Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi is a rock band from New Jersey that has experienced enormous popularity since they formed in 1983. The band consists of Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, David Bryan and Tico Torres.

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What was on the paint in video Bon Jovi - Always?

Jason wiles ia the painter from "Always"

He is also known as "Bosko" in "third Watch"

How do you pronounce 'gecekondu'?

pronounced 'geh-jay-kondoo,'

Robert Neuwerth (who spent considerable time in Turkey writing about gecekondu):

This is why squatter housing in Turkey is called gecekondu (pronounced 'geh-jay-kondoo,'

the word is a combination of gece, "night" in Turkish, plus kondurmak, "to happen" or

"appear"), meaning "it happened at night."

Is Anne Jovi the sister of Bon Jovi?

Jon Bon Jovi doesn't have a sister, he has two brothers though!

Does Jon Bon Jovi have HIV?

He does not have HIV

no, as a matter of fact he doesn't. he has 4 kids and neither him or his wife have HIV.


The person that keeps changing the answer to "yes" should shut up!

How do you pronounce behavioral?

Pronounced "bee-HAY-vee-or-ull". (In speech, the syllables run together, like "vyor-ull")

How do you pronounce Patanjali?

Answerpath-ahn-ja-lee (the ja-lee would rhyme with jelly)

This Sanskrit word is a noun, name of Yoga Guru who originated yoga; could be better pronounce as /PƏ-Tan-ZƏ-Lee/

How do you pronounce xuzhou?

Xuzhou, 徐州, in northern Jiangsu Province, is pronounced like "shoe - Joe" in English. For the tones, say "Xu" like a question with a rising (second) tone. For "zhou," just say it naturally since it is first tone. So, you could approximate the Chinese Mandarin (Putonghua) pronunciation by saying "Shoe? Joe." However, when booking train/plane tickets, be sure to show them the Chinese characters and stress that it's north of Nanjing to make sure they don't just assume you mean Suzhou next to Shanghai. That has happened to many foreigners trying to come here. Contributor: American teaching English in Xuzhou for 5 years. Actually, the reason Chinese people would assume you are saying "Suzhou" rather than "Xuzhou" is because the "sh" in "shoe," as the previous poster approximated above, is articulated in the almost same place as the "s" in "Suzhou." A better explanation of the pronunciation of the pinyin "x" above would be that you should try to say "shoe" with the tip of your tongue behind your lower front teeth when you say the "sh" part. Native English speakers can't hear the difference too well, but it can be vital if you're trying to get to "Xuzhou," not "Suzhou." :P

How do you pronounce faux?

Pronounce it as you would FO, or Bow with F instead of B.


There are three ways you can pronounce 'fawx'.

The most correct English proncounciation is just as 'foe' (IPA: /fəʊ/ or /foʊ/).

You can also go for the original french pronounciation which you can hear in its wikitionary entry (/fo/).

Some people say it as fox (/fɒks/ or /fɑks/) or fawks (/fɔks/ or /fɑks/).

Choices two and three could garner funny looks from different people.

How do you pronounce esomeprazole?

EZZ - oh - MEPP -ruh -zole Most drug molecules are chiral, which means they exist in two mirror image forms (designated "R" and "S" for reasons we needn't discuss here). Usually there's no significant difference between the R- and S- form, but sometimes there is. When Prilosec™ (omeprazole) went off-patent, AstraZeneca isolated the S- form of the molecule and marketed it (in magnesium salt form) as Nexium™. Thus, S-omeprazole, or esomeprazole.

Who is the girl on the cover of the album slippery when wet?

Her name is Angela Lanzara and was discovered on the beach down the Jersey shore. She was approached by the band and the rest is history. She enjoyed a modeling career and now works in the Corporate Housing Industry. Angela still lives in New Jersey and is more beautiful and fit than ever


What does Bon Jovi mean in french?

Bon Jovi is a name. Names are generally not translated. It's true that Bon in French means "good", but Bon Jovi has no other meaning than just the name of the person.
It is not in french.

Actually, his real name was "John Francis Bongiovi," an Italian name.

How do you pronounce aida?


Pronounce it as 3 syllables: eye-EE-da, with the stress on the middle syllable.

Listen to Aida pronunciation

How to Pronounce bachelier?

== == If you mean the French, as in the famous Louis Bachelier, see which has audio files that pronounce the last name as (besh el yeah)

Is Chad Kroeger single?

Who's Chad Kroeger? And is he single?

Chad Kroeger is the singer of a great band named "Nickelback" which includes the four guys: Chad Kroeger ~ Vocals & Guitars Mike Kroeger ~ Bass Ryan Peake ~ Guitar & Vocals Daniel Adair ~ Drums & Vocals

He was classed as married to a woman named Marianne. This was classed as this as Canada recognizes (as) common law after 1 year of living together. They have NO prenup. I know this for a fact. He is a friend.

No, Chad Kroeger is not single, he's married to Marianne Gurick.

How do you pronounce Joachim?

In English, it would be something like 'Jo.ah.keen'. I believe it is more like "Wa-keem" with the accent on the second syllable.