Calligraphy and Hand-Lettering

This category is for calligraphy and hand-drawn lettering as opposed to scripts in other languages. Calligraphy is used in decorative designs, logos, and religious art.

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Calligraphy pen in sanskrit and tibetan?

Unless you "grow up" learning to write in a Northern Indian alphabet, you will have some difficulty with the thick and thin lines. One solution is to use aleft handed fountain pen (if you are right handed). Tibetan is quite different from Devanagari. I have heard of Tibetan teachers in Nepal and India cutting the nib (point) from a cheap fountain pen. This simulates a bamboo or wood pen.

Why was calligraphy used in religious ART?

to have pictures depicting important events that would be abstract, and therefore not idolatrous, or idol-worshiping.

Calligraphy is a type of what?

Calligraphy is a type of visual art. It is often called the art of writing. A contemporary definition of calligraphic practice is "the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner" (Mediavilla 1996: 18). The story of writing is one of aesthetic evolution framed within the technical skills, transmission speed(s) and materials limitations of a person, time and place (Diringer 1968: 441). A style of writing is described as a script, hand or alphabet

How was Chinese calligraphy made?

There's no exact proofs, but different Chinese characters imitates the things they describe.

For example:

人 (people) looks like a person with two legs

火 (fire) looks like flames

Also, most words are made of simpler words, such as:

尖 (sharp) is made up of two characters, 小 大, which means small and big. The small is on top, and the big is on the bottom, which shows that it goes from small to big, sharp.

轟 (crash) is made up of 3 of the same characters, 車 (car)

Over time, characters began to change, and now there's simplified and traditional, however, in ancient chinese characters, you can see the similarities more easily

What are Carefully drawn calligraphy Zen gardens and the tea ceremony examples of?

They are both elaborately done self-guided meditations. Full focus and concentration on the ritual is required, thus (theoretically) training the mind in single-pointed concentration.

When was calligraphy first used?

Calligrahy was first developed in western Europe by monks at about 1500 or later. At that same time calligraphy was being developed in China.

Why is calligraphy important in Muslim art?

Calligraphy is used to decorate the walls of Muslim mosques.

What is the difference between typography and calligraphy?

Typography is the study of type. Currently it is computer-based, and deals with type from a publishing/art standpoint. For a given project, for example, this would include selecting the font, the spacing of the lines, and general layout of the writing. It may be helpful to distinguish this from calligraphy by remembering that typesetting used to be done by craftsmen using letters on metal pieces stamped by a machineand arranging them to be printed on a press. Calligraphy is the study of letters as art as well, but calligraphy is hand-drawn lettering, using specific types of pens. Calligraphy may also include designing new fonts. typography in italics typography in italics

What is the name for a person who can read calligraphy?

Calligraphy (literally: beautiful writing) is an artistic cursive or printed script (usually done with pen or brush) that is designed for easy legibility and artistic merit. While some scripts (Black Forest, Old English, Gothic) are heavy into oddly shaped letters and flourishes, others like Uncial are easily read. During the 1960's free form artistic scripts on posters became popular. The letters were oddly shaped and intertwined making interpretation difficult to anyone.

Some cultures (Chinese, Japanese and Muslim have developed the art of calligraphy to a high level of artistry. In many cases the legibility suffers and only a person knowledgeable in the artists intent can translate it.

Why decorate walls of mosque with calligraphy?


In fact, it is an innovation - which is not good - mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as one of the many signs of the last days.

People got it into their heads to decorate the masjid (mosque) with calligraphy. But it would have been better to remian doing what the Prophet did, which was to leave the walls pure so that they do not distract from worship.

Why we do not have paintings of people? because that is what idol worshippers do. It is forbidden by God. Christians do it because they are a faith mixed with Roman paganism. But Jews and Muslims do not. Ever.

What is calligraphy?

Calligraphy is a form of handwriting used and originated in eastern europe. the word calligraphy comes from the greek words kallos graphes meaning beautiful writing.

They use a special pen to write calligraphy, there are different types of calligraphy when you write the special pen has to be held at 45 degrees exactly.
Calligraphy is those fancy writings. People sometimes take classes to have great handwriting and stuff.

How do you rub out calligraphy ink?

Assuming this is about east asian calligraphy, you put water on the ink plate, similar to a palate, then start rubbing the ink stone upon the wet plate until the ink concentration you want comes out.

What language does the word calligraphy come from?

From Greek, kaligraphia, from kallos, "beauty," and graphein, to write.

Why is a calligraphy important in Muslim society?

it is their way of art since they can not draw pictures of humans or animals