Bull Shark

Questions about a shark that can live in both fresh and salt water and is considered one of the most aggressive shark species.

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Do sharks eat people intentionally?

Great white sharks don't eat people on purpose. They mistake you for a seal if your on a surf board or if your in a wet suit. Bull sharks on the other hand they don't care what you are, if they are hungry, they will eat you. Bull sharks have the highest testosterone level than any other shark.

Are there sharks in lake Erie?

It is possible for Bull Sharks to live in Lake Erie. They have been found in Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, and the Mississippi River. because they can control the amount of salt water they need through their gills but they need some salt there isn't never a report in ohio 'pa or ny. and Canadian dept. of conservation.i guess you saw one jump Niagara falls you lawernce river is too much current to get to lake Ontario and then some how make it thru welland canal they would die from too much fresh water for a trip that far.the lakes are not brackish water like the missippi river. they can not live more than 3 days without brackish water.where do you idiots get this stuff I'm sure it was a 6ft. sturgeon that has a dorsal fin that looks sharkish they will come into the shallows chasing spawning suckers I saw this with and game wardens as I took them out on the river

Why are great white sharks deadly?

They are significantly larger than most other kinds of sharks and swim in similar areas as humans. Their common food choice is seal and humans, especially when on surfboards) are similar looking from the mind of a shark. Sharks often do not mean to kill their victims but only intent to see whether they are seal of not through a process called 'test biting'. However, their massive jaws leave bites too large for humans to survive. This is also why humans are not often eaten by sharks and usually bleed out before they can get to a hospital. Hope this helps.

Recent evidence shows that white sharks often will hit a prey item, administer a lethal bite, then wait for the prey to die, to avoid injury from struggling victims. Most humans are pulled from the water rather quickly, so the shark sometimes has no time to consume the victim. Human remains have been found numerous times in white shark stomachs, so the "mistaken identity" theory may be incorrect.

What oceanic zone do Bull sharks live in?

Bull sharks are common in warm, shallow waters along coasts throughout the world. They are, due to their habits, probably responsible for the majority of attacks on humans that take place near shore, including many attacks attributed to other species. Bull sharks can travel inland by swimming up rivers, and have a unique tolerance for fresh water. Those found far from the ocean are the same species as the seaborne Bull shark, and are not true freshwater sharks (unlike the Bull sharks in Lake Nicaragua and the river sharks of the genus Glyphis).

Is there any sharks in Lake Erie?

It is highly unlikely, but a bull shark can make it's way in to the lake.

Are there any sharks in Lake Michigan?

Although Bull Sharks could make it to Lake Michigan, the water in the lake is far too cold to sustain a tropical fish Like the Bull Shark. Some smaller lakes in the area, Browns lake in Racine county for instance, have had tropical fish such as piranha sighted and even caught with in them, but this was most likely due to some one releasing the fish into the lake and not because of some self sustaining population.

What are a bull shark's threats?

people dogs cocs alligators seals and almost anything when they and new Born's other sharks dolphins

Where do bull sharks live?

I found this information at on the Bull Sharks fact sheet: Bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) are found in tropical and subtropical waters almost everywhere in the world, whereby they prefer to live close to, or even in rivers. They belong to a minority species, capable of living in sweet water as sexually mature individuals. They are thus found in various rivers such as the Mississippi, the Amazon or the Zambezi. In the Mississipi river they are found all the way up to Illinois, and in the Amazon as far inland as 3,500 km. But whole populations, not just single individuals, also live in such sweet water lakes as Lake Nicaragua or Lake Isabel in Guatemala. Their capability of tolerating varying saltwater levels means they can also be found in brackish water systems, like the Indian River System near Cape Canaveral (Florida). Bull sharks often live so long in sweet water that their metabolism adjusts to the missing salt.

Are there bull sharks IN crystal river Florida?

Yes, there are bull sharks in Crystal River. We've caught a few in the river, more so near Shell Island

Why does water always stay straight or level?

It doesn't... always! First of all, water will only remain flat when it is completely undisturbed. In a lake or the ocean, the wind creates waves on the surface. In a river, the water is flowing downhill, and the surface of the water is certainly not flat.

However, generally we think of water as being flat. That's not really true either. The oceans are certainly not flat -- they are curved! The oceans are on the surface of the Earth, which is a very big sphere. So while the ocean looks flat to us, it is simply because we don't have enough perspective to see that they are curved... but they are! Think about a globe and you can easily see that the oceans are very curved.

However, all this aside, if you have a glass of water, and let it sit undisturbed, the water level is flat. This is because the pull of gravity is equal across the face of the water. The water molecules are free to move throughout the liquid, and the gravity affects each water molecule equally, pulling them all down the same. That is why the water level stays flat in a glass.

The reason the oceans are curved is in fact the same reason. The pull of gravity can be approximated as coming from the center of the Earth. So if you are on one side of the Earth, the pull of gravity is in exactly the opposite direction as if you were on the other side (some people like to think of Australians as being upside down, which is of course ridiculous, but that's that same idea). Because gravity is pulling the water molecules equally towards the center of the Earth, the surface of the water is the surface of a sphere, which is of course, curved.

Where is the bull sharks in the food chain?

Bull sharks have been known to kill humans, & are right up there w/ great white & tiger sharks, possibly because bull shark attacks are more easily documented than attacks by other species of similar power, like duskies, makos, & grey reef sharks. That's because bulls spend more time in fresh water, making attacks in such areas no brainers.

Bulls are NOT at the top however. I'm not sure of the source, but I read of a tiger shark w/ a bull shark in its gut, which in turn ate a blacktip, which in turn ate a dogfish.

Which raises the question.."Is the tiger the blacktip's frind? Is the bull the dogfish' friend? Who's the lonely bull's friend?" lol

What sound does a bull make?

It depends on the situation. A bull calling because he's hungry will beller or so-called "moo" like a cow will. When challenging another bull or trying to woo some cows he will make a low, growling or rumbling call, or let out a "battle call" in the form of a bellow. He will also let out a blowing snort in a stance just before he proceeds to fight with another bull, or when warning a human to get out of the pasture or corral, or even when he's in a fearful mode like if he feels cornered.

What do Bull Sharks eat?

bull sharks eat dogs and turtles and rays crabs and sea birds . other sharks dolphins.

Do sharks live in lake mead?

Bull sharks, Tiger sharks and even the deadly white shark inhabit lake mead. I have seen a 22 foot white shark right off the banks at lake mead. They eat the cows and pigs that fall into the water there. Be very careful while vacationing at lake mead. It could be your last.

Can a bull shark live in a lake?

Yes. They usually prefer warm oceans and seas around the equator and spanning upto the tropic of cancer on one side and the tropic of capricorn on the other. They dont live in cold waters and so, do not have the need to migrate. However, they have been known to swim up rivers. They can survive in both salt and fresh water and have been spotted in both rivers and oceans.

Do bull sharks live in New Hampshire?

Doubtful- there may be some along the southern coast, but a bull shark would have to travel through the saint Lawrence and then down a tributary in order to get into a lake/river. It's too cold for bull sharks as well

How does a bull shark move?

The Bull Shark moves from side to side and it can survive in fresh water.

Do star fish live in the oceanic zone?

yep they live in the ocean but usually float to land

Can you keep sea horses with other marine fish?

It's not a good idea. Sea horses are very slow moving. They should be provided with something that they can hold on to an ideally a light water flow would bring the food to them. They don't usually do well if they have to compete for food with faster swimming fish.

good answer: sea horses can be kept in an established reef tank that generates its own "wildlife" in the live rock so they can forage for food as in the wild, since they normally eat live things they are always on the hunt, this is the same problem with the mandarinfish.


As stated above with the mandarin goby it is recommended the tank be atleast 6 months established. Also as stated above light flow tanks are ideal as they are not very profecient swimmers and can not easily catch food. I would not introduce many types of fish with the horses as they are vulnerable. Gorgonia or other branchy saltwater decorations are needed for the horses to anchor themselves to to sleep and rest.

( buy de way my answer is bs )