Breaking Water

A woman's "water" breaking refers to the placenta breaking and liquid being released and is on of the first steps of the labor and delivery process. Ask questions here about natural and doctor-induced water breaking.

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How long should you bounce on a ball to get your water to break?

DO NOT DO THAT!!! that could be very dangerous for the baby's health. The water will break when it's time. If it breaks too early it could be detrimental to the baby.

Should you be worried if you are 39 weeks pregnant the baby hasn't even dropped yet and the doctor says he's 2 weeks ahead of what he's supposed to weigh?

Please educate yourself on brachial plexus injuries. Go to There are other links from this site. what does a birth injury have to do w/ anything? If you are a first time mom you would have a right to be concerned. Often when the baby does not engage (drop) in a first time mother it is because the baby is too big for the mother's pelvis. If you have had a baby before it is not uncommon for the baby to stay high right up until you are in labor. Good luck! Very occasionally a large baby will have what is called 'shoulder dystocia' where the shoulders get stuck in the pelvis. This may lead to brachial plexus injury. Not very reassuring for you as a first answer. However as one of the answers says, it is quite common for second and subsequent babies to not 'drop' until labour. Sometimes the head does not descend before labour because the baby is facing forward with a straight neck, more commonly they face backwards with the chin on the chest. You can help the baby turn round by spending time on your hands and knees. Once you go into labour the head may rotate and descend. (This happened to me) If you are a first time Mom the doctor may give you a 'trial of labour' to see if the head will descend when you start contracting. If not, as the head is not engaged you should be prepared for a C-section. I am not sure why the doctor says the baby is 2 weeks ahead of what he should weigh. There is such a variation in baby weights at birth that this is a nonsense. If he has measured your abdomen with a tape and you measure 41cm (usually cm measurement is the same as the number of weeks)this is because the baby hasn't 'dropped'. If an us scan is showing a big baby this is more accurate but not always. 2 personal experiences. I have been a midwife for 25 years and early in my career I was looking after a woman who was in hospital because her baby's head was not dropping at all. Every time she was examined her baby was a different way around. Sometimes up, sometimes down and occasionally crossways. One Saturday afternoon her husband came and asked if he could stay with her as she had been contracting for 2 hours. I quickly examined her (worrying that she had gone into labour with the baby crossways, lo and behold the head was down and had dropped. She got to the Delivery Room with about 15 minutes to spare. I was induced with twins at 36 weeks partly because a scan showed that my second twin was not growing properly. After quite a quick labour my first twin delivered, a little skinny boy (4 pounds 15 ounces), 10 minutes later my daughter appeared, a chubby pink 6 pounds 3 ounces. Good luck.

How soon before labor do you lose your show mucus plug?

The great mystery.. sometimes weeks before, and then the plug rebuilds itself.. sometimes days before.. sometimes not until you are ready to deliver. .it's not really a trustworthy sign of impending labor.

I've been loosing my plug for about 3 weeks now, with no labor. For some it is a sign of labor will start in 1 to 7 days, not for me! I like to think I'm in painless labor now as I'm 2 cm and 80% effaced at 39+ weeks. Enjoying the painfree progression! I LOST MINE WHILE I WAS IN LABOR I began losing a non- bloody mucous plug at around 29 weeks during all of my pregnancies. Research has enlightened me on the fact that this is common and often goes un-noticed by many women. Every woman and every loss of your mucus plug is going to be different. With my first, I lost it the night before I had her. I started to get contractions straight away. With this one, I am now 39weeks and 3days and I lost my first one 4 Fridays ago, then last Tuesday and then one yesterday. They say not to pack your bags and rush up to the hospital as soon as it happens. It's the contractions or bleeding that you worry about. If you do get worried or anything, ring the labour ward and talk to them. They do this every single day. They will put your mind at ease. I didn't lose mine until about 9 hours after my first contraction and 3 hours before my daughter was born.

Could a woman have labor induced 2 weeks early because of backache or is it more likely that she fibbed about how far along she was?

I don't think they would induce someone because of back pains. But two weeks early isn't always early. The due date can be off by two weeks before or after. It is an educated guess. I can't guess if she fibbed about the due date or not because two weeks isn't a lot when counting the due date.

I am 43 years of age I had my 1st pregnancy a year ago... My doctor induced my labor because of lower back pain... Regardless of when this women had sex, due dates are not exact a women can go into labor up to 3 weeks (37 weeks pregnant) befor her due date or 2 weeks post due date (42 weeks) and still be considered full term.. If the guy is so worried that the baby isn't his then maybe he should get a paternity test done... If He has already put his name on the birth certificate, and the baby isn't his then he'll be legally obligated regardless of the child's paternity..

I was with my last one. I couldn't sleep and they reasoned that it was better to induce me and me have the energy to push him out, then to keep him in and have me too exhausted to do it.

I apologize for not mentioning that this woman was 42 years old at the time of conception, and the man that she claimed was the father had used a condom the one time they had sex. Do you think that would make a difference? I have always heard that a physician wouldn't dare induce labor on a high risk pregnancy. Thank you for your answer!

Actually a physican will induce labor if he/she chooses to regardless of it being high risk or no. I have several friends who have had preeclampsia and/or gestational diabetes and the majority were induced. Now the behavior of this particular lady is rather suspicious. But honestly, as a pregnant woman being 39 weeks, my doctor has already suggested stripping my membranes to help me out since my child has been dropped for some time and my pubic bone and entire pelvis is so sore I cannot sleep for more than 2 hours a night.

Could you be going into labor soon if you feel stinging and pressure in your vaginal area?

Stinging and pressure is usually from the head resting low on the cervix, pelvis, and pubic bone. Signs of labor are steady contractions--most feel like a back ache at first or period cramps that flow up your abdomen. I was concerned about this as well because I experience the same, and cannot sleep due to it. It makes pregnancy miserable but it doesn't mark that it's on it's way to ending.

Is it a sign of labor or that your water is breaking slowly when you're always feeling like you're peeing your pants and you're damp a lot?

Yes It can be a sign you can leak water but then usually the bag will break soon, but I would let your doctor know about it soon so he can get you checked out, you do not want a dry birth. Of course you want to inform your doctor of this because not only will it rest your worries but it will also ensure you will not have a dry birth (which can result in major infection in the baby and your body). But as the question is worded, it truly sounds as though you are experiencing what most pregnant women do. At times when we sneeze or cough or the baby gives us a little kick, we trickle slightly in our panties. Now if the baby's head is resting low this even makes the chance greater. I was actually made fun of with my last pregnancy and this one as well--asked several times if I had been properly potty trained. :) As for the dampness, that's normal in pregnancy. You slowly lose the hardness of your cervix as well as the mucus plug. As of now I am 39 weeks pregnant and experiencing all of the above. The dampness in my case is indicative of my cervix thinning out and softening. I still have not passed my plug. Of course this should ease your worries for the time being but make sure you ask your doctor at the next visit, or call if you'd feel better. I've heard that there is no such thing as a dry birth- amniotic fluid is replenished naturally by our bodies every 3 hours... :) But it is also true that infection can occur if your membranes rupture and you do not go into labor within 24 hours afterward, so yes, it is always good to follow up with labor and delivery if they do break. :)

Could you be leaking amniotic fluid if you're 33 weeks' pregnant and have a clear very watery discharge?

Yes, this is possible. go to the emergency department right away so they can test the fluid to be sure. If you are leaking amniotic fluid there could be an infection risk to your baby or yourself, if you do not receive medical attention.

AnswerYES, I was 24 weeks and standing at my kitchen sink when I felt my pants were wet. We went to the er they told me everything was fine there must have been to much preasure on my blatter they said it was urine. Well as the weeks went on I continued to leak by week 34 my doctor asked how my baby was and how often she moved I said never she never moves. So he sent me to the hospital I had been leaking the amni fluid the whole time I went back every 2 days to have a sonogram done to check the levels of fluid and also they would place a buzzer on my tummy to try to get her to move but with little fluid it was hard for her this went on for a week then on visit 3 they said ok time for baby to come out they enduced and it was very rough on her but all and all she is 6yrs old now. AnswerYes, my water broke when I was 35 weeks pregnant. I went to the ER room and the doctor told me that I had only urinated in my pants...I told him no way and to retest the fluid and when he came back he told me that, yes, my water had indeed broke.

How long can you wait to go into labor after you have had your membrains stripped?

Having your membranes stripped does not always work. I had mine scraped and never went into labor. They may have to do it more than once or just break your water to make you go into labor.

Is there a Health insurance that covers pregnancy and delivery?

Well most medical insurances cover pregnancies and deliveries, but as to how much the company will provide always depends on their policies

How can you make your water break?

You can't, it is protected inside the cervix (neck of the womb) behind a mucus plug. It is extremely dangerous to try. PLEASE!!!! DO NOT attempt to break your water!!! It will break when it's ready or it MUST be done by a professional. Breaking your own water could potentially be fatal for you and the baby. Please talk to your Dr or midwife.

Is there a safe way to successfully break your water after you've lost your mucus plug?

Not unless you are a midwife or doctor. The water is there to protect the mother and baby form infection and breaking it prematurely is extremely dangerous.

How long after your water breaks will labor be over?

It varies from person to person. My wife had all 5 of our children within 20 minutes of her water breaking If your water breaks, ten you will have 2 days ti have your baby at the most because there are risks of infection after your water breaks!

Is it normal for a woman to have periods 23 days apart?

Well I am not sure it is "normal" or not but my cycle usually runs short like that. I have fibroid tumors (four golf ball size ones) but they don't really cause me trouble (no heavy bleeding, cramps, etc). The thing is, I don't eat alot of sugar, red meat, or other processed foods and I exercise... I think that has helped me deal with keeping them small. I have had them for over ten years and they have not been growing that fast.

How long after your water breaks does labor start?

Your water can break at any time, it does not mean your labour has started.

If your water goes very early, before the baby is able to survive outside the uterus you will have to be very carefully monitored to ensure you do not get an infection. the tear in the bag may heal itself but if it does not you will probably be delivered assoon as the baby is mature enough. You will probably be given antibiotics while you are waiting.

Very occasionally the waters do not break until after the baby is born and the baby is born in the bag. This is called a 'caul' and is supposed to be lucky. the superstition says the baby will not die from drowning. Sailors used to buy the membranes as they believed the protection could be passed on.

How likely are ultrasounds to miss a second baby if you've had two early ultrasounds that both showed only one baby and is there any chance there might be two?

It could happen. Sometimes one baby hides behind the other. Most likely it won't be missed if there are 2 but there is a slim possibility that there could be 2

I am 33 weeks pregnant and seem to have a yellow watery discharge what could this be?

i think this is just a week over-due now and have gotten it throughout my pretty sure its not the show that we hear so much about...i think its thicker and possibly even bloody

How does trying to break your water before delivery affect the baby?

Your baby could not be ready to be born yet. Your child could have under developed lungs or other organs. If it is a doctor that does this, then they know what they are doing. They have tests available that make sure the baby is ready to come out and they can break your water. Also, if you don't deliver the baby soon enough (I believe 24 hours) after breaking your water, you risk infection to the baby.

Why did my water break at 4 months pregnant?

Your body sounds confused! Well there are a million reasons for this, mostly involving nature!

I think either you hit your stomach a bad way and something snagged on your 'water bag' or perhaps your due date is wrong? Maybe you had a false menstrual cycle? It happens, it is like an imitation period and maybe you're 6-7 months rather than 4? Things like that ARE rare but definitely happen!

Ever heard of the show, I didn't know I was Pregnant? Watch it. It's scary nuts!

How long after nesting do you usually go into labor?

== == == == == == == == The doctors and many people tell you any where from now to 2 weeks.

How do you start labor at 37 weeks?

The doctor gives you medication to soften the cervix and a drop to start contractions. Starting labor, and especially before you are due at 37 weeks, is something only doctors do.