Blindness is vision loss or vision impairment. Some diseases that cause blindness are cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, childhood blindness, macular degeneration, onchocerciasis and trachoma.

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When was red green color blindness discovered?

It was discovered in 1798 by John Dalton who was himself color blind.

How do you treat moon blindness?

According to Horseman Magazine, some horse owners may opt for surgery. This however is not always a practical solution. If the condition is still in its early stages, your horse may do well with medication. Some medicines that may be prescribed include antibiotics, banamine, steroids, bute and aspirin. Administering steroids however when there are eye ulcers may lead to blindness. Treatment option should be tailored according to the particular condition of the affected horse.

It is important to remember that moon blindness is a recurrent condition. Even if a horse's eye is back to normal, another future episode of moon blindness could happen. Succeeding episodes are more serious and more difficult to treat.

The Horse Protection Society of North Carolina (HPS) has experimented and found that horses treated for recurrent uveitis need 75,000 units beta carotene morning and evening for the rest of their lives. If you stop treatment, the recurrent uveitis may very well return.

Lutein is also of benefit to horse's eyes when given one gel cap in their feed. The gel caps are just dropped into the horse's feed morning and evening.

Some people swear by the Guardian Mask which is a revolutionary product specifically designed to help horses live normal productive lives with conditions such as uveitis, (moonblindness), headshaking, glaucoma, eye cancer, cataracts and eye injuries. With its unique patented design and UV-protective "eyes," it has proven to be the number one aid in treatment of these conditions and diseases, and, in numerous cases, without the additional use of medications or surgeries.

What causes a ball-cock type toilet valve to release water in a short spurt sporadically?

either you have something caught in your angle valve or your float isn't adjusted properly. try turning off the angle valve, disconnecting it and turn it on and off a couple of times with a bucket to catch the water. If that doesn't work try adjusting the screw on top of your float. or you can just bend the rod.

AnswerThe gasket on the flapper may also be damaged or corroded, causing the toilet to leak slowly until it reaches the point that the ball drops enough to release more water into the tank.

This is especially likely if you use a chlorene tablet or other cleaning agent in your tank, which can easily corrode the soft gasket that plugs the hole in the bottom of the tank.

To fix, simply replace the gasket, or the entire flapper.

AnswerIt can happen if someone in the house uses another fixture (let someone else use the water in another room and or same room, take tank lid off stool and look at the float ball and see if it does it when you use another fixture, you might have to try all fixtures (one at a time) even washer and dishwasher. Ans 4 - the flapper valve is leaking slightly, enough to slowly reduce water level then fill valve fills it again - and again - and again - Save yourself a lot of grief, go get a new flapper and a Fluidmaster A400 fill valve, -about $20 for all parts and you can fix in less than an hour. - Is it really worth fooling around ?

How can you describe the color pink to a blind person?

You can't describe it. The color pink is strictly visual - it is a light of varying wavelengths and frequencies. Just like you couldn't answer what pink sounds like; the color pink will always remain foreign to a blind person.

That is a beautiful question you have. Pink is the soft pillow you felt as a baby or the soothing voice of your mother. You could also describe pink using the sense of taste, such as bubble gum flavored ice cream.

I also think that is an excellent question. Pink is the way you feel when you love someone. Pink is the way you feel when you touch a flower in April. Pink is the way a lollipop tastes on the tip of your tongue.

  • Remember- this person is only blind when it comes to sight, he or she is not blind when it comes to feeling.

The best way to allow a blind person to experience pink is through their sense of smell and touch. Let them smell a rose. Let them feel the petals on the rose, which are tender like a baby's hand.

Pink is a softer version of red.

What causes bleeding behind the eye?

There are many reasons one might bleed behind the eye. First you might have Diabetic Retinopathy, which is a condition that interferes with the body's ability to use and store sugar. Over time, Diabetes may cause weakening of the small blood vessels found in the retina. These blood vessel changes are called Diabetic Retinopathy. Early stages of this cause Background Retinopathy,' causing small hemorrhages to form throughout the retina the more progressive this gets the more prone it is to bleed. sudden loss of vision.

You can also have what is called a Vitreous Hemorrhage, this is blood within the back cavity of the eye. THe only symptoms of this are visual. The vitreous cavity has no nerves and, therefore, cannot sense pain, and pressure, etc. The visual symptoms experienced by patients with vitreous hemmorhage vary from mild to severe. YOu might have floating black dots, ( like pepper grains), a red or dark strand, or cloud floating or stationary within the field of vision. A more severe hemmorhage might produce symptoms such as a large dark curtain blocking part of the vision or even whole vision. There are many causes of Vitreous Hemmorhage, The blood almost always originates from the vessels in the retina. Bleeding can occur as a complication of the vitreous gel peeling free away from the retina, a process called Posterior Vitreous Detachment. Sometimes bleeding originates from the abnormal new blood vessels growing on the retina ( because of poor circulation)This occurs as a complication of Diabetic Retinopathy and other disorders that reduce the circulation in the retina. Less common causes include, bleeding from an aneurysm, or macular degeneration.

Can overexposure to light cause blindness?

yes, but it has to be very strong light.

Survivors of the nuclear blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were reported to have gone blind even with their eyes closed depending on how close they were and if they were looking in the direction of the blast when it happened.

What weed causes cattle to go blind?

Euphorbia species are one type of weed that will do this. You may also be referring to jimson weed. This weed contains the active ingredient atropine, a muscarinic antagonist. In high doses, atropine will cause hot, dry skin, urine retention, dry mouth, increased heart rate, capillary dilation (and therefore flushing of the skin), and blurry vision in humans. If cattle did eat it, there is a good chance that they could lose their vision as well.

What would cause one eye to twitch and the other to feel like there is pressure behind it?

Eye twitches are common in people and it can be from working on the computer too long, reading too much, etc. It's a nerve ending. However, any pressure behind one's eyeball should be checked out by an eye specialist (Ophthalmologist.)

Can you blind yourself if you look at the sun too long?

Yes. 2 hours of looking at the sun would cause blindness for the rest of your life. I know a girl who looked at the sun for 42.5 seconds, and went blind for 5 days. I recommend to keep your eyes away from the sun.

What is gas blindness?

Gas Blindness is when someone is blinded through poisonous gas, these gases include tear gas, mustard gas, etc...

These have great effects on the war and changed the old trench warfare, but turned it into a gas war. Germany was the first to produce large scale gas canisters, they were shipped to the destination and dropped from plane, when in contact with the ground the gas explodes.

The first early gas mask were too small. Then a more effective gas mask was developed, but failed to protect the wearer from High Security gases.

Mustard gas is a deadly gas that will attack any exposed flesh, rotting it and eating away at it. It was deadly and millions of soldiers were blinded or died.

How can you take care of a blind person?

Help them to help themselves as much as possible.

Everything in the home has to be exact at the same place always.

Help them get out in society and meet people so they have a network.

Get all the aids there are to help a blind person in their everyday life.

Why would a new toilet and new wax ring leak in the front?

Either you don't have the toilet pulled down tight enough to squeeze the ring all the way around or the gap between the flange and toilet is too wide. They make wax rings for this purpose or you can use one on top of another.

What property of concave lens is used to correct short sight?

converging property of concave lens.

In myopia or short sight, light rays come to a focus in front of retina . Concave lens diverges light rays before they fall on the cornea; then they are converged by cornea and then by human lens to come to a focus on the retina. Now the image is seen clearly which was blurred / out of focus when seen without glasses.

What is Homonymous hemianopsia?

it is partial blindness that may result in blindness in the same visual field of both eyes

What percentage of American's are blind and or deaf?

According to a CDC study in 2008

More than 3.4 million Americans are either legally blind or visually impaired. Of those, approximately 1.3 million Americans are legally blind. As of 2010, the US population is just over 300 million, so 1.3 million would equate to roughly 0.3% of the population being legally blind.

According to in a 2002 study, approximately 1 million Americans are functionally deaf, with the large majority of them being over the age of 85. Another 8 million are hard of hearing, which is defined as having some difficulty hearing normal conversation even with the use of a hearing aid.

If your 1989 Camaro 5 7 TPI misfires after the temp comes up what would cause this?

It is probably plugs. I suggest a good tune up. GoodluckJoe

It could also be a SMALL Vacume leak that shows up when everything swells as it heats it. (use Vac guage to check, also wires and plugs are a good bet)

Just a thought: If I remember right #5 and 7 fire back to back. You might try looking to see if those wires are in contact with each other. If so, either darken your garage or wait till nightfall and watch for arcing between the #5 and 7 wires where they come in contact. If the wires are "bad" #5 might be advance firing #7 causeing your "miss". Check your radiator for oil and oil for water. with radiator cap off see if pressure builds up, like alot of air if it does build up pressure you either cracked a head or head gasket causing it to apear as a miss insted of a dead cylider. you don't have to wait till dark you can simply hear it doing this. it will make a ticking sound if it is an arc and the solution will be to replace the wire. if you want to find out which cylinder is at fault remove one wire at a time and crank engine. when thre makes no difference in engine idle with wire on or off you located the cylinder at fault.

What would cause a toilet to continuously keep filling the bowl?

Your flush valve is probably overflowing due to a bad fill valve, or the float is set too high. Open up your tank and look inside to see what happens when you flush.

Does watching TV too close hurt your eyes?

It will fatigue your eyes, but not damage them.

A2: You can suffer from corneal abrasion. That's too close.

Can a person who has just passed away see or hear people around them?

Perception of the Recently Deceased When you die, you leave your body and can see and hear everything from outside your body. So yes. "Can a person who has passed away see or hear people around them?"

Yes, I'm not sure for how long, but as you leave your shell you are able to see and hear everything around you.

Best Wishes... I have read several books were people have passed away and been revieved. I have found two that I believe are true accounts. In one the gental man tells of wanting to go home and tring to get there and he was able to see and hear around him. The book was "Return from Tomarro" by George G. Richie.

Here is also my logic on this. When there was the war in heaven didn't it say 1/3 of the hosts of heaven followed lucifer. The were cast here to the Earth to act as opposition for us while we were here they don't have bodies they are spirits and they tempt us while we are here. They can see and here what we do.

The angels God has sent were able to speak with the prophets and or apostels they were sent to speak to. When you die your spirit leaves your body and it is still you. You simply have been separated from your body like everyone since Adam has. Even Christ died,(He concured death,physical and siritual),so we can repent and have the resurection. Why wouldn't you be able to see and hear whats going on. The vail between the living and the spirit is there so we have to exersize some faith and to see if we will follow the Lord of our own choice. Haven't prophets seen beyond this vail. That vail no longer covers our eyes when we passaway we should see both sides befor going to face our lord and redeemer.

Lastly, My sister saw my great grandmother after she had past and it was to say good by. She was 6 years old and knew about the death befor my mom and dad did. take it for what its worth. The honest answer is that we don't know for certain and can only make assumptions from what we do understand about what happens to us physically at death. We know that as death occurs the brain and nervous system will quickly be incapacitated by lack of oxygen and its cells will start to die themselves within just a couple of minutes. To what extent they continue to function during that short time I have no idea but I, personally, would not expect the physical body to see or hear for more than a few seconds after death occurs. The soul, however, I believe, will continue to be aware of everything around it as it leaves its physical body behind it. However, this is something that none of us can actually know until the instant that death arrives.When we shed this physical body which is simply the vehicle we are using to experience with for this lifetime, we, the real self still existing in subconscious mind or soul, have full awareness being no longer restricted by physical existence with limited senses, so the answer is yes. While in the physical we are limited to what we can perceive through the five senses, therefore we are caught up in the elusion which seems real because of our limited visiblilty. Waking up, so to speak is a choice which can only be made by an individual since we have free will to choose to see or to follow the blind who cannot see either. Inner sight is available to anyone who wants to put in the effort to develop it. The information, for those who are serious about wanting to know instead of speculating or taking someone else's word for what is, is available.

Considering the fact that we are more than a physical construction like a stone or piece of metal, one has to asume that dieing is the process in which several layers that where working in conjunction with each other now fail to do so.

In most cases its because the physical layer simply malfunctions. a stroke, impact trauma etc etc. After such an occurrence the other layers will disengage over a period of time.

Roughly one could say that the whole proces takes about one third of the period one has lived before this proces is completed. Individual cases may vary greatly.

Self awareness can be retained for roughly the period one was able to stay awake as a healthy person in his or her prime. let's say 3 day's. But also with this fase it may vary greatly in that some may retain self awarenes for 2 day's while others may retain this for a period of 5 day's. Everybody is able to retain selfawareness for atleast several hours. Retaining self awareness after this period demands trained skill's.

yes. (don't say anything bad about uncle george at the funeral.) ;)

Cheshi's :

Yes, I do indeed know for a fact that you can see and hear everyone and everything around you after you die. Many people think otherwise, that you die and nothing happens after that. You go to either Heaven or Hell and that's it. But actually, you stay in a paralell universe in which you can switch from one another any time you want (Most likely through portals). My personal studies have proven this, and I'm glad I did so.

What would cause water to seep out from under the toilet bowl onto the floor when the toilet is flushed?

2 things. Thing 1 - you have a partial clog somewhere in your pipes, this is why the water is backing up in the first place. Thing 2 - the wax seal under the bottom of your toilet (you can't see it because its UNDER the toilet) is broken. Buy a new one at home depot and install (very easy, I've done it before without any prior knowledge) AFTER you have the clog removed. Try sticking a water hose as deep as possible into your outside tap leading to your plumbing - then turn it on full blast. This works for me every 8 months (stupid dry texas!). if the lines are not clogged, you need a new wax ring I had a problem similar to this. I changed the wax ring several times, but after a couple of months it would happen again. I snaked it myself a few times, but the problem came back a couple months later. Had Roto-Rooter out, but the problem came back a couple months later. I installed a brand new toilet (with wax ring), but the problem still came back. The best advice I can give is to get something that will prevent roots from coming back into the main sewer drain. Roots always seemed to be the one thing I could pull out of the drain when I snaked it.

How would you describe the clouds to a blind person?

There are various methods to do this, but always remember that since the blind person cannot see, she must be able to relate the answer to something that she has touched previously.

A cloud is a tiny bit difficult, but try this. Explain that clouds are "wet", but that they are above us in the sky. They look like cotton scattered above us when they are not raining. When they are getting ready to rain they are dark, dirty looking cotton...or fiber fill from inside a pillow.

Frequently a blind person is not totally blind but can distinguish between light and dark. If this is the case, the cloud difference can be explained that way; the difference between light and dark.

Fog was much harder for me to explain. I explained to my friend that fog was cold wet "steam" that you could not see through. She had "seen" steam, so that explanation satisfied her.

What causes popping when accelerating 2000 dodge caravan?

the engine is extremely upset!!!! check for dirty air filter, low fuel pump pressure, partially blocked fuel filter. if an engine cannot "breathe" properly, it's trying to tell you "get me serviced immediately". the popping you heard probably set off a code in the ecm. a car engine uses a roomfull (12 x 12) feet of air a minute.