Captain Kidd (William Kidd)

Captain William Kidd was a Scottish sailor who was convicted of murder and five counts of piracy after he refused to give the English Parliament the names and information about the Whigs who backed him. Many legends surround the life of Captain Kidd, including his buried treasure on Gardiners Island.

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Why is The Abyss dedicated to Capt Pierce Oliver Kidd Brewer Jr?

What is the original source of "he died in an accident during the underwater scenes"? His character in the movie drowns, but most of the movie's characters ended up dead, too. In real life he shot himself in the head in May, 1990 in his home in Raleigh, NC during a prolonged period of depression over financial reversals. I was a close family member. A large crowd attended his memorial service, including The Abyss actors Ed Harris, Todd Graff, and John Bedford Lloyd. The Abyss director James Cameron arrived later in the day and paid his respects to the family privately.

How old is William 'Captain' Kidd?

William 'Captain' Kidd was born on March 23, 1645 and died on May 23, 1701. William 'Captain' Kidd would have been 56 years old at the time of death or 370 years old today.

In chapter 7 of the Slave Dancer What does the captain want to do with the chests contents?

the captain wants to have the slaves dress up and dance, so they can have fun before they go over to the spaniards.

What were the number of films that actor Charles Laughton play the role of Captain Kidd?

Charles Laughton played the rogue Captain Kidd two times. The films were titled Captain Kidd in 1945 and Abbot and Costello Meet Captain Kidd in 1952.

Did Captain William Kidd have siblings?

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What did William kidd the pirate do?

William kidd the pirate was a pirate then got hung for being a spy