BMW 6-Series

BMW 6 Series refers to two generations of BMW automobile, the E23 BMW 7 Series sedan and the E60 5 Series sedan. The original 6 Series was the successor of BMWโ€™s E8 coupรฉs with an all-new 6-Series (E63) introduced in 2003.

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Can you convert a jaguar xj6 from left hand drive to right hand drive?

More trouble than worth.. Need harness, steeing rack, hoses for the rack, dash board, and different pedal assembly, along with battery relocation and some wiring relocation.

What type of power steering fluid is suggested for a 97 BMW 318i?

Check owner's manual, look on P/S reservoir cap, or call a dealer.


Use Dextron III ATF fluid. should be clear red in color.

Will there be an mi high series 6?

Yes there will be.

MI High has been renewed by the BBC for broadcast in early 2013, as of yet characters and locations are unconfirmed.

Is it possible to convert a car made in Japan with a right hand drive to a left hand drive for in the US and how much?

That's got to be one hell of a car for you to want to do that! I cant think of anything that you can do to a car that is more expensive and involved. Besides I don't think it's all together illegal to drive a right hand car in the US, I see some classics around that are rh drive and mail carriers' jeeps are that way.

ya tis possible.....but u need a lot f car knowledge n abt mechanisms

its not so much the work, the work could be done... just takes time and a little bit of knowledge but the hard part will be getting it to pass EMISSIONS!!! Unless you are in Florida or one of the other few states without an inspection you are pretty much screwed

Which test is harder series 6 or series 63?

I had heard that the 6 was much harder. I took a two day class and took three practice tests (each took about an hour) and got an 84. The next day, I took the 63. Since my class was only 1/2 a day and the book didn't contain any sample tests, I thought that it would be much easier. I actually thought that it was more difficult since it dealt with regulations and conduct rather than the financial markets, products and economy. As a result, it was mostly memorization rather than knowledge. I got a 75 and felt fortunate to have passed (passing was a 72 in my state). Bottom line, I started preparing for both tests on a Monday and passed both by Friday but it wasn't that easy...

Can you put smaller custom rims on any car?

Yes, as long as the bolt pattern is the same AND... there are no laws in your state prohibiting such sizes on cars.

How do you change a BMW 645 headlight bulb?

in 30 seconds I use my hammer to break it and I replace it with a new one.

What is a series 6 license used for?

The series 6 license allows the holder to sell mutual funds and fixed annuities.

What is the correct tire pressure for a BMW 6 series?

14",15",16"...........35psi min 40psi max

17", 18", 19" ............40psi min 51psi max

How do you reset oil service on BMW 645ci year 2004?

How I can reset my BMW 650 CI service Due 75 K miles.?

How do you get BMW m3 gtr for career mode in need for speed most wanted?

Defeat razor blacklist member number 1 or on the PC ONLY Not Xbox 360 PS2 Etc you download a Trainer of NFSCars NFSUnlimited Etc

Where is the battery in a 2004 BMW 6 series located?

Batteries for all 6 series BMW's 2004 to current are found under a floor panel in the trunk where you would expect a spare to be. Tires on 6 series are the run flat type so no spare is required, The fuse panel is also located in this area adjacent to the battery itself.

What is the difference between BMW 645Ci and BMW M6?


325 hp 4.4L V8

Only available in Manual 6 speed, Auto or SMG


500hp 5.0L V10

Available in Manual or SMG

Fully optioned

Better suspension

What is the value of a 1985 BMW 635 CSI?

This is a very rare and hand made car. It sure is worth more than 40,000.00 if in good condition

Where is the release button for the gas cap on a 1990 BMW 3 series?

Check in the glove compartment, on the floor to the left of the driver's seat, and on the dashboard.

How do you change HID build in 2005 BMW 645 CI?

Take the front bumper off. there is a screw on the bottom that is hard to get to. With out taking the bumper off. How ever u can get to it if u take the botom panel off the under car panal. It is a Job if u don't have the rite tools... U can get to the Halo & Day time running lights from the the top of car. It is a Tight fit. U can also chang your Dul Halo lights color @ Kenny G's. Customs Chrom. 4017 Columbus. Wayne, Mi (313)218-6297. & u can put HID bulbs in your Fog lights. Thank u ask for. Derrick G..(or)..Kenny G.

How do you turn off passenger airbag BMW 645?

Disconnecting the battery is the easiest way. Then disconnect the airbag.