BMW X-Series

Manufactured by German automaker BMW, the X-Series models include the X3 (based on the BMW 3-series), the X5 (based on the BMW 5-series), and the X6 (based on the BMW 6-series). All models possess a powerful engine and four-wheel drive.

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How much does a BMW x3 cost new?

The BmW X3 was one of the best rated automobiles of 2011.The price is between $29,402 and $32,422 at an authorized BmW dealer. The MSRP value is $41,050.

Does the BMW X5 have a limited slip differential?

No, the X5 uses automatic differential braking, which sends power to the tires that have grip by individually braking the tires that don't.

How do you add speed cameras to a BMW navigation system? has a (free) manual way of doing this, or has a tool that can automate the process.

How do you change the cabin air filter in a 2005 BMW X3?

Open the hood and look straight across to where the windshield meets the engine bay. There will be a black rectangular box with three knobs (one on the left, right and center). Turn the knobs 90 degrees and remove the cover straight toward the front of the car. Then you can pull out the microfilter element and replace it. Reverse the steps and you're ready to breathe fresh air in your car...

How much does it cost for BMW x5 alignment?

Seriously, can you not pick up the phone and ask your local tire shop? Geez, shop apround. Shouldn't be more than 70 bones.

Actually an X5 alignment is $800 at a BMW dealership according to the estimate I have from 4/08/10. The X5 has a double ball suspension, and a steering angle sensor and associated DSC/ABS modules that complicate it, BUT 8 bills is ridiculous, find and indie shop and it should cost about half that.

Should you use regular or premium gas for BMW X5?

Premium unleaded is recommended, but I'm running 92 octane std unleaded at the moment, hasn't made any difference. Pete

Where is the location of the crankshaft sensor in a 1999 Jeep Cherokee 4.7L V8?

On this specific vehicle, it is located under the vehicle on the passenger side, in the rear bottom of the motor, near the bellhousing. It is much easier to see it if you remove the starter. Actually, it will be a lot easier to replace if you remove the starter. Carefully remove the 3 pin connector so that it doesn't break. Then remove the bolt holding the connector and twist the sensor as you pull it out. Hope this helps.

How do you replace the alternator on a BMW?

If you can afford a BMW then you can afford to take it to a BMW dealership to replace the alternator. Cold blooded answer. I will research (and if necessary replace one) and place proper information on replacing a BMW Z4 roadster alternator. Original answer obviously given by someone with perceived wealth envy. I am currently replacing the alternator in my 2001 525i, E39 chassis. I will add my progress with instructions here. This is NOT the water cooled unit. The first thing that I did was to disconnect the battery. Next, remove the air cleaner housing. this was achieved by loosening the hose clamp to the air intake, removing the 10mm securing bolt and then removing two 8mm screws that secure it to the "second section" of the air intake unit. There are also two clamps that should be flipped out of the unit using a flathead screwdriver. The air cleaner housing should then lift out.

What is the tire rotation pattern on a BMW X5?

== == BMW does not recommend tire rotation. The BMW shop manual states: The tread wear patterns at the front end

differ from those at the rear - the actual

patterns will vary according to individual

driving conditions. In the interests

of safety and maintaining optimal

handling characteristics, BMW does not

recommend tire rotation.

If you feel you must rotate the tires, they can only be rotated from front to back and back to front. This is because the tire flexes a certain way when on one side of the car, and a different way when on the other side. This difference causes the tire to wear a certain way when driven on one side of the vehicle and may adversely affect the handling (not dangerously, just not BMW perfect) when rotated to the other side. Please note that if your X5 has staggered tires (different size tires and/or wheels on the front vs the rear), then you should not perform any tire rotation at all.

Where can you find a fuse box diagram for a 2002 BMW 325ci?

Inside the glove box there should be two white tabs, turn them and the fuse box will drop down.

How do you reset the oil change light on a 2005 BMW X3?

All BMW's require a special tool to reset the Oil & Service (Inspection) indicators. The best one out there is the Peake R5 from They are a bit pricey, but if your a do-it-your-selfer like me, it's a worthwhile investment!

Some may tell you that it can be done by pressing and holding buttons while turning the key to position 1, but it won't work!


The way to do it is to switch the ignition off and hold down the left button on the left side of the instrument cluster. Switch the key on but don't start the engine. Keep holding the button down tell reset pops up. It should be less than ten seconds. Release the button and instantly press and hold it down again tell reset starts to flash. Release press and release quickly again and the indicator will reset. This will work from model year 2001 to 2006.

Where are BMW oxygen sensors located?


if you are referring to lambda emissions sensors then these are usually in the exhaust pipe, usually in the catalyst, if you are referring to oxygen volume sensors then these are often in the inlet manifold, but this is dependant on the vehicle.

supply some more into and id be glad to help.



its the heated oxygen sensor bank2 sensor1

How do you replace the battery on a 2002 BMW X5?

Answerlook in the trunk area, it's on the top left side of your spare tire (viewed as if you're opening the trunk sliding floor board). Rememeber to disconnect negative first (it would be either 12 or 13 mm open end wrench). disconnect positive then pull out battery. Installation should be the reverse of removal. sd330i/02e46/95e34/94e34/02e53.

There is a thread here with pictures and a full tutorial on how to change the battery.

remove the spare tire. it is at the very bottom underneath the tire and a metal cover.

How do you repair a radiator leak of a BMW x3?

Typically,all radiators are the same.

First, I would make sure that you didn't over fill the radiator AND the overflow, that tends to make some of it leak out.

How do you replace keyless remote battery on BMW x5?

you do not ever have to replace the battery because there is no servicable battery to replace, there is a capacitor inside the key and that is used for the buttons to unlock and lock the. the way the capacitor charges is when its in the igntion and the key is turned on a antenna ring charges the capacitor. if the key does not work you may have to drive the vehicle a while, about 30 mins to charge the capacitor, or you may have to reinitalize it ( see dealer), or the key itself may just be defective and have to replaced.

The X-5 (and other BMWs) could easily have the Comfort Access option where you can leave the key in your pocket or bag and open/close and start the car without putting the fob in the ignition. These "keys" DO NOT charge in the ignition, they contain finite life batteries that need to be changed when they die. Easy process that's noted in the manual.

Where is the engine number of a BMW M52 engine located?

The engine number is stamped into a flat metal area where the block meets the oil pan, just forward of the dipstick.

Can a BMW SUV help jump start another car?

Yes. However, since the battery is located in the spare tire compartment, under the loading dock, you will need to use the two terminals under the hood to attach the jumper cables. On my 2001, under the hood, on the driver's side, on the firewall there is a RED plastic cover with a "+" embossed on it. Open it and you will see the Positive Battery Connecton. The Neg or Ground cable can be attached to any ground, but a post is provided near the same location, under the hood, driver's side, next to the top strut attachment site. These two posts are only about 12" apart on my vehicle. Hope this helps.

What are BMW X5 new and used prices?

The price of BMW X5 is driven by year, model, mileage and other features. Generally a used BMW X5 should cost between $25000 - $30000 where as a new BMW X5 should cost around $45000-$75000.

BMW spare tire?

What about them? The spare should ether be a full size or temp. should be in the trunk on some models they dont use a spare and come equiped with run flat tires

Will using premium gas for a BMW X5 improve mileage?

yes, since all bmws recommend using only premium gasoline. look at your fuel filler door and fuel cap, they should say to use only premium gasolin.

How do you replace the alternator on a 2001 BMW X5 V8?

this is just like any other alternator on any other car. first disconnect battery, next remove the serpentine belt but make note of its routing so you will know how to install correctly. next the alternator is located on the left bottom on the engine. sudjest removing from the bottom, remove connector and main chargine wire from rear of alternator, unbolt bolts and remove alternator, if this seems to complex then take it to a BMW dealer to have it performed, also i recommend a approved BMW alternator, prefer actual BMW one.

Is the Infiniti FX better than the Volvo XC and BMW X5?

Well the Infinti FX is your best bet if you need an SUV but want something that drives like a car. However, the Infinti has almost no ability off-road and the ride is on the sporty side. The Volvo is a great choice, as long as you get the T6 or V8. The base engine is just too slow. It rides nice and you can get a third row. Plus you know that a Volvo is gunna be super-safe. I have a T6 and I like it a lot. The lease is almost up and I have no idea what to replace it with. The BMW is most expensive, however, it is the nicest I think. I am very partial to BMWs and the X5 is the perfect blend of a car and a SUV. Also, the X5 (and all BMWs) have free scheduled maintenance. 4 years/ 50,000 miles. Everything is free, including oil changes, wiperblades, brakes. All you pay for is gas and the tires. Plus BMW is changing the X5 for the 06' model year and will be offering great deals on 05' models. If I HAD to pick, I would go for the X5. All of them are great cars though, you can't go wrong with any of the three.