350 kg)

  • Height: 4.5 - 5.5 ft (1.4 - 1.7 m)

    tall at shoulder

  • Length: 10- 12.5 ft (3.0-3.8m) length of head and body

If a herd of black rhinos and purple hippos lived in a Space Station how much oxygen would they consume?

One would think that the amount of oxygen used, would be the same as

a herd of purple rhinos and black hippos, in the same situation.

That is assuming a space craft could be developed that would carry the weight of

the said animals to the space station in the first place

What do black rhinoceroses eat?

The black rhino is a herbivore and a browser. It eats leafy plants, branches, shoots, thorny wood bushes, and fruit.

Can you eat Rhinos?

Nutritionally, it's possible. They're not poisonous.

But it'd be a hugely immoral thing to do due to their endangered status.

And virtually impossible to do it in a legal manner since they are all protected species.


No, of course not. They are an endangered species, some species such as the Black rhino are critically endangered. Besides, I doubt they would taste good because of here incredibly tough structure.

How close is the Black Rhinoceros to extinction?

On July 7, 2006 the World Conservation Union announced that one of the four subspecies, the West African Black Rhinoceros (longpipes) has been tentatively declared as extinct - which means that no one has reported seeing one since the above date.

There are still various low numbers of the other 3 subspecies but are all still in great danger of extinction and of course are all considered endangered.

The following link from the International Rhino Foundation may have some information of interest:

What are the adaptations of black rhinos?

Black rhinos have thick, armoured skin to protect them from predators.

They have horns for defense, large ears to hear well (they are very nearsighted) and great mass on large stout legs. They have a keen sense of smell.

How long is a black rhino pregnant for?

A Black Rhino is pregnant usually between 419 and 478 days, or 15 to 16 months. The mother will give birth to a single calf, weighing in on average 35 to 50 kg, (about 80 pounds). The calf will stay with it's mother anywhere from 2 to 3 years, and sometimes, if the calf is female they may stay longer, and form a family type group of females. For more details, see the sites listed below.
they will be pregnant for 15 to 16 months (460 to 490 days)

Is the black rhino endangered?

According to the World Wildlife Fund and IUCN Red List, the Black Rhinoceros is critically endangered as of 2015.

Although their populations are slowly increasing as a result of conservation efforts, they are still at huge risk from poachers.

Their scientific name is diceros bicornis and they are literally living fossils, being one of the oldest and longest surviving mammals.

How tall is one black rhino?

according to the books ive read, about 4 or 3 feet tall.

Where does a rhinoceros live?

Africa (south Africa)

a zoo or in west Africa

A rhinoceros lives in AfricaThere are also several Asian species. The Javan, Indian, and Sumatran.

When do black rhinos reproduce?

Most conceptions occur during the rainy season so that babies are born in the dry season. This enables those babies to be nourished by mother's milk throughout the difficult dry season when water and food are hard to find. Males reach sexual maturity around 7 to 10 years of age. Females reach sexual maturity between 4 to 7 years old.


What is the genus and species of a black rhino?

The Scientific (Linnean) name is Diceros bicornus. Hence its genus is Diceros and its species is bicornus.

What does a black rhino look like?

Black rhinos aren't any more black than the white rhino is white.

In color, they're both basically the same shade of muddy gray.

The bigger of the two lives on grasslands and is more easily spotted, and was originally(among european descendants) called the wide rhino, with reference to the wide mouth.

But due to a botched translation it became the white rhino. And if one is white, the other by default became the black.

So a black rhino has pretty much the same color as the white rhino, and the same overall shape. It's a bit smaller, and its upper lip comes to a point, almost like a finger, which is a good help as it browses on leaves and branches.

It may also carry its head a little bit higher.

These days, some are pushing for renaming them the square-lipped rhino and the pointy lipped rhino.

Where does the Black Rhinoceros live?

Native to the eastern and central areas of Africa ; see link below .

They also live in India

Is a black rhino invertebrate or vertebrate?

The black rhinoceros is vertibrate because it does not lay eggs they give births to young ones.

Black rhino predators?

It has no real predators but you could call the humans a predator