Bluegill are a edible freshwater fish that usually grow from 4 to 12 inches. They live in most of the United States. They can be found in shallow parts of most ponds and lakes and in slow moving areas of streams and rivers.

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What to feed bluegills in a pond?

Feeder fish, small lancefish, goldfish or minnows if you can find them live. Also try blood worms, I find that large carniverous fish enjoy them and they are quite affordable and easy to store.

I had wild bluegill in my ponds and they did quite well eating whatever fell into the pond and/or tried to land on the surface. They also would eat koi food and goldfish flakes but they prefered softer food (didn't like hard pellets). They seemed to prefer to eat food on the surface.

What can you feed your pet bluegill?

pan fish bait,earth worms, grubs, ragworms, and crickets.

Are bluegill and sunfish the same?

Bluegill are in the sunfish family, which is a rather common group of fishes. Some others are:

Largemouth bass

Smallmouth bass

Redear sunfish

Black crappie

White crappie




Spotted bass

Coosa bass

Rock bass

Roanoke bass

Long ear sunfish

Do bluegills eat fish food?

Bluegill will eat everything. If your asking this because you caught one and want to keep it as a pet, trust me it would be happier in the pond or lake it came from.

Are there any cosmetics made from fish?

Not unless you count medicines as cosmetics.
Answer: Lipstick and lipgloss are known to have fish (or its parts/substances) as ingredients. There may be more too.

How many times does a fish open and close its mouth in 1 minute?

Different kinds of fish vary in their oxygen demands. In respiration, a human, in good health, takes about 20 to 25 times a minute, while some fish contrast between 12 to 150 breaths per minute. If the fish is exerting itself, or if the oxygen is low in the water, the inhaling goes faster (like a runner after finishing the mile).

Are bluegill fish healthy to eat?

Yes, they are fine eating but you need more then one for a meal.

Does a largemouth bass eat bluegills?

The last answer was horrible. Yes largemouth eat bluegill. I was fishing earlier today in an acre and a half pond. My bait of choice was a 3-4 inch bluegill. I let the bluegill swim 3-6 feet from the shore, after about 10 minutes a largemouth approx. 22 inches started circling the bluegill like a shark. The bass continued to circle not even paying attention to 3 humans standing on the bank. We he was convinced the meal was good he sucked the bluegill in his mouth. I've never seen anything like it.

What do bluegills eat?

Crickets, small worms, spiders, sometimes cut up pieces of minnow

Do you usually find largemouth bass and bluegills together?

Yes. In farm ponds especially. This is considered the perfect pond blend of predator and prey.

What eats bluegill?

Bass, turtles, snakes, catfish, gar, bowfin, mink, otters, herons, osprey.

When do bluegills breed?

They breed starting in late May, going all the way to late June/early July.

How big do bluegills get?

I have caught them as big as my hand when it is open and the fingers are held flat and together. I have big hands. About a pound I guess. Bluegill can approach 5 pounds in size,but that is rare.I know our record here in North Carolina is four pounds,fifteen ounces.Another sunfish,the redear,can also grow to four pounds.

What adaptation do bluegills have?

Thin, disk shaped body is an adaptation for it to turn fast to catch it's food

What is the niche of a bluegill?

Bluegill are an abundant sunfish species, and are prey for largemouth bass and pike species, as well as humans, otters, osprey, and many creatures. They are also predators themselves, feeding on smaller fishes, insects, fish eggs.

What is a bluegill fish?

A freshwater fish that is blueish green in color. Is usually found in the northern parts of the US, normally in lakes and ponds.

How long do bluegill live?

some of the 'trophy' bluegill are 10+ years, im not sure how long they can live up to though.

When does the bluegill spawn?

Usually in late spring. Bluegill tend to spawn later than bass and crappie, and bed in colonies.