Cafe World

Cafรฉ World is a social network game developed by Zynga where one can become a master chef and bake a way to lead the culinary world. Cafรฉ World has extreme similarities to Playfish's Restaurant City in design, gameplay, graphics and avatars.

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How often can you ask for gifts in cafe world?

some every 4 hours

some whenever you click on the request

How do you use Cafe World lotto tickets?

To use a Cafe World lotto ticket, simply click on one of the three scratch off locations on the card to see what you've won.

NOTE: You can only get cards by getting them through a friend by:

1.) getting them from a wall post after they've leveled up or

2.) gifting them in the "Free Gifts" tab

Is there a tablet that will play cafe world and imvu?

yes u can play cafe world on a tablet but u cant play imvu on a tablet becuz imvu is not design for a tablet trust me i tried to get imvu on my tablet but it never work

hope my answer was useful

Where can you get a game card for cafe world?

Walmart $20

Like in most of the online games you can buy credits using paysafecard. You can check where the next place is where you can buy a paysafecard online through the site

How do you delete goals in cafe world?

You cannot delete goals in Cafe World. Goals are put up so you can earn experience while doing them. Whether you choose to do them or not is up to you.

I just ignore these goals and cook what I want to in peace. I do the same thing in FarmVille. If it gets out of hand day after day, and there are no other places to place new stuff for new goals, I can have the final option of blocking the game and never coming back.

What cheats are there on goodgame cafe?

no bro there are no cheats of good game cafe all are fake but if u log out for 8 days or more you will get 8 or more coins this the only way to earn coins without level up

How do you spice your own dishes in cafe world?

You need to have a spice self already built in your cafe and then you can either buy spices or earn from spices others or getting them in a gift.

What is Cafe Conleche?

Cuban Coffee Café con Leche (coffee with milk) : Similar to a latte. You are served a cup of hot milk and a shot of Café Cubano in a separate cup. Just dump the coffee into the milk when you are ready for it. You usually won't need sugar, since to cafecito is sweetened already.

Any way you drink it, Café Cubano is about twice a strong as American coffee, so be careful drinking it as an after-dinner drink. Once you get hooked on the taste of it, you'll wonder where to coffee is in your old drinks!

How do you get things out of storage on Cafe World?

you just go to decorations on chairs,doors,etc but if you go to functional you might have to level up frist were it says your level

How do you open up cafe world gifts?

go on ur fbook homepage (logged on) and in the right corner youll see something like this:



1 group invatation

4 other requests


click on one of these requests and find a cafe world request that looks similar to this:


you have a cafe world request.

(your friends name) sent you an invitation using cafe world:

Here are 200 servings of (food here)Serve this in your cafe, and customers will pay 4 coins each! Could you help me by sending a gift back?


click on accept, then it will bring you to a page that tells you you've accepted the food.

it will ask if you have any more gifts to accept- if you do click yes,if you dont click no.

once in cafe world you should see a picture of a present in the lower right-hand corner of the screen (above your cafe neighbor list). click on it and it should bring you to your gifts. you will see your gift(s) in the box . click use when you are ready to serve your food to your customers (this will only work when you have an empty counter). Then your customers will eat the food. hope this helps!

How Can you Speed Up Cooking Time In Cafe World?

You can't cheat. Codes have been disabled on FB and MS.

You can use faster stoves such as Lightning Stoves & the 50% Stoves.
(Cut cooking time by 10% or 50%)

You can use spices.
(Speed up by 1hr, 6hrs, 12hrs or instant cook)


What is a cafรฉ?

A small social gathering place (shop) which sells food and drink.

How do you finish the goal 'spice things up' in Cafe World?

You don't. Zynga messed up on this one. This goal is not able to be completed yet. The programmers of Cafe World have unintentionally made it so that no matter how much super salt you use it won't recognize it.

You'll use your entire stock and think, maybe I need to do it on a non-mission dish. So you use cafe cash to buy more and use that and still nothing. So you use more cafe cash and try using it on your neighbors dishes. Still nothing. Next thing you know you are out of your hard earned cafe cash and Zynga doesn't care.

What does magic spice do in cafe world?

Mystery Spice and it has various effects on dishes, like adding extra servings, increasing the numnber of Cafe Points you earn per dish and more.

Are there cheats for goodgame cafe?

*NOTICE*This DOES NOT WORK on all computers. If it works on yours, you're lucky.

1.go to your cafe and write 123 on the chat and refresh it and you win $100,000,000 and 7,000 gold coin.

2.the first time you log on, in the cupcake filling game the first answer is always the middle


Idk if you would consider this a cheat but one ting that rly helps me is the customize botton (the paint brush in the lower right hand corner)! Even if you not customizing, it comes in handy, like when im waiting for food to cook when i have no food to surve, i press that botton to make everything else freeze so i dont get thumbs down, but it still cooks! Or when my cafe is getting to overwhelming i press that botton and when i come back out, theres only two people there and its alot calmer :) hope this helped!

How do you make a new monster?

on moshi monsters if u look in the top right corner there should be 2 options:

sign in or adopt a monster click adopt a monster, then choose the monster, colour, and username. hope this helps :)

add me i have 2 monsters




Can you get 2 bin pets on binweevils?

no because the group hadn't agreed to give you two pets

PLUS the 1st one might run away. are u ever gonna get this u can get more than two bin pets