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Blu-ray Disc Players are high definition video players that use a blue laser to be read. In 2007 and 2008, Blu-ray competed with HD DVD to become the next high definition video format, with Blu-ray eventually winning the race.

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How do you make the PS3 Blu-ray player region free?

how to region free the blu ray on PS3There is currently no known method for unlocking region PS3 consoles to play Blu-Ray movies from regions other than ones that match the player's region. About 500 region free movie titles currently exist from different studios. Not all studios release region free Blu-Rays. Some exclusively do (to date), some have released some locked, some unlocked, and other studios have released only locked titles. You can see a list of locked, region-free, and studios.

Not sure if this is a fluke or what, but I bought Mr Magoriums Wonder emporium on Blu Ray... turns out it's a region A... I have managed to get this to play in my PS3 by sheer persistence... it still brings up the "this disk will not play as it is not suited to the region... blah blah blah... etc etc etc"

By pushing R1 and the X button over and over again it skips past the "WARNING" screen straight to the Menu of Mr Magoriums wonder emporium... I'm watching it right now with my niece.

I've done this twice now... the first time I thought I was being a smarty pants by changing the region country... turns out that didn't make a difference either way... It's set to Australia at the moment, last time I got it to play it was set for Thailand (which is a region A country).

There is another way to play region free blu ray on PS3 with homebrew installer software - Just head over here to learn how to unlock the blu ray region code and make your PS3 blu ray muti zone -

There is a way to access Blu-ray and DVD's regardless of region encoding, through another DLNA enabled region free player. In my case I own a Sony BDP-1000ES that is region free (and yes I bought it modded for region free) as this is also a DLNA device my PS3 reads any disc I place into the BDP-1000ES.
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Phillips universal remote codes pm3st?

Philips has excellent product support which you can access through their website.

How do you play music that you downloaded to your computer in the background on your webpage?

There are several ways. The easiest would be to do it with HTML. I don't know what skill level you have with web page design, but assuming you are fairly new to it, I'm going to tell you the first thing you need to do is upload the music file to your website. Once you have uploaded the file you can use an command to play the background music. Open the webpage using an HTML editor (most webhosts have a program to do this) and insert the following command somewhere between the and tags.


For more information on this and more HTML you can check out Annabella's HTML Help website at:

Can you watch a blu-ray disc on a regular DVD player?

No. Blu-Ray discs will only work on Blu-Ray players and PlayStation 3

When will Macintosh computer have Blu-ray DVD?

Its all an issue over blue and red laser technology---blue laser (blue Ray DVDs) are expensive to make and take a drastic turn from standard DVD manufacture (Sony has 4-layer capability up to 20 gigs per disc). BR also requires a coating to protect the layers that only TDK can provide (Sony/TDK = a price fixing nightmare).

Apple actually supports HD DVD, which can be produced by the same equipment our "current" DVDs are made with, and only lose a few gigs of capacity as compared to BR DVD.

Again, Apple/Jobs are looking more towards open source technology and the end user (you and me) and not so much at cornering the market on everything like the evil empire of Bill Gates (note: Time Warner/AOL/Yahoo/The big 4 audio/video giants have all in the past sided with Microsoft). Ironically, Gates and MS own Time Warner/AOL and all of its countless subsidearies. The same mega-companies/Consortiums that decided that your CDs that YOU paid for have to be encrypted/protected on iTunes and any WMA/WMV. Forget about HD DVD-FLAC audio--->they are fantastic pure audio/video sources....Just too open source and inexspensive for the aforementioned "Evil Empire".

Never fear though--- Apple and Steve Jobs have a nice friendly history with Sony, and has Blu-ray happy Disney in its pocket. Apple also had the vision and smarts to join the Blu Ray Consortium a few years back. So the Blu-ray format is happening for Mac, and will probably be announced after the new iPhone 3G buzz dies down. Apple also has Adobe on its side now that they have "escaped" from Microsoft---great things are on the way and its about time.

One last thing---I don't hate MS or Windows (just Vista)----I dig my HP with XP Pro. The thing that Mac has going for it is the "user friendly" attitude that is customer driven. Not that we are against profit---Apple just supports open source, user friendly products that are ALL compatible with each other. It really doesnt make good business sense, but that's exactly what Apple is about. Wait until "Snow Leopard" comes out---this new OS will support external hard drives to be used as GIGS and GIGS of RAM!!!!

"iMac...thertofore I am......And I don't do Windows".



Does Sony offer a warranty of their Blu-ray players?

Yes, Sony does offer a warranty on their blu ray players. For most models of their blue ray players they offer a 1 year limited warranty on parts and labor. You have the option of purchasing an extended warranty at the time of purchase that can extend your warranty up to 3 years from the date of purchase depending on where you buy your blu ray player.

When will Howls moving castle be released on Blu-ray?

I don't think there is a release date yet for a US blu-ray. But if you are ok with subtitles there was a blu-ray released in Japan that you can currently buy on Amazon.

What is so special about Blu-ray disc?

They are in pure high-definition: 1080 pixels. They can store up to 50GB of memory (5 times more than a DVD!). They have a special hard coat layer on the bottom that makes it way more resistant to scratches than DVDs.

What is a Blu-ray DVD?

A Blue Ray DVD is one of the 2 formats that are currently on the market, that are able to play a Movie in High Definition 1080p. The other format is HD DVD. At the time I am posting this answer, to the best of my knowledge, there is only one maker of a HD DVD player that will play both formats, other wise you have to get a player that will only play Blue Ray, or HD DVD. I do know if only one format will emerge as the only one to be a standard, but if you were around when VCR came out they came out with 2 formats, Betamax, and VHS. When the smoke cleared VHS had managed to push out Betamax in the home market, despite the fact that Betamax was a better format, and was the format of choice for TV broadcasters for many years. shorter version more HI Def pictures and voice thunxxx....

What is wrong if your DVD player will play background music but not the actors' voices and can you find repair instructions on the Internet?

It's could be because the DVD player is set to play 5.1 surround but you do not have a surround system. Go to your DVD's audio setting and change it from 5.1 to normal stereo.

The problem is most likely in your surround receiver. As most DVD player's don't have surround output anymore, your receiver is where you set your speaker configuration. If you don't have a center channel speaker (the one above or below the screen), you must set your receiver to mix the dialogue of the movie to the left and right speakers. How you do this is described in the manual for your surround receiver. When playing back movies, you should select the stereo 2-channel mix from the options or setup screen.

Where can you get the code for Phillips car 400 GM 0400w1820002?

If this is the original radio as fitted by vauxhall there should be no problem.I had the same on an astra,the previous owner lost the code card.I went to the local main dealer,(Pentagon Derby),they removed the radio and took the serial no. off the set.They then contact vauxhall on your behalf and within about a week,the code arrives.Best to take proof of ownership.This is routine,it happens a lot.

Can you play a downloaded ps2 game from your comp through your ps2 to your tv using the usb ports?

No this is not possible. PS2 have placed restrictions on this, due to such problems as you mentioned.

it will also destroy all the files on your computer and create a virus that cant be crushed so it is defiantly not worth doing

Does Blu-ray DVD combo mean you get 2 discs?

It's a brand of DVDs that are apparently better than a regular DVD. I believe Disney makes them. They have a blue side on the back of the disk, which is how you identify it. It's supposed to have better quality than a regular DVD, like better image quality, better sound, etc.

Can not play DVD recorded by Phillips?


There's a couple types of DVD formats. DVD - and DVD +. It's the way the data was written to the disk. Many older DVD player's wouldn't play the DVD + recordings and it was a few years before the manufacturers included the `+` system in their players.

Maybe that the reason your DVD won't play on someone else's machine.

Hope this helps,


Who invented Blu-ray disks?

Bluray is the development of Sony. It was produced to support HD video and must be considered more of a development than an invention. There are numerous technologies that went into the format and each was developed or enhanced by different teams of engineers.

The Bluray system includes the manufacturing process for the discs, data encoding, laser specification and more.

Do you need a special tv to play blu ray dvds?

Yes & No, you might be thinking well whats he going on about well, some blu-ray players do not have scrart connection that means will not connect to any of the old TV. You might be thinking well how do i nkow, well its relly simple just look at your TV and if it has HD ready on it, its says something like that in the booklet or you knowknow then all blu - ray players will give HD pitcher on a HD TV.

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Why are DVDs better than videos?

DVDs are better quality and don't wear out as fast.

They hav spesh features

What is a Blu-ray CD?

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia says, "A Blu-ray Disc(also called BD) is a high-density optical disc format for the storage of digital media, including high-definition video." It was developed by Blu-Ray Disc Association, and it is similar to Sony's PDD.