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Buick manufactured trucked prior to WW2 with the chassis taken directly from a car chassis and a single 1955 pick-up. Most were made for commercial use. They entered the SUV market in 2001 with the Rendezvous and Terazza.

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How do you replace a headlight for a 2005 Buick Rainier?

This is not extremely easy, so if you aren't patient, take to the shop to have this done. Otherwise, here is how you do it.

1) Open up the hood and prop it.

2) Locate the headlamp support pins and pull them up about (1) inch, you will feel now that the headlamp assembly is loose.

3) Where the manual says to grab the grill and pull forward, forget it. Get a small screw driver and gently pry the grill away from the clips, you will need to release about 6 of them to get enough slack to remove the headlamp assy.

4) Unhook the wiring harnesses away from the headlamp assembly. There are (4) of them. This will allow you to pull the headlamp assembly out of the vehicle.

5) Depending on which bulb you are replacing, (lo beam or hi beam), remove the rubber cover by slightly twisting it and pulling toward you. It will come off and you can see the bulb.

6) Remove the wiring clip from the bulb, and turn the bulb 90 degrees and it will come out, be careful not to drop it.

7) Insert the new bulb and be sure it is locked in tightly. Be careful not to leave fingerprints on the bulb.

8) Reinstall everything in the reverse order. Good luck. The Buick manual is useless and they should be ashamed of the procedure they wrote for changing the bulbs.

Steve Stephens, owner of a 2004 Rainier.

Just to add this, Yes, you need to remove the entire grill. The Grill does not come off very easily..On the 2005 there are 8 clips, 4 on top and 4 at the bottom. The 4 on top are easy to see and a screw driver can release them. The bottom clips are not really accessible so you need to pull the grill straight forward, parallel to the ground to release it. If you twist it at all, the cheap plastic clips will break ( First hand experience. - It was very cold today so perhaps that had something to do with it! ) Perhaps a bit of wd40 or something sprayed into the clips will make the clips release easier. After gluing the clips back together I added a bit of lithium grease to the clips and they slid right in..Not sure if it will make a difference next time. Buick, why not just add 6 or 8 screws on those parts that you know will be removed from time to time!

Steve 2005 Buick Rainier Owner

What is trunking?

Trunking means that several connections in a network may be established simultaneously, and that setup of connections proceeds automatically using the channels available at the time in question. In this way many users may share a few connections, and if the number of connections is increased, the capacity of the network is increased more than proportionally. This means that an optimal trunking effect is obtained in very large networks. Commonly used with VOIP networks.

What does error code P0495 mean on a 2002 trailblazer?

Generally, with that code your SUV should sound like a jet taking off and your gas mileage is starting to become horrible.. Welcome to the world of inferior fan clutches from GM.

You'll need to replace it like i just did, and after calling GM, there are no recalls or bulletins on the issue even though you can pull up thousands of problems with them on Google. Good luck

How much should it cost to repair or replace abs sensors on 4WD?

This will depend on what vehicle, what year, and is it 4wd? Try asking a more specific question.

Where are the o2 sensors located on a Trans Am?

onthere should be four of them. one is after the catylic converter. one is right before the catylic converter. the other two are on the motor.

Good channels to prank on a walkie talkie?

In fall i usually prank the deer hunters. Its funny to hear there reactions. My walkie talkies can also pick up CB radio frequencies. Truck drivers in my area are usually on channel 19. I also mess around with people at my church on CCD nights because they run around with walkie talkies. Another place I have luck is at Wal Mart out in the parking lot talking to employees inside. A I found that many people use 1 and 21. Have Fun.

When driving your 1997 Daewoo Lanos there is grinding coming from the rear wheel drivers side and today there was smoke when you stopped. What is wrong and how much will it cost to repair?

There was smoke when you stopped - this smoke was coming from the brakes, the engine or the exhaust? What color was the smoke? Please be more specific.

Costs of repairs vary way too much to be quoted in a forum such as this - depends on regions, the shop, the cost of parts, the availability of parts. If you need a direct estimate, take this car to the Daewoo people - they built it, let them fix it.

How do you fix awd light on 2006 Buick redevous?

I had to have the speed sensor and hub replaced on passenger side of my 2003. Cost about 400 from dealership. Majority was labor. Part is about 85.00 at Auto Zone.

How much is a 1969 Buick skylark four door worth?

not much

depends mainly on shape . I have seen a couple really nice originals having paint on them that could be waxed and almost flawless interiors that ran like new with under 100,000 on the odometer bring anywhere from 1500 -2500.

But those ones are few and far between . Most generally a 4 door skylark from anywhere in the late 60's to early 70's in abused shape ???? if someone offers you a hundred bucks take it and run ha ha ha. THey are not desirable , noone will waste the money to fix up a four door , its good for some parts and nothing else , and that's assuming the parts are good.

Why is your 2003 Buick rendezvous burning so much gas?

This vehicle is underpowered, and much to heavy for this 3.4 liter engine, the aerodynamics don't help at all.

Where is the battery in 2011 Buick enclave?

The battery is behind the passenger seat. To get to it you must remove the floor mat on front of the second row seats; then remove the plastic cover covering the tracks of the right side middle row seat. This will then expose a carpeted cover held down by a torx head screw. Remove the screw and cover and the battery will be exposed.

Where is the Location 2004 Buick rainier cabin filter?

Call your local Buick dealership with your VIN# handy, some from this year do -not- have a cabin air filter. Just found this out myself, and our particular car doesn't. Good luck :)

What are the stops that truckers have a rest at?

There really isn't a requirement as to where they have to stop at, so long as they're not parked illegally. Truck stops, rest areas... you'll see trucks there, naturally. Some drivers will shut down for the night at the place they're pickup up a load from or delivering a load to the night before it's delivered. Wal Mart is also a common place to shut down for the night.

What happens if AWD disable light stays on and does not get fixed?

It could mess up your transfer case and rear differentials which cost over 2k+

What is penalty for not stopping by weigh station?

The penalty for "Blowing" a scale varies from place to place.

Most places do not require RVs to stop, when they do you can expect a $100.00 to $1,500.00 fine + any fines for other infractions.

Do wheel spacers effect towing?

Hi yes for the safety you can use wheel spacers for towing. So it is very important to choose the qualitative with proper sizes wheel spacer. For this I always prefer a great dealer of wheel spacers and adapters situated in USA. It not gives you the qualitative one but also help you to choose the proper size of that. So that you do not face any problem.