BMX Bicycles

Though BMX bikes were designed primarily for motocross and dirt cycling, their use has become a popular form of leisure entertainment for adults and children. Their frames are made of aluminum and steel. BMX stands for bicycle motocross.

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Who was the English BMX rider in the Olympics?

The male BMX rider in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing was Liam Phillips. He did not advance to the semifinals after placing 18th and 7th in his two quarterfinal races, placing him in 28th place.

The woman BMX rider, on the other hand, placed 8th overall. Shanaze Reade, unfortunately, crashed during the finals ruining her chances of a medal.

Why does a bicycle wheel spin more freely if it is oiled regulary?

Sometimes oil is used in competitions, because the density of oil is less than the grease and provides less friction to the bearings, but it's recommended only during the race, after that you must clean the bearings and apply a proper grease! (Remember use it only in cases of hi performance!)

Names of pro bmx bike riders?


Palmaria of Lucban Quezon. team Philippine.
Garrett Reynolds , Mike Spinner , Mat Hoffman , Randy Taylor, Jamie Bestwick,

Brett Banasiewicz, Ryan Nyquist, Daniel Dhers, Mark Webb, Dennis Enarson, Brandon Dosch, Dave Mirra, Jaie Toohay, Chris Doyle, Scotty Cranmer, Chad Kagy, Luke Parslow, Drew Bezanson,
Nathan Willams-united bikeco

Garret reynaolds-premium bikeco

Nigel sylvester-mirra bikeco

How do you take a 360 giro of a bmx?

Just take off your stem and undo the brake wires that conect to the gyro on both sides, then just take off the brake handle off the bars, and your riding brakeless, sorry its not a very detailed explaination but its realy not that hard, goodluck.

How do you tell what size bmx pedals you need?

1 piece cranks need the 1/2 inch pedals while 2-3 piece cranks use 9/16th.

Just to help the newbies out there. OPC or one piece cranks mean the arm that holds the pedal is just one piece of steel that goes from pedal to pedal through the bottom bracket (where the bearings ride). Those only use ½" size threads on the pedals.

3 piece cranks are identifiable as each arm is separate and bolted onto the spindle which is part of the bottom bracket. 3 piece refers to 2 arms + the bottom bracket. Only 9/16" (which are bigger than the ½") threads fit those arms.

Don't forget the left arm is backwards thread, so to loosen you turn it righty tighty. The right arm is normal so lefty loosy to remove.

How do you date a old GT bike frame?

look for a model or part number in a inconspicuous space then google it or come back here with it also look at pics of old GT's

Do bmx bikes have brakes?


Race bikes tends to have only a rear brake. Bikes for vert riding (lots of jumps) tend not to have brakes. Bikes mainly intended for other kinds of trick riding might not have brakes either.

If you ever plan to ride you bike in traffic, brakes are often a legal requirement as well as being very useful to have.
Yes, your average BMX bike has brakes, but only in the rear. Old school bikes had brakes in the front and rear, but front brakes are normally only found on department store bmx bikes nowadays. Many Pro riders, however, prefer their bikes lighter, and choose not to use brakes and stop the bike by jamming their foot in between the seat and wheel (Called a footjam). I would not recommend removing the brakes from your bike unless you have had a lot of practice on how to stop yourself safely and quickly without them. Hope this helps!

What company makes flick trix?

Why, Spin Master, of course! The same company that brought you Tech Deck (mini Skateboards) and Air Hogs (mini RC planes and cars).

Can you do bmx tricks without brakes?

Absolutely, the best riders all ride brakeless. But, if you ride on the road brakes can save your life. In most places they're even required by law.

Why do BMX bikes have 2 pegs only?

Bikes have their pegs on the opposite side of the bikes drive.

Right Hand Drive (RHD) will have pegs on the left side,Left Hand Drive (LHD) will have pegs on the right side. This makes it easier to grind.

What to do if you want to become a famous bmx bike rider what do i have to do?

  1. get good at riding
  2. get noticed, by competing, posting films of your riding on youtube etc
  3. keep riding well enough to maintain peopel's interest in you

How do you work out sprocket sizes for bmx?

Divide your rear sprocket into your front sprocket. Like 25x9. 25 divided by 9 = 2.77. so 2.77 to 1 is the drive ratio. If you go with a smaller sprocket like a 24 in the front but still a 9 in the back, you are lowering the gear ratio to 2.66 to 1. So your bike will be slower but easier to pedal.

If you go with a 25 in the front and a 10 in the back, you end up with a 2.5 to 1 ratio.

Don't confuse gear ratio with gear inches, that's a calculation including the wheel and sometimes the circumference of the tire.

Why is your bmx hub grinding?

The oil/grease has dried up, you've gotten water/dirt/rust inside, it's lost adjustment and/or wore out. Really no way of telling w/ taking it apart.

I'll post a link on bike maintenance for you.

Can you create your own bmx bike?

Define creating. If creating to you is ordering every part you want and putting it together, absolutely!

If building to you is making each component and then assembling them, not so easy, but possible.

The third way is to contact a company like Standard Byke Co and they will make ANYTHING you could want and design it especially for you. Rick is the master of custom BMX.

How do you jump a bike jump?

there are 3 steps to jumping on a bmx bike:

1) compress- put your weight over the handlebars

2) quickly lean back over your seat

3) after doing this, your front wheel will lift off of the ground. to lift the back wheel up, scoop your opposite foot out and up in a "j" motion while your front wheel is in the air

once you are able to get both wheels in the air, continue practicing and eventually your bunny hops will become higher and higher

How do you fix the brakes on BMX?

Depends on what's wrong with it - which we can't figure out from your question. I'll post a couple of helpful links on bike maintenance and repairs.
There should be a bolt that secures a wire. Untighten that bolt. Pull the wire until the brake is near the rim of the wheel. Hold that wire there wile tightening the bolt. If you can't tighten it yourself, have someone to help you. That should do it. If you are having trouble with the part that you push to stop the bike, change it and start the instructions on the top again there you go.

Also, get cardboard between the brake pads and the rim, then tighten, then pull the wire and tighten the bolt then take the cardboard out and then you have a near perfect brake.

Depends on what's wrong with it. Head over to, or www, to find out more basic facts.

What size stunt pegs do you need for a bmx bike?

Different BMXes have different axle sizes. Easiest is to measure what you've got.

How do you fix stiff bottom brackets?

Way too many variations to answer here, and it also depends on what's wrong with it. I'll post a couple of links to bike manitenance pages below.

What is a Tig welded hi-tensile street park BMX freestyler frame?

TIG-welded answers how the tubes of the frame are joined together - with a Tungsten Inert Gas arc welding machine.

Hi-tensile (or Hi-Ten) tells you the steel quality. Hi-Ten is pretty much the lowest grade tubing that anybody is willing to admit to using. Cro-Moly is a higher grade tubing, but there are several types.

Street/park tells you how the designer/marketer thinks the bike is to be used. It's not meant for racing or big airs.

Differences between mountain bike and dirt bike?

a dirt bike has a motor

mountain biking is arguably more "connected" to the trail and nature. it can also require much more excercise.

a mountain bike is much lighter, and has less suspension travel

dirt bikes are also more expensive, and require fuel

decent dirt bike price= very good mountain bike price

How much can you sell an old school Redline BMX for?

It depends on how old school it is. If you have an old 70's Squareback Redline or the sort, it could be worth quite a bit depending on the condition it's in. Other individual models are valuable as well, but most aren't worth even half of what they cost new. It depends on the bike.

Hit eBay and craigslist to find out what similar bikes are selling for.

Would bmx grips fit a push scooter?

Probably, but you're best off measuring the bars first. A BMX bar is 7/8" (22.2 mm) by the grips.