Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle is a female actress. She was born in Los Angeles, California on October 2, 1986. Camilla Belle started acting in 1993 and has been in many movies, as well as a couple of music videos.

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How old is Camilla D'Errico?

Camilla D'Errico is 30 years old (birthdate: September 30, 1980).

How do you make a straight or closeted guy fall in love with you?

AnswerHe will only reciprocate feelings for you if he has an attraction for you and decides to act on it.

Is Camilla Belle on Facebook?

Yes she is, it will come up right under her name.

She also has Instagram, which is a lot better because she posts about her and Shawn Mendes's relationship.

Does Camilla Belle have a twitter?

No. Camilla does not have a twitter, facebook or myspace. Nor does she have the time to keep up with them.

Is camilla belle a christian?

Not really, she is just saying she is so that Joe Jonas will go out with her, but she is just using Joe to get and ex boyfriend jealous, so no. She isn't

Who is camaran diaz?

Cameran diaz is a actress that did movies from the 90's and 2000 she has been reviewed as a three star actress she was born in 1972 and is the age of 38.

What is Norman Reedus's girlfriend's name?

Unknown. Jarah Mariano is now dating Fernando Verdasco. Please see the link below

Who manufactured the Lauren Belle in the movie Maverick?

I don't have an answer, however I did check " Way's Packet Directory, 1848-1983" and found no listing for a packet "Lauren Belle." My best suggestion is to contact the Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen. I believe they are loctaed in Marietta, Ohio.

If your question was, what is the real boat used to portray the Lauren Belle, it's a lovely old sternwheel steam tugboat called the PORTLAND. It was gussied up for the movie. It now resides back at its home, and even has a couple of pieces of rail remaining from the movie. It is sited along the Williamette River in downtown Portland OR, and is the primary artifact of the Oregon Maritime Museum. It is open to the public, sometimes steams up and blows its whistle, and is hoping for Coast Guard approval to take passengers on short educational cruises. Check our website (currently a bit cranky, but give us a couple of months: or look for us on Facebook. I am a board member and can be reached for other museum info at:

Did Camilla Belle play in The Patriot?

Yes Camilla Belle did play in "The Patriot". She played as Holly McClaren.

Movies that Camilla Belle is in?

When a stranger calls. You can watch it on YouTube. You can also download it on YouTube using this

Camilla Belles list of favorites?

her favorite sports include tennis ping pong soccer hockey and football her favorite bands include the Jonas Brothers Taylor Swift Barry Manilow Katy Perry Tim Mcgraw Neil Diamond the Bee Gees Tom Jones John Denver Metro Station and Coldplay her favorite movies are Butterfly Affect Jurassic Park and 300

How can you make a guy fall in love with you after 4 years of just dating?

You need to ask yourself why you are with someone who is not interested in the same commitment that you are. After four years, both of you have settled into a pattern. He gets the best of you--your affection, companionship and a sexual relationship--while avoiding any commitment or true partnership. Maybe he was honest with you from the start that he wanted nothing more than a casual relationship, but after four years, it should be clear that he's content with continuing the way things are. You need to be direct:"I want a full relationship and commitment with you. Do you agree?" If he gives you any answer other than yes, you have to accept this is how things will be. You may decide to stop settling for crumbs and find someone who will want more than just dating.

When did Joe and AJ break up?

ANSWER: Im not sure when they broke up. But he dated Taylor Swift and dated Camilla Belle. he is now single

Is camilla belle Mexican?

No, she is an American of Brazilian ancestry. She speaks fluent Portuguese.

What movie did David belle played in?

One of his most important roles was in Babylon A.D

What are the forms used in front office department of hotel?

Rebate, miscellaneous, paid out, amenities, room and rate change, room reservations, transport reservations, tours reservations

How to make a guy love you?

You must be tired of reading responses like this, but it doesn't change: BE YOURSELF. If he falls in love with you for yourself, who you really are, you've got him forever. If you contrive something to make him "fall in love" with you, and he eventually sees you are not what he thought, there will be a nasty breakup somewhere in your future.

What is Camilla Belles height?

Camilla Belle’s Height and Weight Camilla Belle’s impressive height has helped her out in her acting career. She stands 5 feet 7 inches or 172 cm tall and weighs 53 kg or 117 pounds

Camilla belle shoe size?

She wears a size 10.