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Hockey is the most prevalent sport and the national pastime in this North American country but other sports such as Canadian football, lacrosse, curling, basketball and cricket are also popular.

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Canada Sports

The mandate of Parks Canada?

"On behalf of the people of Canada, we protect and present nationally significant examples of Canada's natural and cultural heritage and foster public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment in ways that ensure their ecological and commemorative integrity for present and future generations."

Canada Sports

What sports are played in Canada?

Everything that is played in every other part of the world, hockey is big there though Professional sports teams in Canada include Hockey, Baseball, Basketball and Canadian Football. Soccer is also popular in Canada.

Canada Sports

Is lacrosse the national sport of Canada?

== == "In 1994, Bill C-212 was introduced to officially declare hockey as Canada's national sport. Opposition came from supporters of lacrosse who wanted to recognize the traditional and cultural significance of this sport. Consequently, Bill C-212 was amended to recognize both sports. Thus, on May 12, 1994, Canada's National Sport Act (Bill C-212) became law, reading: "To recognize hockey as Canada's National Winter Sport and lacrosse as Canada's National Summer Sport". While hockey's popularity is unquestionable - especially in Canada, lacrosse is still enjoyed by Canadians and has gained popularity in the United States, England, Ireland, and Scotland." Website:

History of Canada
Canada Sports

When did the first Acadians come to Canada?

It depends on which land you are talking about. French settlers became known as Acadians by making their home in part of Nova Scotia in Canada, around 1605.

They were removed from their homes and deported by the ruling English from Nova Scotia in 1755. This is the year they began to arrive in Louisiana, and the word "Acadian" evolved into "Cajun".


is wrong

Before the 1600s there was no group of people known as Acadians. The group originated in the area of what is now Nova Scotia. So Acadians could not come to Canada as they didn't exist before Canada.

The second contributor is splitting hairs a little. Of course there was no country called Canada when the first French settlers arrived on this continent. Take the spirit of the question, please.

Actually, the first French settlement in this part of the world was at the St. Croix River, which is in Maine now. Acadians, who were (and are) distinct from the Quebecois of what became Lower Canada, could be found in what is now Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island (then called Ile St. Jean). Because the French crown pretty much left them to their own devices in many regards, they developed a sense of community and social identity that was, indeed, distinct from their confreres up the St. Lawrence.

Ice Hockey
Canada Sports

Why is there more national pride shown in hockey than in other major sports?

The countries that show such pride are typically the stronger teams, and often those with long histories in the sport. Canada and the northern European countries are normally quite fierce in competition ice hockey, where the central European, south/middle Asian and Australasian countries are very supportive of their teams in field hockey.

Passport Requirements
Canada Sports
Visas - Document

Is all un passport visa free to Canada?

is it possible to get UN passport.many asked such question if possible to get UN passport and how. abraham

Canoes and Kayaks
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Canada Sports

Do you need a license for a kayak in Canada?

Since 2010, all Canadians are needed to keep a real Pleasure Art Working Cards in all regions across Canada. This boat certificate card is from Transportation Canada and is legitimate in Ontario as well as all other regions. There is no special certificate needed for sailing in Ontario, so as long as you keep your legitimate PCOC you can enjoy the wonderful rivers of New york with extra safety and satisfaction.

Math and Arithmetic
Units of Measure
Canada Sports

Who still uses imperial system in Canada?

The Housing construction industry still uses the imperial scale, 2x4's 4x8 sheets of plywood, gyproc etc. The Plumbing is all Inch size for piping, fittings etc.

Canada Sports
Cars & Vehicles

How many yellow cars are there in the world?


Politics and Government
Canada Sports

What does constitutional monarchy mean?

A constitutional monarchy is a form of government, combining two concepts: a Monarchy and a Constitutional Democracy.

A Constitutional Democracy is a form of republic where the base rules of government are spelled out in one or more "founding" documents. That is, the government's duties and functions are defined in writing; this may be supplemented by Common Law legal rulings to define a body of official law that describes how the government is to be conducted. One major component of this body of law is that the government is some form of democracy, with a citizenry able to vote and participate in government.

A Monarchy is a form of government where a single individual acts as absolute head of state. This individual's position is usually (but not always) hereditary.

The combination of the two yields a form of government where the Executive Branch is headed by a Monarch, while the Legislative and Judiciary branches are run on Constitutional grounds (i.e. founded in law and with citizen participation). In some forms, the Monarch continues to wield significant (or even perhaps absolute) Executive power, while in others, the Monarch is little more than a figurehead.

Math and Arithmetic
Canada Sports

How is math used in sports?

Sports uses Statistics

Statistics, for example, were used in the Olympics, for the medals table and various qualifications for SPORTING events.

You have to know math to determine a baseball player's batting average (number of base hits / number of at bats), a team's winning percentage (number of wins / number of games played), or a pitcher's earned run average (number of earned runs / (number of innings pitched / 9)).

You have to add points up to get a team's total score.

Well of course you know that but , for example in basketball ,the player may know her or his sweet spot (where they mostly get the ball in the hoop) so they must remember where their sweet spot is. Does that sound a bit less confusing?

Another application of math in sports is the use of angles. Goaltenders use angle to reduce the amount of net that a player has to shoot out. The further towards the player they come the closer they are to intercepting the shot.

Smokeless Tobacco
Canada Sports

Do you have to be 21 to bring alcohol into the US from Canada?

Yes, legal age in the US is 21. Every state has different laws regarding minors and alcohol, but you must be 21 to be in possession of alcohol.

Canada Sports

What is Canada's most famous sailing vessel?

The Bluenose. It appears on the Canadian dime.

Canada Sports

What are Canada's two national sports?

Both lacrosse and ice hockey are considered national sports in Canada. Although the excel at it, curling is not included in the list.

Canada Sports
Memorial Day

Does Canada celebrate Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a US holiday and is not celebrated in Canada.

The weekend prior to Memorial Day is the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada. Victoria Day is the celebration of the birth of our beloved Queen Victoria, who was our Monarch when Canada was created in 1867. Her Majesty's birthday was the 24th day of May. Victoria Day is celebrated on May 24th, if that date falls on a Monday, or otherwise on the Monday immediately prior to that date.

Canada Sports
Genetic Cloning

Is cloning illegal in Canada?


Canada Sports
Collegiate Swimming

How much is swimming at streatham leisure centre for adult and child?

Children under 16 its free

Canada Sports

What is the average size of a ski resort?

There really is no average size. Sure, you could take all the resorts and average their size but there are a few problems with that. First of all, there are so many ski resorts in America that it would take forever to get the average. Second, the size of resorts varies so greatly that if you did take the time to average it out it wouldn't be a very good representation. I know of ski resorts that have over 35 lifts and 200+ runs, but also of ski resorts that have 1 lift and 5 runs. If you really wanted an average I would suggest averaging the ski resorts within a county or if you live in or want the average of a small state or one with only a few resorts average that.

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Property Law
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Canada Sports

3 major political parties in Canada?

The three major political parties of Canada are Liberal, N.D.P., PC.

Canada Sports

Why is Canada's economy strong?

Because of a large country many people live their.

Canada Sports
Postal Codes
Prince Edward Island
CN Tower

What is the postal code of Toronto Ontario Canada?

There are thousands of postal codes in the greater Toronto area. If you have the complete address, you can look up codes at the link below.

History of Ireland
Canada Sports

What is Croatia's national sport?

Football is #1. Basketball, handball, and water polo are also very popular.

Canada Sports

What are some facts about the western Cordillera in Canada?

Two of the most major cities within the Cordilleran Boundaries are Vancouver and Mexico City.

There is a variety of vegetation that grows in the Cordillera region. The vegetation includes: douglas fir, forage grass, white spruce, lodge pole pine, ponderosa pine, and many other grasses. This vegetation grows here because it rains a lot and the soil is good.

A variety of wildlife can be found throughout the Cordillera region. Some of the animals are: falcons, woodland caribou, deer, moose, squirrel, wolverines, grizzly bears, mountain goats, and golden eagles. These animals make this region their home because of the mountains and because of the trees, grass, landscape, food, and beautiful nature.


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