Bras are an undergarment intended to support female's breasts. There are many specialty type bras, including those for nursing and mastectomies. Many studies show that bras are one of the most common clothing items to be worn in incorrect sizes. There are a few movements to help women find their correct size, including free measuring from company's such as Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood.

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Is BB cup an actual bra size?

No BB is not an actual cup size. Cup sizes vary depending on the country you are in as well as the company but usually follow the general formula of: "AA, A, B, C, D, DD/E, DDD/F, DDDD/G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, etc.."

The reason for so many D's is because when the sizing system was developed, it did not cater for anything below an A or above a D.

Here in Australia, all sizes have a double equivalent except B and C. All the double sizes fit between their corresponding letter size and the next letter above with the exception of the AA being a smaller size than and A.


Is 42c a 40d bra size?

No, but they are so close in size that if you fit one, you would fit the other reasonably well. Either might the correct fit for a figure that is (for example) 46 inches total. When doing bra fittings you frequently shift both the band size and the cup size by one in order to find the correct fit.


Why doesn't Aeropostale sell bras?

bc theyre too swag for that


What is velvet sky bra size?

Jamie Szantyr/Talia Madison from TNA Wrestling's bust size is 32D.


What bra size is Holly Willoughby?

34 B


Do training bras hide nipples?

Well kinda. Because they are thinner than actual bras they can leave a small bump that may or may not be noticeable depending on the size of your nipple and the thickness of the bra


Who has the biggest bra size in the world?



Is there such thing as a AAAA bra?

Yes. At least one bra (the Lavand patented distraction bra by Bita Saviss) offers 36AAAA and 38AAAA sizes. This is a specialty push-up bra for small breasted women. They also offer 26AA, which is possibly the smallest standard band size out there. Other than a few "petite" specialty brands that offer AAA cup sizes and band sizes as low as 28, AA cups and 30 or 32 band sizes are the minimums for the bulk of the industry. (This information is correct to the best of my knowledge as of 14 May 2015, and is subject to change at any time. The sizing system is a US bra size system. Also, while manufacturers list such sizes, how the size is determined varies from brand to brand or even from model to model within the same brand. Other manufacturers may well make a smaller size, but size their product differently.)

(answer by Nq49cr) the smallest bra size is 26aaa and its tiny. although they are rare and hard to get, they do exist. you must look them up online and order them special. :)


How often should you wash your bra?

every 2 days is good for me


What is candy Manson bra size?

F cup actually its a double a plus double f


What is the next bra size after 36c?



What celebritys have a size 38 C bra?

Emma Samms 38-C
Irish McCalla 38-C
Lucy Lawless 38-C
Meredith Baxter 38-C


What is an uplift bra?

an uplift bra is a bra that makes your breasts look larger


What bra size comes after 36d?

After the D cup size comes a DD then a DDD and so forth


Is bra size 32a big or 32 b?

32b bra size is bigger than size 32a


What is Alex Jones' bra size?

I think its a around a 32D maybe. Just google it to be honest.


What is Victoria's Secrets smallest bra size?

Size 30 A :)


Do custom bras fit better than commercial bras?

Custom Brasyes

they do but you can try a commercial bra if you want to see for your self. Custom fit bras come in over 300 sizes, whereas commercial bras typically have less than 40. Also a custom fit bra uses less elastic and does not stretch out of shape over time, so they fit right for the life of the bra.


What is Shannon Tweed's bra size?

36 D is Shannon Tweed's bra size.


Is the bra size 36b big for a 13 year old?

No my daughter is 10 and she is a 36B


What is James Culpepper's from Flyleaf bra size?



How do you work out your bra size?

Any guide to working out your bra size is only ever that - a guide. You might be lucky and find that you have the perfect fit first time but, more likely, you will probably need to try sizing up or down (particularly on the cup size) until you find the bra that is just right for you.

This is because you will find that different styles of bra will fit you differently, even if they all come from the same manufacturer. Also it is important to remember that your breast size can change with age, pregnancy, breast feeding, gaining or losing weight and during your monthly period.

To find your bra size you need to take accurate measurements from your body. The best way to be measured is to go to a department store and have yourself fitted as it is not always easy to measure yourself accurately.

Many women are wearing the wrong size, on the wrong hook and have the straps too loose or too tight. If your breasts fall out when you bend over, your straps fall off your shoulders, you can feel the wire or the band in back creeps up you need a new size. A quality, properly fitted bra will help with back pain and prevent shoulder grooves and is good for your chest muscles and can slow the sagging effects of time and gravity.

If you do want to try finding your bra size for yourself, have a friend measure your chest below the breasts with the arms relaxed at your sides. Don't pull the tape tight. Take the number of inches and add 5. If the new number is even that will be your band size. If the new number is odd, you need to add 1 to give you an even number and that will be your band size. The band size is the number part of a bra size.

To find your cup size (the letter part of a bra size), measure around the fullest part of the breasts (usually straight around nipple height). Subtract this measurement from your first number to find your cup size. If there is no difference you should try an AA cup, for one inch difference try an A cup, for two inches try a B cup, and so on, working your way through these sizes:

for UK cup sizes

AA, A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, J, JJ, K

for US cup sizes

AA, A, B, C, D, DD/E, DDD/F, G, H, I, J, K, L
She wears 36DD.


Will you wear your bra during your surgery?

It depends on the type of surgery. More intense or invasive one will require no clothes whatsoever, while for minor surgeries it doesn't matter.


Is a padded bra and a cup bra the same?

a padded bra will usually make your boobs look bigger where a normal cup bra will just give support


What is normal size of the bra for 24 years girl?

Actually there is no bra which comes in normal size. All bras are made for a particular shape and size. Bra size always depends on your body shape, bust size and band size. Every woman has their unique shape and size and they also have their own comfortability of bra. Two women with the same size can not feel comfortable in the same size bra because they may have the different bust shape for which bra size and style varies.


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