Candy is a confection made from a concentrated solution of sugar in water, that flavorings and colorants are added to. Here you can ask various questions about candy.

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How much does a candy cane weigh?

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Since candy canes come in various sizes, they have various weights.
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What is scientific name for candy?

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in latin the scientific name for candy is candide
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How does white chocolate differ from other chocolates?

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It doesn’t contain chocolate’s hallmark ingredient. Some purists (and the Encyclopedia Britannica) don’t even consider it chocolate. To explain, let’s start on common ground: cocoa beans. When you dry, ferment, roast, and shell a cocoa bean, you wind up with a chocolate nib; grind that nib into a paste, and you get chocolate liquor; separate the liquor into its two components, and you get cocoa solids and cocoa butter. True chocolate contains cocoa solids; white chocolate, however, only uses the cocoa butter. Beyond cocoa butter, white chocolate contains sugar, milk products, and additional flavorings. Many true chocolates also contain these ingredients, but the cocoa solids are what give them the trademark chocolate taste.
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Where can you buy Mars candy bars?

User Avatar sells Mars Bars.(
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What are some names of candy that sound dirty?

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suckers, lollipops, payday, jawbreakers, jolly rancher
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What are some candies that begin with the letter J?

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Jawbreakers Jelly Beans Jelly Belly Jolly Ranchers Juicy Fruit gum Jujubes Jujyfruits Junior Mints Juicy Drop Pop JuJu Fruits
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What is the world saddest candy?

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The answer to this joke is: glum drops. It is a play on words because 'glum' means sad and 'gum drops' are a type of candy.
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What is an acrostic poem for candy?

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How to Write An Acrostic Poem: Write the letters of your word or phrase down the left-hand side of your page, with one letter on each line. You can skip a line between letters if you want to leave room to write more than one word. Now, think of words which begin with each letter - don't try to make a poem yet, just write down all the words you can think of which will describe or explain candy. Use a thesaurus if you have trouble thinking of words! If you need more room, continue the list on another page! Once you have a list, start thinking of how to write your poem. Which words or phrases are the best ones to describe or explain candy? Which will make the clearest mental image? Which will make your readers understand candy the best? Nobody else can tell you what to write - poetry is your own emotion put onto the page! Click on the Related Questions for more help. Cotton Candy, Candy Canes All So Sweet Necessities Delicously Delightful Yummy In My Tummy
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Will crunch bar Hersheys bar or a Reese's cup melt the fastest?

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i think s reeses cup will melt the fastest because it has less chocolate and because of past experience reeses has always been the one to eat 1rst because i knew it would melt the fastest
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Candy with numbers in the name?

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five gum take 5 candy bar 3 musketeers
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What was the candy sprees original name?

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The candy spree has always been named spree, nothing else :)