Brisbane is the capital of the Australian state of Queensland and home to 2 million people. It played a major role in World War 2, serving as the South West Pacific headquarters for General Douglas MacArthur.

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What is shortest road distance Bendigo to Brisbane?

The quickest (but not the shortest) road distance between Bendigo and Brisbane is 1,617 km, going via Shepparton, West Wyalong and Dubbo. This journey takes around 20 hours. The shortest (but not the quickest) road distance between Bendigo and Brisbane is 1,538 km, using numerous back roads, on which the speed limit is slower. This route takes 31 hours. It goes through Kotupna, Picola, Bearii, Jerilderie, Bingara, Bonshaw, Kalbar and the western suburbs of Brisbane.

Is Brisbane city bigger city than Vancouver city?

The population of Vancouver is 2,116,581. The population of Brisbane is 2,004,262. Vancouver is bigger by a mere 112,319.

What is the distance and travel time from Melbourne to Brisbane?

From Melbourne to Brisbane by road is a distance of 1674km (1040 miles) and takes about 19 hours to travel. This is without rest breaks so, ideally, the trip should be taken over at least two days. This is the shortest route, taking you the inland way through Seymour, West Wyalong, Parkes and Narrabri.

Going via the coastal route is a distance of 1784km and takes an estimated 18 hours.

The flight travel distance is 1370km (851 miles), and travel time from Melbourne to Brisbane is around 2 hours 10 mins. Going the other way, from Brisbane to Melbourne is closer to 2 hrs 20 mins, depending on the airline.

Are there luggage lockers at South Brisbane railway station Brisbane?

I just called them up and the answer is no, but there are lockers at

Roma Street and Central Station.

How long is the flight between Brisbane and Fiji?


Brisbane (BNE) to Nadi (NAN)

Flight Duration 3 hours 35 mins

How long does it take to fly from Brisbane to New Delhi?

A random search for flights from Brisbane (BNE) to Delhi (DEL) shows:

OPTION 1: 18hr 35min via Singapore (SIN)
BNE - SIN Air India Flt 7218 Dep 11:45pm 13Nov,Fri
Operated by Singapore Airlines
SIN - DEL Air India Flt 481 Dep 10:25am 14Nov, Sat
Flight Duration: 13hr 40min; Layover Time: 4hr 55min; Total Trip Time: 18hr 35min

OPTION 1: 18hr 30min via Sydney (SYD) & Singapore (SIN)
BNE - SYD V Australia Airlines Flt 924 Dep 08:00am 13Nov,Fri
Operated by Virgin Blue
SYD - SIN Air India Flt 7224 Dep 12:40pm 13Nov,Fri
Operated by Singapore Airlines
SIN - DEL Air India Flt 7211 Dep 06:40pm 13Nov,Fri
Flight Duration: 15hr 20min; Layover Time: 3hr 10min; Total Trip Time: 18hr 30min

What is the distance between Wide Bay Burnett and Brisbane?

Wid Bay Burnett is a huge area of Queensland, covering the region from Gympie to Bundaberg. So: * from Bundaberg to Brisbane is a distance of 362 km and takes around 5 hours to travel * from Gympie to Brisbane is a distance of 167 km and takes around 2 and a half hours to travel

How long is a flight from Hawaii to Sydney Australia?

The flight times varies according to the speed of the flight. If the flight is flying at a faster speed then the times may change. We are providing you with standard flight timings. The flight time for the above mentioned trip is.10 hours 8 mins

What is the distance between Perth and Sydney?

The distance (by air) from Perth to Sydney is 3301 km, or 2051 miles.

By road, it is a distance of 3934 km. Total road travelling time is about 48 hours, or six days driving comfortably, with rest breaks.
2450 miles

How long does it take to travel from Paris to Brisbane?

Paris (PAR) to Brisbane (BNE)

Shortest Flight Duration * 22 hours 20 mins * Via Singapore Changi Apt, Singapore (SIN)

How long is the flight from Brisbane to Cairns?

The time required for flight between the above places is 2.25 hrs. Average speed of 500 miles/hour is used to calculate the time. This time is inclusive of the landing and take off times. However, the time required for the baggage and security checking has not been added. The actual time may change depending on the flight path chosen.

Are there any luggage lockers at York railway station?

YES! there is left luggage, but it is not lockers. Basically you hand your bag over and they store it in a large room with a bunch of other bags. It would be wise to lock your bag and to not leave anything of value in it! As i recall, it wasn't too expensive.

... from Northern Rail website ...

York Station Left Luggage

Europcar Left Luggage Office, platform 1, York Station, York YO24 1AY

Tel: 01904 656181

opening hours: mon - sat 0800 - 2030 sun 0900 - 2030

Who is Wally Lewis?

Wally Lewis aka "The King", was one of Australia's most exceptional rugby league players.

He represented Australia in 33 test matches and Queensland in 31 State of Origin games. Wally captained the Broncos between 1988-1989; Queensland 1981-1991 and Australia 1984-1989.

Although retired from the sport, he is still part of the league community and is a respected rugby commentator for the Nine Network and Fox Sports.

Wally Lewis has been described by a number of people as the greatest player of all time.

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How far is it from Brisbane to Kingaroy?

The distance is straight path from one place to another place. There might be slight difference between the actual distance and the above mentioned distance because of the route chosen.The distance between the above mentioned places is 209.99 km approximately.

From Brisbane to Kingaroy (the 'peanut' capital of Queensland) is a distance of 209km. Travelling time is around two and a half hours.

Flight duration from singapore to Brisbane?

The average flight time is 7 hours, 39 minutes.

This is only an approximation and flight times are likely to vary. Your airline will provide you with a flight time when you book a flight.

If after two hours in traffic your 1994 Pontiac Sunbird begins to smoke and green liquid comes out the bottom after you park is it safe to drive?

I agree!!!

NO Take it to a garage!!!

If the smoke is white or has a kind of sweet smell to it the it's a problem with your cooling system, (the green liquid is antifreeze). My 92 did the same. I simply parked my car openned the hood then started it (be extremely careful if antifreeze is spraying out or a hose busts you be burnned. I wated for my car to begin to overheat, I looked for where the smoke is coming from, if it is coming from your tail pipe then you probably blew a head gasket. If its coming from the engine compartment then the best step is to look for the leak, in my case my upper radiator hose split and then sprayed onto my exhaust manifold causeing the smoke. That would be a quick $15 fix for a new hose(autozone). If it tends to come out of the right side of the engine then it maybe your lower radiator hose again $15. If not then your water pump probably went out. The leak would be from the left side of the enine and would generally not smoke. A $50 do it yourself fixer or $250 mechanic fixer. Change your oil afterword, if it's a blown head gasket there may be traces of antifreeze (the green liquid) in your oil. If so you need to replace your oil, if it was just a hose, I would change my oil anyways since you probably over-heated your car, brakeing down your oil. - Tony G.

you might have a blown head gaskit frome overheating frome colling systim

Are there luggage lockers at south bank station Brisbane?

There are coin lockers in the Stanley Street Plaza, near the women's toilets in the South Bank recreation area. This is close to South Bank Station.

If a 'necropolis' is a city of the dead and a 'metropolis' is a main city then what is the term for an underground city?

I know of no such word, but one can be reasonably built using accepted English conventions. This doesn't make it a dictionary-approved term, of course. But, if it follows standards of the language, a case can always be made for it's validity.

Conceivably, an underground city could be a terropolis (or 'terrapolis', 'teropolis', 'terapolis'... choose any spelling that fits your liking, but they would all have the exact same pronunciation). I'm using the prefix terra-, originally from Ancient Greek, which means 'land' or 'earth'. Thus, a 'terropolis' would be a 'city of (in) the Earth'.

Even a better fit might be subterropolis, adding sub- to denote 'beneath'. This term would literally indicate a 'city beneath the land'... a subterranean city.

Of the two possibilities offered, the former is a less bulky word but is comparatively imprecise. The latter is precise, but it's overall construction is somewhat awkward, I think... perhaps unnecessarily so.

How far is Hawaii from Australia?

Distance between Honolulu, Hawaii, United States and Sydney, Australia, as the crow flies: 5065 miles (8152 km) (4402 nautical miles)
Distance between Honolulu, Hawaii, United States and Sydney, Australia, as the crow flies: 5065 miles (8152 km) (4402 nautical miles)