A building is a permanent construction or structure that is built for human habitation. It may be for housing, commerce, industry, education, or other purpose. Questions pertaining to the history and construction of structures which house people at work or home are found in this category.

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What is hostile architecture?

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Hostile architecture, also known as defensive architecture, is a design strategy that aims to restrict certain behaviors in public spaces. The most well-known example is installing pointy studs, dubbed “anti-homeless spikes,” on benches and windowsills to make sleeping or loitering on them uncomfortable. Other methods look to deter skateboarding, littering, and public urination. Proponents say that these architectural obstacles are necessary to prevent crime and maintain order in urban areas. However, critics argue that they target vulnerable populations and create a public safety concern for all members of society, especially children, seniors, and people with disabilities.
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Are the UPVC sliding doors and windows good to use in houses?

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UPVC sliding doors and windows have an excellent reputation as being good to use in houses. They are termite proof, weather tight, and long lasting.The main advantage of UPVC window and door is its low thermal conductivity.Due to low thermal conductivity, UPVC windows are more energy efficient. That's why I have installed uPVC windows from Fenesta throughout in my office.
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What does cladding do?

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cladding provides a weathered shell which protects and strengthens a building. cladding can also make a building look appealing.
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What is the front of a building called?

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Answer A 'Facade' (fah-sahhd) is what the front of a building is called.
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The front or face of a building is called?

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Facade. The word comes from the French "frontage" or "face," since the facade faces the street. Many facades are historic architectural elements, and are subject to strict regulations.
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How did the bombing of The World Trade Center in 1993 impact us today?

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The bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 did not have a large impact on us today. It was the September 11, 2001 destruction of the World Trade Centers that had a great impact, with laws like the Patriot Act. Basically, the freedoms that were once enjoyed in the United States are not as dominant as they once were.
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What building still standing took the longest to build?

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Milan Cathedral - 579 Years (1386 - 1965)
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What is a spite house?

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A spite house is a building or home that’s been built or modified specifically to inconvenience or annoy the neighbors. One notable example is the Skinny House in Boston, Massachusetts. The story goes that two brothers fought over land they inherited from their father. While one of the brothers was away serving in the military, the other built a large home, leaving only a scrap of land left over that (he thought) was far too small to build on. When the second brother returned, he decided to construct a narrow house to spite his brother by blocking the sunlight and ruining his view.
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What is a quadruplex housing?

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This is where there is a building made into four separate dwellings, or units.
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What is the average height of a two story building?

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It depends on how tall each story is. But, a two story building is averagely about 16-20 ft. In a normal dwelling, 10 feet per storey, thus 20 feet
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What were the construction problems with the Burj al Arab?

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Construction of the Burj al Arab hotel began in 1994. The biggest challenge was regulating the temperature inside the structure.
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What are the disadvantages in steel structures?

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Reinforced concrete structure can be grown limitless but steel structure only a limit.
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Does the Eiffel tower use geometric shapes?

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Yes, the true shape of the Eiffel Tower is somewhat more sharply curved than a parabola.
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What are advantage and disadvantage of English bond?

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English bond use a lot of facing brick, but it stability is higher than stretches bond.
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What type of airplanes crashed into the twin towers in New York city on September 11th 2001?

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two passenger airplanes (747 jets) Correct answer is: Both planes were Boeing 767s, one United, one American Airlines
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How long did it take to build the Brunelleschi Dome?

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It took 16 years to build the Brunelleschi Dome in Florence. He had two domes built, one inside the other to accomplish this feat.
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What are the disadvantages of modern buildings?

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you can dance in large rooms alone
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What is the highest building at present on over the world?

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The highest building at present in the world is BURJ DUBAI ...
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What is difference between column and piller?

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Do you mean the difference between column and PILLAR? Column is the supporting pillar while pillar is a n ornamental column. Thus, pillar is a decorative while column provides the actual support.
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What disadvantages and advantages of pad foundations?

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Using pads minimises costs for the concrete necessary at the same time reduce excavation needed which you would usually use for pile, raft and strip foundations. However they cannot take excessive weight such as a concrete office block or be used on 'fragile ground'