British Soap Operas

Angels, EastEnders, and Hollyoaks are television British soap operas. These soap operas revolved around characters that come from working-class communities, unlike their American counterparts, which are romantic in general. Most serials are aired in the late afternoon or early evening.

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How many times a week is coronation street on?

It is on at 7.30 till 8.00 on Monday.

Then it comes on again at 8.30 till 9.00 again on Monday.

It comes on at 8.30 till 9.00 on Thursday.

It comes on at 7.30 till 8.00 on Friday.

Then it comes on again at 8.30 till 9.00 on Friday.

Thats 5 episodes every week! Hope you enjoy watching them!! :)

Who is the woman detective in coronation street?

It's an actress called Pooja Shah. She's been in Eastenders as a member of the Ferreira family and was also in the film "Bend It Like Beckham".

When is coronation street on tv3?

The standard scheduled times are as follows:

Monday @ 7:30 & 8:30

Wednesday @ 7:30pm

Friday@ 7:30pm & 8:30pm

Occasionally this is changed, particularly the Wednesday episode, to facilitate other programmes, such as sports events.

What is fizz called in coronation street?

Not entirely sure what answer to give. If you're asking what her full character name is it's Fiona Stape, however the actress who plays her is Jennie McAlpine

Who is dying in coronation street?

I have heard that ashley, molly and 1 other are being killed by the tram and john stape murders charlotte but im not sure if corrie have changed this as it wasnt sposed to get out who is dying!

I have heard Molly, and as she has told Tyrone he's not the father, Kevin owns up and him and Sally bring up the baby!

I also reckon maybe Graeme, Charlotte and Ashley

Where can i get Stacey's white coat in eastenders?

you can get a Stacy white coat from wet seal in the dayton mall or order it offline from a fashion company

Why did Ben Leave EastEnders?

Because he went to prison for hurting another kid

Is the episode 8 of skins series 4 the end?

It's the end for that generation of characters - every two years the characters change - for the first two series' it was tony, maxxie, Michelle, Sid, chris, anwar and jal, for series' 3 and 4 it was effy Pandora Katie Emily Freddie cook jj naomi thomas, so series 4 episode 8 was the last episode for those guys, but skins series 5, with a whole new cast again, is starting on Monday 17th January 2011 on E4 at 10pm. :)

What is Deirdre's surname on Coronation Street?

Her maiden name was Hunt. Her first married name was Langton. Her second and fourth married names is Barlow. Her third married name was Rachid.

Will Kat Moon get her baby back in Eastenders and what will happen to Ronnie?

Kat gets her baby Tommy back and Ronnie goes to prison. She tells Jack to forget she ever existed. She told kat everything.

Who is Debbie dingle in emmerdale married to?

no she is not married but she is going out with the one who plays david metcalf in real life and they have a little boy called buster

Where is EastEnders filmed?

EastEnders is filmed at the BBC Elstree Centre in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.