A calendar is a system of organizing days for commercial, social, religious or administrative purposes. This is done by giving names to periods of time, usually days, weeks, months and years. Periods in a calendar are typically synchronized with the cycle of the sun or the moon.

What is the shortest day of the year in North America?

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December 21st. (The Winter Solstice) Note: This is the day with the shortest period of daylight. It is not the shortest day reconing with solar time (the period of time between two adjacent noontime transits of the sun)

How often does December 7 fall on Sunday?

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In any recurring span of 28 years, any date falls on a particular date of the month four times within that span.

What does AD stand for?

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A.D. stands for the Latin phrase Anno Domini meaning Year of the Lord and it dates from the arbitratary birth of Christ. It was introduced by the monk Dennis the Short (Dionysius Exiguus) in about 525. The date of the Incarnation was recognised by the St Bede the Venerable to be inaccurate by about five years however as it was in common use by this time the error was allowed to stand.

Which century are we in?

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We are in the 21st century and will be through the year 2099. That depends. Those for whom it is 2008 are in the 21st century of the Common Era. Most people say that this started at January 1st 2000. Sticklers for correctness say that it started on January 1st 2001. Jewish people are in the year 5769 - so they are in their 58th century. Muslims are in 1429 AH, their 15th century. Other calendars are in different years. It is the 21st century. We are currently in the 21st century. It became the twenty first century in the year 2001. When the year 2101 comes it will then be the 22nd century. Every one hundred years marks a new century. we are in the 21st century & you are here too. the 21st century

How many weekdays in a year?

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52 weeks equals 1 year . 5 x 52 = 260 The number of weekend days can be determined by: 2 * 52 = 104 5 weekdays in a week multiply by number of weeks in a year = weekdays/year