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Boats and Watercraft

According to the Navigation Rules which must be aboard a 22-foot powerboat?

a whistle or a horn

Boats and Watercraft

What does 3 short blast of a horn mean when boating?

Three short blasts means you are operating in reverse. One prolonged blast followed by 3 short blasts means boat under tow in redcued visibility conditions.

Boats and Watercraft

In the navigation rules what must give way boats do?

Keep clear of stand on boats

Boats and Watercraft

What does it mean if you are the stand on vessel in an overtaking situation?

You are about to be passed and should maintain course and speed

Boats and Watercraft

Which of the following indicates an emergency situation aboard a boat?

Orange smoke blowing from the boat.

Boats and Watercraft

In Indiana what is required to be installed on a recreational use boat?

In Indiana, an exhaust muffler is required to be installed on a recreational use boat.

Boats and Watercraft
Canoes and Kayaks
Public Health and Safety

What piece of safety equipment is required aboard every canoe?

A flotation device for every person

Boats and Watercraft

What is the primary purpose of the Navigation Rules?

The primary purpose of the Navigation Rules for boating is to prevent collisions and accidents on the water.

Boats and Watercraft

What color is a mooring buoy?

The color scheme of a Mooring buoy is white with a horizontal blue stripe. These buoys are for securing boats without an anchor.

Boats and Watercraft

Under which conditions do boating accidents occur?

Most boating accidents occur when the weather is calm and clear and winds are light. The main cause of boating accidents is human error.

Boats and Watercraft

What a rower needs?

An oar, a boat, and a body of water large enough to go boating on.

and do not forget two arms

Boats and Watercraft
Watercraft Engine Maintenance

What is the weight of a mercury 9.8 hp outboard?

Should be right around 65 pounds

Boats and Watercraft

What is a 3 hulled boat?

A trimaran

Boats and Watercraft

Is green bad luck on sail boats?

Not in the least. The starboard navigation light is green and many decks are painted green.

Boats and Watercraft
Rowing and Sculling

What is a long narrow boat called?

In rowing a long narrow boat is called a shell. This can be either an 8+, a 4+, 4, a double, and a single.

Home Electricity
Boats and Watercraft

Is a 135 hp motor strong enough to ski with?

Yes, but it does depend on the skill of the skier and to some extent the design of the water skis.

Vietnam War
Boats and Watercraft
US Navy

How many US navy small boats in US inventory?

The US Navy doesn't (and didn't) like small combatants in their inventory; especially wooden ones, like the WWII PT Boats. Close to 300 of those boats were intentionally destroyed (burned) in the Philippines at the close of the war. Wooden boats are a maintenance headache; wood rots, and the maintenance inventory of the US Navy was designed & organized to support steel vessels, not wood.

Secondly, the USN distains small boat combatants. Small boats are necessary for taxing personnel from vessel to vessel and conducting errands in bays, etc. But not the combatants. Combatants such as the WWII MTB (Motor Torpedo Boats-aka PT boats); and the USN's Brown Water Navy in Vietnam, which utilized a host of riverine craft such as the Swift Boats (PCF-Patrol Craft Fast), PBRs (Patrol Boat River), Alpha Boats (ASPB-Assault Support Patrol Boats), and the Monitors were only a "wartime necessity." And all save some PBRs and two Swift Boats were retained in the US (and the Swift Boats were salvaged from scrap yards by some veterans!).

There is no money in small combatants when defense budgets are rationed out to the military. The big money is in "big ticket items" such as warships for the navy, bombers for the air force and tanks for the army. That's where the big money is justified. The army, navy and air force fight for their share of the defense budget each year that it's being offered.

Only lately, since Operation Iraqi Freedom began it's campaign, and then only late in the game, has the US Navy become interested again in small patrol boats. So far, probably no more than a hundred such combatants have been placed into service with the USN. These are not the PTs & Swifts of days gone by, but in some cases inflatibles, and civilian appearing water craft painted up in military schemes. There is no more official Brown Water Navy, just some small patrolling in troubles regions over-seas. Coronado in California is training them, as they did during the Vietnam war; Mare Island used to used old Viet War PBRs (those were all fiberglass), but the Mare Island closed down in '95, and tranferred what they had left to Sacramento. Sacramento is surrounded by rivers.

Boats and Watercraft

Why they throw streamers at ship departures?

well I am nine years old and hey why do you look so dull? oh I am sorry but we have to make things brighter! why they throw them is because it is like you are having a party because you got money and cargo. this is my first time doing this so I hope I helped

Boats and Watercraft

What does boat stand for?


Boats and Watercraft

Answers to boat-ed license test?


What do you leave with a friend or relative before you go on a long outing?

(Float Plan)

Boats have metal fittings to tie up to docks?


Where do you place portable fuel tanks/gas cans to be filled?


If aluminum hull has white powdery spots what do you do to fix them?

(Use small grain sandpaper to sand spots down to a shiny texture)

How do you measure a boats overall length correctly?

(Tip of bow to stern)

How do you avoid overloading your boat?

(Do not exceed capacity place number)

Best way to fuel a PWC gas tank?

(Leave some space in the tank)

What what kind of boat must have a federal capacity plate?

(Boats less than 20 feet)

What should you after you fuel your boat and before you start your boat?

(Open all hatches and use ventillation system)

Why should you not use your boats motor to drive the boat onto the trailer?

(May cause sediment displacement near loading ramp)

Unit 3 Quiz

When leaving a dock what line do you release first when the current is away from the dock?


Power boat B is crossing path of power A on right side. What does A do?

(Slow down)

Foggy conditions, you hear two prolonged blasts in 2 minutes?

(Sailboat underway)

Boat taking over another boat? What is the stand on boat?

(Boat being overtaken)

Two short blasts?

(Pass on right side)

Motor boat ans sail boat are coming head on. What does the motorboat do?

(Take early action to avoid sailboat)

Two boats near eachother and one boat in action. What the boat in action do?

(Give way)

Operating a powerboat you see green and white lights?

(Sailboat is giveway)

Vessel has yellow lights?

(Commercial Vessel)

Boat at night with a single white light?


Unit 4 Quiz

White marker with red stripes?

(Safe Water)

What risk is there operating a PWC to close behind a boat?

(Pwc may roll over)

Marker symbol for no wake?


Boating on coastal waters tides high at noon, when will the next low tide be?


Entering harbor from open sea, see red nun buoy. what do you do?

(Keep red buoy to your right side)

What determines which way a PWC will travel?

(Water from jet nezzle)

What is the danger from anchoring a fishing boat from the stern?

(Boat may be swamped)

What function on the PWC will not operate at an idle speed?


Main function of PWC safety lanyard and switch?

(Shut off engine if rider is thrown over board)

White buoy orange cross diamond?


Boats and Watercraft
Watercraft Engine Maintenance

1977 Evinrude gas to oil ratio for 15 HP?

The 1977 model, Evinrude 15 hp outboard engine, requires a 50:1 ratio. This is one pint of 2 cycle oil, to six gallons of fuel, or 2.5 - 3 oz. of oil per gallon of gasoline.

Boats and Watercraft

Where is serial on mercury 8 Hp outboard?

On your motor mount


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