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Boats and Watercraft

When grounded aboard a small power boat which is a method to help free yourself?

Stop getting in trouble with your parents aboard a small power boat.

Boats and Watercraft
Great Pyramid of Giza

How many slaves died on the middle passage?

Between one and two million slaves died on the crossing, leaving many corpses in the bowel of the ship to rot among his companions.

10% of slaves would die on the ships. And up to 30% if it was a bad voyage!


That statistic is wrong. 20 million embarked on the voyage and about half made it.


Once the slaves showed signs of diseases or were dead they would throw them over board to prevent diseases spreading. On average 1/8 of all slaves were lost and 1 1/2 million Africans are buried in the Atlantic Ocean between Africa and Americas.

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Boats and Watercraft

Its on the horse but also a place where boats can stay?


Boats and Watercraft

When loading a small boat which of the following is important?

Do not exceed limits of capacity plate

Boats and Watercraft

Use oars to move boat and noisy fight what is the homograph?


They rowed the boat down river. (row rhymes with oh)

The neighbours are always having a row. (row rhymes with cow)

Boats and Watercraft

What is a house for storing boats called?

boat house

Boats and Watercraft

How long does it take to get from England to Australia by boat in the 14th century?

it takes 1 week to get to austrailia on a boat

Boats and Watercraft
The River Nile

How long would it take to boat down the Nile River?

The length of travel time is going to vary by your mode of transportation. At 6,650 km (4,132 mi) long, with an average flow rate (arbitrarily determined) of 10 kph, it would take 66 hours fifty minutes if you were flosting on a log. If however you were traveling in a boat at 20kph, that time would be cut in half to 33 hours 25 minutes.

Boats and Watercraft

When a sailboat overtakes a powerboat which vessel is the stand-on vessel?

When a sailboat overtakes a powerboat, the powerboat is the stand-on vessel. (Ref: SB-29)

Boats and Watercraft
Bass Boats

If|| Hi Rats!?


Boats and Watercraft

What is TLC for boats?

tlc would be not running at full rpm, not beaching it, keeping it covered , and always keeping it uv protected .

Boats and Watercraft

You are operating a powerboat at night You see only a green light on another boat What does this light tell you?

If you are operating a powerboat and see only a green light on another boat, that is a sailboat. The green light means you must give way.
In a crossing or meeting situation it could mean you have the right away, however there needs to be more information to better answer the question. It does however mean that in some capacity you are observing the vessels starboard (right) running light.

Boats and Watercraft

Why would passengers who remained on board have tried to go to the rear of the boat?

There were no lifeboats left so the people left on board went to the stern of the ship to get away from the water.

Boats and Watercraft

What is the currency of Ireland which shares it's name with a type of boat?

The currency of Ireland is now the Euro, which is has been since 2002. Before that it was the Punt, which is the answer you are looking for.

Boats and Watercraft
Watercraft Engine Maintenance

How much does a Johnson 88 spl outboard weigh?

319 lbs

Boats and Watercraft

What three change did they make in the boat before their second return from the wreck?

a mast, a sail, and a rudder (there might be somethings i missed)

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Boats and Watercraft

What are some advantages and disadvantages of a boat?

The advantages are:

being able to go fishing water skiing, or just joy riding whenever you want.

The disadvantages are:

depending on where you live, a boat is only usable in warm weather, which is limited in most places.

Do you have the money to pay to store a boat somewhere? If not do you have a vehicle large enough to tow the boat you want to a place you can store it, you must pay to store it at the water.

Do you have enough money to buy, keep fuel in (boat fuel is more expensive), Store, Insure, license (most states you have to buy boat tags, just like license plates for cars).

Keeping a boat clean is worse than a car because most boats are not totally enclosed. Who wants to spend time in a dirty boat.

It is often said that a boat owners two happiest days are the day he buys his boat and the day he sells his boat. I assume because he no longer have the cost of it.

Boats and Watercraft

What kind of boat has a silent ch in its name?

The answer is a YACHT.

Boats and Watercraft

Answers to boat-ed license test?


What do you leave with a friend or relative before you go on a long outing?

(Float Plan)

Boats have metal fittings to tie up to docks?


Where do you place portable fuel tanks/gas cans to be filled?


If aluminum hull has white powdery spots what do you do to fix them?

(Use small grain sandpaper to sand spots down to a shiny texture)

How do you measure a boats overall length correctly?

(Tip of bow to stern)

How do you avoid overloading your boat?

(Do not exceed capacity place number)

Best way to fuel a PWC gas tank?

(Leave some space in the tank)

What what kind of boat must have a federal capacity plate?

(Boats less than 20 feet)

What should you after you fuel your boat and before you start your boat?

(Open all hatches and use ventillation system)

Why should you not use your boats motor to drive the boat onto the trailer?

(May cause sediment displacement near loading ramp)

Unit 3 Quiz

When leaving a dock what line do you release first when the current is away from the dock?


Power boat B is crossing path of power A on right side. What does A do?

(Slow down)

Foggy conditions, you hear two prolonged blasts in 2 minutes?

(Sailboat underway)

Boat taking over another boat? What is the stand on boat?

(Boat being overtaken)

Two short blasts?

(Pass on right side)

Motor boat ans sail boat are coming head on. What does the motorboat do?

(Take early action to avoid sailboat)

Two boats near eachother and one boat in action. What the boat in action do?

(Give way)

Operating a powerboat you see green and white lights?

(Sailboat is giveway)

Vessel has yellow lights?

(Commercial Vessel)

Boat at night with a single white light?


Unit 4 Quiz

White marker with red stripes?

(Safe Water)

What risk is there operating a PWC to close behind a boat?

(Pwc may roll over)

Marker symbol for no wake?


Boating on coastal waters tides high at noon, when will the next low tide be?


Entering harbor from open sea, see red nun buoy. what do you do?

(Keep red buoy to your right side)

What determines which way a PWC will travel?

(Water from jet nezzle)

What is the danger from anchoring a fishing boat from the stern?

(Boat may be swamped)

What function on the PWC will not operate at an idle speed?


Main function of PWC safety lanyard and switch?

(Shut off engine if rider is thrown over board)

White buoy orange cross diamond?


Boats and Watercraft

Why are boats and aeroplanes given special shape?

boats and aeroplanes are given special shapes inorder to reduce the loss of energy in overcoming friction

Boats and Watercraft
Boating Regulations and Seamanship

What should you always do when a person falls overboard?

When a person falls overboard, you should always have someone keep the victim in sight.

When a person falls overboard

  • Throw a Lifebuoy
  • Shout "Man Overboard" Either to Port or Starboard.
  • Report to the Duty Officer.
  • Keep the victim in sight.
Literature and Language
Boats and Watercraft

Explain the following to have an oar in another's boat?

Not totally positive, but im pretty sure it means having a useful thing but you've given it to someone else, but now you need it yourself and don't have it anymore.


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