Originally bred to bait bulls in medieval times the bulldog was built to endure rough treatment. Once bull-baiting was outlawed in the 1800's the breed nearly faced extinction. Thanks to many dedicated hobbyists the breed was brought back from the brink and selectively bred into the docile easy-going dog you see today. Questions regarding the care and history of bulldogs are welcome here.

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Do all bulldogs slobber?

It really depends on the specific bulldog. Some bulldogs do drool quite a bit while others hardly ever. Bulldogs are not quite as bad when it comes to drooling as, perhaps, the mastiff breeds but they still do drool occasionally.

What dog looks like a french bulldog?

A Boston Terrier has a bit of similar appearances with the pricked ears and jowls.

How do refer to someone from Connecticut?

The correct form is, according to R.M. Theis's Standard Lexicon of Titlology (1957, 2nd Edn., Oxon), for a man a "Connection" or, for a female, a "Connect". My own preference is to refer to either male or female as a "Connection" and to refer to both males and females as "Connections". It would appear that Theis accepted "Connections" as being the term for a group of either males or females from the area of Connecticut.

An indignant addendum:

I've lived in Connecticut for 40 years and never heard of this. And except for this exact answer being repeated on other sites, there is almost no mention when googling this reference. Seven hits in all of Google. Even if the above answer is not plagiarism, the answer is not at all a generally accepted one.

How can you tell when a cow or heifer is ready to give birth?

Her udder swells with colostrum, her vulva engorges with blood, her sides will sink in front of her thurls, there may be some mucous coming out of her vulva. She'll get fidgety and look for a place to calve. When her udder is full, she's about 3-7 days from calving, although some cows or heifers won't show any freshening until the day they are about to calve. When her sides sink in, she's 1-3 days from calving. When there is discharge from her vulva, she's less than a day away from calving. When you see that water bag, she's in labor and it's just a matter of minutes.

When she's in labour, she will be pacing around, laying down then getting up repeatedly, stopping suddenly as if she's straining (which she probably is), and thick mucus discharge from her vulva, soon followed by a water sac (yellowish in colour). Soon after the water sac appears you should be able to see feet sticking out, and these feet should have the bottoms pointing downwards, indicating that the calf is coming front first. You should also see that BOTH feet are coming out; if there's just one you might want to consider getting the cow in a head-gate for you to go in and bring the leg up or get the vet to do it. Soon after the feet and the first part of the legs show the nose, muzzle and head soon follow, then the shoulders. After the shoulders the rest pop out easily, however trouble can also come if the hips get locked in the cow's pelvis. Don't hesitate to help her out then either if she doesn't progress to dropping the rest of the calf. But if the hips don't get locked, before you know it you'll have a new baby calf on the ground. Congrats!

What can you take to help dizziness in pregnancy?

Morning sickness is a common symptom of pregnancy. Usually it disappears within 13 weeks, but sometimes it doesn't. This could be a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum (severe nausia and vomiting), which leads to a loss of nutrients and dehydration. If this is the case, you would probably be hospitalized and treated with intravenous fluids and medications. However for the common morning sickness, there is no successful treatment, nor are there any approved medications for it.

How much chocolate can an individual eat before dying?

The LD50 (the dose required to kill 50% of test subjects) must be in the many pound range. Still, that is not a healthy thing to do. One ounce of milk chocolate has about 6mg of caffeine and about 44mg of theobromine. Baking chocolate has higher levels of both, running around 35mg of caffeine and 392mg of theobromine. The LD50 of theobromine in humans is approximately 1g per kilo of body weight, and caffeine is about 175mg per kilo. I personally weight about 68 kilograms, so my LD50 levels are about 68kg 1g/kg = 68g of theobromine or about 68kg * 0.175g/kg = 12g of caffeine. Given that most of the chocolate I eat is up in the 70% chocolate solids content, and I want a little safety margin, I'll just go ahead and use the baking chocolate numbers to find out that I would need to consume to reach my LD50 level:

theobromine: 68g * 1oz/.392g = 173.5oz = 10.8lb

Caffeine: 12g * 1oz/.035g = 342.9oz = 21.4lb

So, basically this says that the theobromine is by far more toxic that caffeine when it comes to chocolate consumption, and that I'd have to eat almost 11 pounds of baking chocolate in order to be in the realm of a 50% chance of lethality. Most of the bars I buy are 8oz, so that's about 22 bars.

Phew. Close one today. Next time I'll play it safe and keep the number down in the teens.

Your answer was based on the assumption that the consumer was eating regular chocolate. There is a HEALTHY dark chocolate produced with unprocessed, non-alkalized, non-lecithinized cacao powder with a higher antioxidant level than acai, blueberries, brocoli, etc. "Normal" chocolate uses processed cocoa powder and sugars, along with bad fats, fillers, waxes, preservatives, etc. So while traditional chocolate could possibly result in death by chocolate, this healthy chocolate is believe to bring health and healing. Perhaps that's while the botanical name for the VEGETABLE that is the source of chocolate is Theobroma cacao - "food of the gods."

Can a dog still have puppies after being spayed?

No. When they are spayed, all reproductive organs are removed.

How many puppies does a boxer bulldog have in a litter?

According to (link below), boxers have litters from 2-10 puppies with 6 being the average. But if my own experience with golden retrievers is worth anything, anything can happen from a one puppy litter to sixteen. However, please think very hard before breeding your dog if this is why you were asking. There are many, many dogs that are already born and currently need homes.

Does an English bulldog tail need snipping?

Medically, no, it is not necessary to dock (snip or shorten) a bulldog's tail. However, breed standards in the US and possibly other countries require a bulldog's tail to be docked for show purposes, and most people who own a bulldog will have the tail docked.

No. According to the AKC breed standards, a purebred English Bulldog's tail isn't docked, it's naturally short.

Can English bulldogs eat ham?

Yes, any dog is physically capable of eating food (and much more) :D

Just remember, feeding table scraps/"people food" to your pets can result in undesirable bad habits, as well as your pet becoming overweight. An overweight dog faces serious health complications.

My dog will get an occasional peice of meat, at a time when my family is not eating at a table (when you are eating, it is not Fido's turn to eat - your life will be easier if s/he knows that and is not staring with big, liquidy, brown eyes as if s/he is starving) and it is always a reward for a perfectly performed trick or command.

Healthy dogs are happy dogs! Good luck!

Can the wildflower Western Trillium aka Western Wake Robin be grown in a home garden?

Here in WA and several other states it's illegal to collect them from the wild. If you pick a flower or leaf off, it will die. They take 15 years to bloom the first time, and seeds take 90 days to germinate, with cold, warm, and another cold stratification.

How big do English bulldogs get?

Height is about 12-16 inches (31-40 cm.)

Weight is around 53-55 pounds (24-25kg.) Females 49-51 pounds (22-23kg.)

Bulldogs are very strong and muscular with loose skin.

French bulldogs dangerous?

Only if it's owner doesn't understand dogs. There are no dangerous breeds, only ignorant owners who create unstable dogs.

Where do English bulldogs like to be rubbed?

It depends on the dog. My three English bulldogs love being rubbed in different places. One loves being rubbed on the neck. Another loves being rubbed on the belly. The other loves being on the back.

When the doctor strips your cervix how long will it take to go into labor?

It can take up to 48 hours and is sucessful 50% of the time , and in some cases does not work at all , with my last pregnancy I had two failed attempts but fingers crossed it will work for you. Good Luck I agree

How much does an English Bulldog cost?

Most breeders will charge a minimum of $1,500 for their bulldogs and generally will not exceed a $3,000 asking price. BCARN (Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network) charges an adoption fee, for their bulldogs, of about $500 to cover generated expenses when fostering their dogs. If you are interested in acquiring a quality bulldog a good place to start is the BCA's (Bulldog Club of America) breeder referral list.

Can you mate an English Bulldog with a Doberman?

No American Kennal Club says Doberman's do not cope with other dogs.

What does a bull mastiff and pit bull mix look like?

A pit bull/bull mastiff is a common mixed breed sold. It is commonly called a bully or American bully.