Brown Bears

Brown bears are spread across North America and Eurasia. They have several subspecies, including the grizzly bear.

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Why is a pig's tail short?

Biologically, a pig's tail is short because a short tail is good for survival. Also, shorter tails prevent other pigs from biting them, much like prey.

Does the brown bear respond to stimuli and why? is a mammal. they react the same way other mammals do, sight, smell, touch, and hearing are stimuli that they use in their daily lives.

What is a water turtle bear?

They are actually known as Turtle Water Bears or Tardigrada. They are microscopic water-dwelling animals. They can survive extreme conditions such as temperatures as low as -459 degree Fahrenheit and temperatures as high as 304 degrees Fahrenheit. They also can survive in outerspace and can live for almost a decade without water. They are commonly found in mosses and springs.

What is the Welsh word for bear?

arth. if you need any other welsh translation, use this link

Why does a rabbit's coat of fur change from a thin brown coat to a thick white coat?

some rabbits have to survive through the cold winter and it blends them in with the snow so its harder for their enemys to kill them

What is the big blizzard bear mount code?

Each Big Blizzard Bear mount code is unique and can be used only once. It was awarded to people visiting Blizzcon, so it is possible someone still offers it for sale on an online auction site. Other than that, a code anyone else gives you (or tries to sell you) is likely fake or a joke.

Are there bears in California?

That's not actually true. There are bears in California. There are California Black Bears.

My mother saw a dancing bear summary?

one day a boy's mother saw a dancing bear in the month of June by the school courtyard master of the bear was standing with a chain , bar and a whistle. Thebear did many tricks like dancing , somersaulting etc. the boy was also laughing but soon as he saw the sad face of the bear he stopped laughing. People would pay the bear one money. the sad bear who lost its freedom was thinking about the forest where it use to live with its family and his friends.

How many pounds are in 125 tons?

250,000,000...Because...If you look at multiplication ... 125X2,000=250,000 Check my answer with the calculator...If I messed up tell me. 250,000,000...Because...If you look at multiplication ... 125X2,000=250,000 Check my answer with the calculator...If I messed up tell me.

Do raccoons eat squirrels?

they would if they could catch one, but squirrel would be a tough quarry for a raccoon and probably not worth the effort. There are much easier to catch prey for the raccon such as fish and frogs.

Actually the answer is YES!! I just came in to look it up myself because I couldn't believe my eyes!! Two raccoon's were in the tree in my backyard making an awful noise. As I got a flashlight I realized the raccoon were cornering a black squirrel and chasing it back and forth trying to catch it. They were unsuccessful tonight, but I looked on YouTube and the proof is there!! If they are successful they eat it!!



What does it mean when you bleed brown?

It is normal for vaginal bleeding to range from bright red to brown during a period, spotting, or pregnancy. Dark brown blood is generally associated with spotting or with the end of a period and is usually not a cause for concern. However, if you are worried or notice any different smells or symptoms, consult with your doctor.

Where can you list a real Alaskan Bear Rug for sale?

Do not recall of any bear ever being called an Alaskan bear. Polar bear, black bear, grizzly bear etc. Might try looking at auctions of hunter type homes.It is possible to get a hunters license andd shoot one yourself.Heads of states seem to get that sort of thing as presents. Could also try your friendly Sierra Club.They may have a list of purveyors of animal skins. try eBay

Dogs or bitches which are best?

If you see products for the care of dogs, enter here

Name something you might climb a tree to get?

a bird's nest. mabe a ball that got thrown up there. just to climb to the top to prove you can do it

What adaptations does a brown bear have?


  • They have thick insulating coats and tend to be large which enables them to retain their body heat


  • They protect their young by attacking any predator/prey (anything that can pose a threat or harm to the cubs)
  • They hibernate during the winter.


  • Sharp claws and teeth which help them during the attack of their prey

1. Their excellent sense of smell that helps them find food rather than their poor eyesight.

2. Their curved claws that help them dig for roots(food)

3. Their thick fur and layer of fat help insulate them in their extreme climate

4. Their claws also help them rip apart their prey

5. Their claws also help them catch fish for their cubs.

They are big and eat other animals.

Is a hippopotamus part of the pig family?

No, hippos are part of family Hippopotamidae, which includes hippos and pygmy hippos. Pigs belong to family Suidae, along with warthogs and babirusas. Both families, however, are part of Order Artiodactyla.

Does a black body always appear black explain the term black body?

Not always. The color may vary on the color scheme but the category of the color remains the same. A black bear may appear gray. A brown bear may appear red or orange/yellow.

What would cause left arm to feel heavy ache Sometimes have the same feeling in left leg?

Sounds like your heart to me, but you may just be misaligned in the spine. I'd go see a doctor.