Bosnia-Herzegovina is a country in Southern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. It is home to three ethnic groups: Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats. This politically decentralized country comprises two governing entities: Republika Srpska and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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What does stara ljubav zaborava nema mean in yugoslavian?

It means Old love can never be forgotten.

Like, you will always love that person a little bit no matter what. Or you have never loved him/her in the first place.

And it's in Serbian.

Translation of English to Yugoslavian for grandma?

Yugoslavian does not exist anymore. In Croatian you can say: baka, baba (I belive it's the same for serbian and bosnian too), also on islands it is often used italian name for grandma: nonna.

Did the Bosnian civil war effect the economy?

90% of all infrustructure in Bosnia was destroyed or damaged in the war and approx 65% of domestic dwellings had been either destoyed or significanlty damaged, The economy will take at least 50 years to be brough up to pre war level alone.

What connects Taiwan Bosnia Germany Canada Spain and South Africa?

These countries were all winners of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. There is chronological order in the list that you presented in your question.

What are the Ethnic physical characteristics of Chinese?

Note that these are very rough stereotypes, and are greatly complicated both by further stereotypes by province (or even county) and by real life. Though many of these are considered to be stereotypes, there are some studies illustrates variation of physiological differences. Northerner: -Is taller and bigger -Has small, slit-like, and/or slanty eyes with single eyelids (i.e. an epicanthal fold) -Has a longer rugged face (possibly with considerably more facial hair than southerners) -Speaks a northern Mandarin dialect -Eats wheat-based food rather than rice-based food Southerner: -Is shorter and smaller -Has a smooth, round face -Has almond shaped eyes with double eyelids -Speaks a southern dialect such as Wu, Hakka, Yue (Cantonese), Xiang or Min -Eats rice-based food rather than wheat-based food -Resemble other Southeast Asians.

Did the us instigate the war in Bosnia?

No, actually it's been going on for a couple of thousand years. A good reference is the Britannica long article. If you read this about 8-10 page article you will probably throw down the book in disgust and go play some golf or something. I did. They just hate each other and it's not very simple to understand. They have been fighting way longer than the US has been in existance, even before Columbus was a baby. Take Care and please don't blame the US for all the world's problems.

What were the causes of the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The main cause of the conflict that occured in Bosnia is the different ethnical divisions that were in the country between the Serbians- who are Orthodox, and the Bosnians- who were mostly Muslims, and Croats who are Catholic. These divisions din't come to a flare until the "president" Tito died. Ten years after his death the Moslem national Alije Izetbegovic got a green light from the European Commission to move for secession from Yugoslavia and proclaim Bosnia a Moslem nation, even though it was only about 40% Moslem.

A referendum was held on secession and the Moslem and Croat populations voted unanimously for it. The Serbs boycotted the referendum and created their own republic since they considered the referendum illegal. The Bosnian Serb Republics refusal to yield to the Bosnian government was the cause that lead to direct conflict.

Which countries were involved in the Bosnian civil war?

Beside Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia & Montenegro were involved too, which inputs that this was not a Civil war. Actually it was aggression of other two countries on one independent country accepted by UN and EU.

Is there any cultural taboos in Romania?

Yes, they don't like to talk about the holocaust because they don't believe that it existed. also, Bankruptcy and such.

What is the capital of bosnia and herzegovina?

The capital of "Bosnia and Herzegovina" is Sarajevo, the historical capital of Bosnia.

What are the physical characteristics of an ethnic Yugoslavian?

There is no such thing as an ethnic "Yugoslavian." Please specify: Bosnian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, or Slovenian.

What languages are spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The languages of Bosnia as defined in its constitution are: Bosnia, Serbian and Croatian. These are basically the same language and before the breakup of Yugoslavia they were all called 'Serbian-Croatian'. There are differences in spelling, pronunciation and vocabulary but generally these differences are smaller than exist between British English and American English.

Sometimes Serbian is written with the Cyrillic alphabet (like Russian) but Bosnian and Croatian are almost always written using the Latin alphabet (like English).

These languages can be hard for English people to learn but by no means impossible. They are Slavic languages with similarities to other Slavic languages like Slovene, Polish and Russian. Lots of people in Bosnia speak English, Italian or German as a second language.

Bosnian... but FORMALLY it is Serbo-Croatian .. they speak the same language that Serbia & Croatia speak since they are the same group of people but split because of a war
The official languages of Bosnia are Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian.

They are all the same language, the only difference is local dialects. Also, the Serbs use the cyrillic alphabet, KGP 484
Official languages in Bosnia are Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian. All three are Serbo-Croatian standards and sometimes called Serbo-Croatian language.
The official language in Bosnia is Bosnian. It is a part of the Indo-European family. Some other languages in this family is Slavic and Serbo-Croatian.
Official Languages Bosnian, Croatian , Serbian

What is the English to yugoslavian translation of you are beautiful?

There is no such language as Yugoslavian. Please specify: Bosnian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, or Slovene

How long did the Bosnian genocide last?

The Bosnian War was from March 1, 1992 – December 14, 1995, which was a period of three years. However, the genocides were particular events during the war, that took place in the cities of Srebrenica and Žepa for only a few days. The Massacre at Srebrenica took place on July 11-13, 1995 and the Massacre at Žepa took place on July 25, 1995. Now, the fact that these massacres were only a few days long should not be seen to minimize the 8,489 Bosniaks who were butchered in these two massacres.

How do you say your mine in Bosnian?

If talking to a Male: Ti si moj

If talking to a Female: Ti si moja

How much is 5000 yugoslavian dollars worth?

Yugoslavia is no longer a country, perhaps it would be of use to a collector.

If you want, you can keep it yourself, and wait until it will have a higher value,

then sell it for more.