Car Shaking Problems

Car shaking problems are usually the results of mechanical problems. Out of adjustment tires or suspension will make the car shake after reaching a certain speed. Warped brake rotors will also make the car shake when it’s slowing down.

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Car Shaking Problems
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Steering wheel shaking?

Get your tires balanced and/or check the lug nuts.

Car Shaking Problems
Steering and Suspension
Wheel Alignment and Balancing

Why would the steering wheel wobble?

Steering Wheel WobbleI'm no expert, however, you can check the following: brake pads could be uneven, the rotor might be damaged or worn uneven, a bent rim, an out-of-round tire, or you could be correct regarding the wheel alignment. Best of luck.

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  • Your front brake rotors are probably warped. You can either replace the rotors, or, if the rotors are only slightly warped, and there is enough material left on them, the mechanic may be able to be cut them down with a machine. Cutting them down should even the rotors out. The same thing was going on with my steering wheel as yours when I applied my brakes at high speeds, and even lower speeds. I didn't tell the dealer that I was experiencing this problem. They simply inspected my brakes one day while my car was in for an oil change and told me I needed new brake pads and to have my brake rotors cut. Since I had about 80,000 miles on that set of brake pads (yes ... 80,000 miles) I took their word for it that I needed a brake job. Luckily I didn't destroy my rotors with my nearly worn out brake pads. If you don't need new rotors, installing front brake pads and cutting the rotors should cost you a about $130 at the dealer, and maybe a little less at your local mechanic. I've noticed absolutely zero shaking of the steering wheel when I apply the brakes since the brake job. I have a Toyota Camry with 120,000 miles on it and the car now brakes beautifully. So before you spend money on an alignment, and trying to figure out if your wheel rims are bent, check those brakes.
  • Try taking the car to the problem speed and while pulling the e-brake release lever, apply the ebrakes. No vibration - problem is in the fronts (typical). Buy new rotors (pads are a good idea at the same time as is adjusting the rear brakes). Rarely can you machine rotors and have a permanent solution. The rotors are not dissapating the heat well, by cutting them they will warp easier. Check your tire balance. (Have you ever put fix a flat in?) Toyotas are sometimes an exception to brakes that go for more than 35,000 miles.
  • You need to balance your tires.
  • I have found that my problem stems from rear axle placement. A factory installation defect that is only covered under the first 12,000 miles and only if the dealer deems it to be out of spec. For all you Ford Ranger owners alot of the 2000 models have feathered tire issues which would make you think it is simply tire balance (right front wears and pulls right, some F150's have this problem as well). Located an alignment shop to verify proper axle placement.
  • Have your tie rods checked to be sure they don't need replacing.
  • Have you had your rear brakes adjusted ever since changed: warped rotors in my 95 cavalier made the whole car wobble at high speed stops and the pedal pressure changes during slow light stopping also
  • The wobbling or pulsating steering happens when I apply the brakes when trying to slow down after accelerating to a reasonably height speed like 50 to 60 miles an hour. My mechanic found that my rotors were warped and some of the steering mechanisims (parts ) were badly worn which was very unusual because the vehicle has only 11,000 miles on it. Hopefully this will be all taken care of because it's under warranty.
  • Brakes warped, tie rod ends bad, tires screwed, upper and or lower ball joints shot, in front wheel drives, check cv shaft/joints... and theres one I experienced on an old ford pick up... never would have guessed, under braking conditions the steering wheel was shaking bad.... turned out to be in the rear end... the rear wheel bearings were shot.... it only was bad while braking.
  • If it is a vibration in your steering wheel at higher speeds you might need new ball joints. This is a serious problem if that is what's wrong. So have your car looked at and soon.
  • There is also the possibility that your shocks and struts are in need of replacing. Sometimes just replacing the ball joints doesn't fix the problem. If that is affected then there is most likely something else affected. In this case I had multiple problems with my 1993 Grand Am and it was bent rims, worn shocks and struts along with worn ball joints. Once I had them all replaced the shaking steering wheel at any speed is gone. Plus your tires could be separating so check that as well that could be a cause as well.
Car Shaking Problems

What causes a vibrating steering wheel?

Tires out of balance

Car Shaking Problems
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What makes a car run sluggish and smoke really bad?

White smoke = Coolant entering the combustion chamber. STOP driving this car until this is repaired or you will destroy this engine.

Black Smoke = Overly rich fuel/air mixture. Too much fuel not enough air. STOP driving until this is repaired or you will ruin the converter and O2 sensor and possible do other damage.

Blue Smoke = Engine is burning oil. Worn rings is normally the cause.

Car Shaking Problems
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How do you replace the power steering pump on a Taurus - Sable?

Disconnect negative battery cable, remove coolant overflow tank, unbolt alternator and place it forward of the front valve cover,there are two studs with nuts and one bolt holding the steering pump to the engine.In order to get to the bolt you must first unbolt and remove the serpentine belt tensioner because the bolt is behind and under it. Suggest the idler pully be removed for better access to everything. Once the idler and tensioner are removed, the PS pump PULLEY must be removed or broken off (its made of plastic) OR remove the two nuts from the studs and remove the bolt that was hidden by the tensioner. Slide the pump assembly forward so that you can access the studs with vice grips and remove them this way OR take two nuts that are the correct size for the studs,tighten them against each other and rotate the inner nut counterclockwise til the stud is out....the fun part is trying to get an open end wrench in there....I recommend vice grip from above. The studs have to come out if you desire to remove the pump intact with the pulley attached, otherwise it will not have any clearance to come out. A new pulley costs $9.95 at advance auto, power steering pump about $45 same place. Plastic pulley must be pressed on and cannot be done with the bolt, washer and nut supplied with the pulley unless you lube the Hell out of the pulley, break a coupleof pulleys because the instructions are Crap. Take the works to an auto machine shop and let them press it on. Best way to get the pulley off the old pump is by breaking the thing off with a hammer so you have it free of the mount and with you for exchange (core charge is $35). The tool recommeded for removing the old pulley is a hair puller and all you will do is strip the threads in the pulley without budging the plastic piece of junk.Good luck, it took me two pulleys and lots of cussing to learn what I have written here. PS, don't forget to change the $18 power steering pump filter(FOR REAL)on the drivers side clipped to the frame.

a good book is haynes auto repair for a mercury

first you remove the pulley with a pulley removel tool you should be able to rent one from parts store.then remove lines,then pump

I am replacing mine today..the pump itself will come with all the information you need except the fact that you need a special puller to remove the power steering pully. I tryed the conventional three prong puller and found the 4" is to big to get in there to grab thre front of the pully due to the low placement and the body and air conditioner lines in the way..I am on my way back to the auto parts store to see if I can purchase the right puller..back later with price and availability and how it worked out...good luck terry

Check out this link:


you need to purchase a puller set.


I found some instructions in a "Haynes Repair Manual" for the Taurus and Sable. The manuals are available at auto parts stores and in many public libraries.

I did not need to buy the puller set. The Auto Zone in my neighborhood offers free tool rental, and they had the puller set that I needed. They asked for a deposit when I picked up the tools, and refunded the full deposit when I returned the tools.

same in my town, as the one above, about the renting of tools. auto zone , I've noticed , is the best place and one you can trust more than most stores, for tool rentals. do NOT , however, do it *redneck style* like my husband does, because we never have the $50 plus for the rental in between pay periods, by hammering it off. it is BAD!when i found out how he always got them off wihtout a *pulley puller* set, i asked him how he did it without messing it up. he responded, "VERY CAREFULLY!" my mother-in-laws b/f was not so careful, and it eventually costed 300 dollars in parts alone and 6 months worth of frustration fixing the botched job, just so we could replace the water pump because someone welded the pulley onto the pump to make it stay on, which is NOT by ANY means, exceptable on ANY car. it causes far more problems than the imediate fix. If not taken off properly, you can not put it back on and have it stay there. it will fly off and shred your belt. my sister went through 3 belts before i found out what they did and theyre 25 a peice.

you need a special tool. puller / installer. rent it at Auto Zone for +/- $35

Go to a automotive supply store and ask for a Haines auto repair manual for your make year and model of car. It will show you, step by step how to do any repair to that particular car, with photos and a complete description of how to take it apart and put it back together again.

The best few dollars that you will ever spend.

you need a power steering pump pulley puller and installer kit. go to your local parts store. theyll have one.

Car Shaking Problems
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Why would your car suspension make knocking noises?

This one is fairly simple. Almost 90 % of the time it is because the shock absorbers are worn out, allowing the coil springs to oscillate roughly and hit the chassis of your vehicle.

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How much force is needed to stop a truck?

The answer is: any force equal to or greater than the forward momentum of the truck. So many variables enter into calculating a precise measurement of force needed to stop a vehicle - mass of the vehicle, conditions of friction and gravity - is the truck going uphill or downhill, or on a flat surface? Is the road slippery, smooth or rough?

Let's assume that normal conditions apply: a truck weighing 10,000 Kg traveling at an acceleration rate of 5m/s² along a flat smooth surface. Using Newton's second Law of Motion, expressed as a formula F=ma, where F is the Net Force (the sum of all forces acting on an object) in Newtons, m is the mass of the truck, and a is its acceleration rate, assumed here to be 5m/s². By multiplying the mass times acceleration, we see that a whopping 50,000 Newtons would be required to stop this truck. By comparison, the pull of gravity on a person of average weight (72 Kg, or 160 lb) is measured at 686 Newtons. So depending on the type of truck, weather conditions, wind speed, direction of the truck, and effect of gravity and friction (all included in net force, or Newtons) you can see that the actual Force, expressed as N, is a variable.

Car Shaking Problems

What causes a car to jerk when you stop?

You can have worn universal joints, wear or low oil in transfer case or differential(s),transmission low on fluid or needs band adjustment. Seems to be one of these problems along drive train.

Car Shaking Problems

Why does the front end still shake after you had the tires balanced?

Then you may have a bent wheel, worn or loose wheel bearing, or steering or suspension parts worn. Have everything inspected.

Car Shaking Problems
Flats and Tire Pressure

How can a cracked wheel cause a flat tire?

Yes, the air can leak out of the crack.

Car Shaking Problems
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How long should car cool before checking oil?

2 minutes

Car Shaking Problems

How do you know if your carburetor needs replaced?

Carburetors are fairly simple parts to rebuild, therefore going out and spending over 150.00 is not something I would recommend. The only way I would actually replace one is if one of the sections is warped and leaking fuel, or the carburetor has caught fire. Rebuild kits usually cost between 20.00 and 75.00. If you are having an issue with fuel delivery, inside the carburetor. You may look at replacing the accelerator plump diaphragm or the blowout valve on the carburetor, also the fuel filter. If you have a Carter, or a Chrysler Carburetor, the accelerator pump is internal, just rebuild it.

Thank You Good Question,

Car Shaking Problems

Will bad tires make car shake at certain speeds?

Bad tires and bad alignment can cause the car to shake at certain speeds.

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Why would car wobble but not steering wheel?

More than likely your tires need balanced. or you have a cord busted in a tire. Bent rim could cause it, or sometimes even just some mud caked to the back of a rim could throw it out of balance

Car Shaking Problems
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Why would a car sputter when you accelerate and idle rough?

Nobody ever mentions an egr valve replacement..this is common in gmc vehicles...Rough idle,stalling, ignition starting trouble all relate to the egr valve sticking...

Your problem is a misfire. You need to do a misfire diagnosis and then correct the cause of the misfire. If you have allowed the misfire to continue for too long, engine damage may have occurred, but otherwise correcting the cause of the misfire should set everything right.

AnswerUnfortunately it could be a number of things causing rough idle and hesitation. It sounds like the engine might be confused about how much gas and air it is getting which might mean it needs a new oxygen sensor (EMISSION) or throttle position sensor. Start with the easy maintenance items like spark plug wires, air filter, and fuel filter if they have not been replaced recently. A bad spark plug wire may only occasionally short out and cause these problems. Try looking under the hood in the dark with the engine running and see if you see any electrical arcing around the spark plug wires or just go ahead and replace them if they are old. AnswerIt might just be a clogged fuel line/injector/ or pump, try to put some fuel cleaner in tank the next time you fill it up and see if that helps. AnswerThere are about a million and a half things that can cause this some minor, and some quite serious. First off I would have to agree with both of the previous answers but I would also have to check out a couple more things such as the MAP censor,and the o2 censor. Also adding a can of "Sea-foam" to your gas really couldn't hurt either. Good luck AnswerCan low idle speed cause this too? AnswerMy car idled rough onced and shook horribly through the whole car when I accelerated or was just pressing the gas. When I let go it would go away for a sec then come back. I put fuel system cleaners in a few times and that didn't help. After I had replaced my spark plugs it still was rough.

I found later that there was a mis-alignment(TWO PIPES WERE NOT CONNECTED) in my exhaust pipes and the flow of exhaust was interrupted. Which was the cause of the shaking.

So check you exhaust for a funny noise that could be an interruption in the exhaust system. In my case some of the exhaust was leaving toward the engine with a powerful force and shook the car where the engine roughly is, which lead me to think it was the engine.

Answerspark plug fouled or coil pack bad Answeracura integra ls 1994. my problem was the spark plug wires they looked ok, but were wore out.


could be coil pack, head gasket, fuel pump, or bad injector

RockAuto gave the most extensive answer, sorry, but you have to start with the basic's. A good way to check your EGR : start the enging, stick your finger under the EGR; you should be able to feel the diaphragm. Tap the throttle a few times. If the diaphragm moves, it's probably good. Secondly, nobody mentioned vaccum. Fill a spray bottle with water and spray all around the intake. If the engine idle changes, the problem is an intake gasket. Your idle will be rough, then smooth out. Check all your vaccum lines too! These are all things you can check without doing anything to the motor.

You may consider buying a scanner and pulling your codes. This will tell you the circuit your problems are in.

If you pull the o2 sensor, sometimes they are clogged and you can clean it and put it back in. But for the trouble of raising the hood, replace it while you are there!


I have a '99 Hond a Civic LX and my car was also idling rough and 'sputtering'. The mechanic used some 'Seafoam' on it and that helped a tiny bit. Then he said it might be the a/c compressor clutch. But compressors usually last a long time. I also noticed it only sputtered when my A/C was on. So the problem was with the A/C. I tried adding a little freon thinking it was low since it had never been recharged in 115k miles. This did little to nothing. I added some PAG oil and this helped more. The A/C would get cold for a few minutes and then heat up and go back to sputtering. So I had a free A/C check done on it and it was the condenser fan assembly. Apparently the motors go bad after awhile. It was getting stuck and not kicking on and that was what the sputtering was from. So they hit it with a hammer and it kicked right on and now it is super cold. So whenever the motor on the condenser fan is completely shot I will buy a new one but for now it is fine and working. By the way, you should never try to add freon or PAG oil yourself because then the levels are off and might put too much pressure on the A/C system. My next step is to have it evacuated and recharged and I'm good to go!

Car Shaking Problems
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Why would a car rattle and shake above 60 mph?

Reasons for the shaking could be:

If the temperature has been below freezing, there could be TIRE STOP LEAK , that has gone unnoticed, and now caused a major imbalance of a tire .

Bent rim, tie rod loose, sticking brake calipers. My first guess is always tire balance, but if not that -- those would be my next guesses.

Get your wheel struts checked and replaced if car did that and both my front struts were warn out

The wheel bearings may also be going bad in the front end. Bad wheel bearings will cause vibration in the engine compartment, leading to a rougher ride, and usually a loud rubbing noise. Unrepaired, bad bearings will eventually cause your wheel to separate from the axle. If this should happen at high speed... the axle will dig down into the concrete and send the car airborne.

There are few issues related to such a problem. A very common problem is faulty tires or incorrect wheel balance of the front tires. Check for a bulge or a wear on the tires. If all is ok..get a mechanic to check your wheel bearings. Check for a broken strut assembly or shock absorber. Check for tire rod bushings and the balance rod. Check complete front suspension.


The rotors on larger vehicles that are composite become out of balance and need replacing or cutting.

rattle and shake at speed is 99% of the time attributed to needing all wheels balanced. other problems listed above will happen at all speeds

I was expereincing shakes and rattle at 80-100 km/h speed, however, problem brewed and it mild vibration starts even at around 40km/h. Problem traced was bad inner axel. After changing the axel it feels like car is new born.

If it snowed recently, and the problem did not exist before the snowstorm, there may be frozen snow/ice stuck to one or more wheels, causing imbalance. Take the care to a self-serve car wash and spray the wheels from underneath the car and in the wheel wells.

I am having the same problem and I came to the conclusion that the U Joints are going bad.

It is possible that something is simply loose and the speed combined with air downforce is making it rattle against the metal. For example, in my 1988 z24 the locks used to rattle against the metal of the door at presicely 57mph.

FOR THOSE WITH 2007-2009 PONTIAC G6 vehicles.

I came to Wiki because my car was shaking between 55-60MPH. I came here to look for potential problems...but my car is a 2007 and fairly new and I had no idea why in the world it would be doing that. Checked air pressure - good to go. Just had new high performance tires put on in June (so they were mounted, balanced, etc). However, with the high performance lower tires...if you live in a state where it snows (I live in MN), the rims and wheel wells for those cars and those tires--pack snow really hard. We spent $7.00 at a car wash doing a high pressure hot water car wash to clean out the wheel wells -guess what? NO ISSUES AT ALL-went to 75MPH no problem-not even a HINT of a shake. So, I had cancelled my appt at the dealership. IF you have this type of car, or ones with high performance tires---do what I did and it may alleviate the problem. Might work for other vehicles-but I can only speak for mine.

I have 01 Civic,. I am changing Shocks & Struts,. mechanic said that cause the problem.

I have a 97 Chrysler Sebring and the recommendation to take the car to the car wash worked out great for me. After a heavy snowfall in Chicago I shoveled out my car out of snow and it was vibrating horribly between 50-65mph. I followed the advise and to it to a car-wash with hot water and asked them to specifically ensure that my wheel wells are properly de-iced. The car was a blaze after that. So if you live in a cold place, try this before you try anything else.

Looks like you have a leaky spark tube camshaft flywheel that's gunna ruin your piston lugnut better buy a new head gasket driveshaft

Your tires could be bad.

Car Shaking Problems

What makes a car shake on slow speed driving?

If it is vibrating at speed you have either a tire out of balance, bent wheel, defective tire with broken belt, loose wheel, defective wheel bearing, bent driveshaft, or bad CV joint. If it is vibrating at idle or slow speed, you have either a cylinder miss, broken motor mount, or vacuum leak.

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What website has the cheapest car parts?

rock auto has the cheapest parts and all are name brand.

Car Shaking Problems
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What can cause the steering wheel to shake?

Check all linkage for wear or play,jack under each a-arm one at a time ,move tires left to right for linkage/ up and down for bearings & ball joints and cv axles if you get play or pop's and clicks have some one follow the noise. Shake's during braking, rotors are warped due to hot rotors hitting cold water puddles on the road. Shakes to the left or right,if the steering wheel shakes to the left put the left front tire on the right side, test drive if it starts shaking to the right that will be the bad tire,vise-versa if shakes to the right .Replace that tire and get a alignment check,steering wheel shakes are front tires,the whole car skaking is the rear tires.This is due to uneven wear on the tire the eye can't see. WORN CVC OR U-JOINTS, UNBALANCED TIRES( COULD BE CAUSED BY LOSS OF A WHEEL WEIGHT, MUD OR SNOW IN YOUR WHEEL), BENT RIM, ECT. If you have directional tires make sure they are on the right sides LOTS of THINGS; First define when it shakes and how it shakes. Tires at highway speed; tire balance / improper wear (may be alignment issue). I have had intermittent vibration from using a different tire on front. When Brakes are applied: front rotors warped (worst at higher speed)but I have found numerous steering linkage issues (vibration at slower / not all speeds). Steering Linkage- vibration when hitting bumps on highway: tire rod ends, idler arm, pitman arm, panhard rod ends (if equiped), ball joints, could also be worn steering box (usually hard steering issues). There could be suspension issues like a damaged strut (not just worn-out). Checking: No engine, running get under front end and have someone turn steering wheel lightly back and forth, any joints should move in tandem (no looseness). You'll look for movement that is not consistent. Another way is to bottle jack under lower A arm on one side / get wheel off ground, grab wheel and move laterally back/forth from outside vehicle. There should be no play or noises when pulling hard. THEN put tire iron under wheel and pull up. Wheel should move vertically without shifting. This checks ball joint play. Look for inconsistent movement of wheel. Some have upper/lower ball joint, some have lower ball joint/strut. Sorry, does take some experience to know what is acceptable. If it bad problem it can be seen. Service manuals sometimes describe maximum movement for the technicians. Diagnois FIRST before replacing parts.

Often, this sort of an issue crops up when your wheels are inappropriately balanced, or the tires have worn unevenly. But sometimes loose bolts of the wheel or a distorted brake rotor could be the culprits. In case of a disfigured brake rotor consider replacement. The other issues can be taken care of by an expert. You can learn more about it

Car Shaking Problems
Ford Explorer XLS
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What causes a car to shake when stopped at lights?

You might have a problem with you idle control motor (or servo kit). This is part of the fuel induction system. Turn on the air conditioner while in park, if your car shakes (more than normal) that might be the problem. You may have to spend $200 on a new idle control motor or might simply have to adjust a few screws that regulate air intake. Check out a repair manual for your specific model of car so you can troubleshoot yourself and save money, but be carefull because fuel systems can be dangerous to work with so follow all safety precautions!I know it's broken motor mounts that caused my 1989 Buick Skylark to shake while idling at stop lights. The vibration was a little less when I put the car in neutral (I think it idles a little faster in neutral and the vibration lessens) and it's a lot less noisy when I take the crap out of the glove box. :)

It happened to my Mazda/98, After i changed the engine mount, No more shaking.

I had bad shaking when idling in park or at a stop light. I replaced the timing belt and got the cams retimed. After that it was good.

Car Shaking Problems
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1982-1994 Chevy Cavaliers

Why would a car jerk and buck at slow speeds?

Fords (and Mercury and Lincoln) are infamous for vacuum leaks. It is possible that you have a leaking vacuum hose, or a missing vacuum system cap, which would make a hissing noise if you open the hood with the vehicle running.

The problem could also be sensor related so find out if it is showing a MIL code and see which one it is, newer cars are made to self diagnose their problems, once you have that starting point you can make some educated guesses as to what to fix first.

Car Shaking Problems

Can a bad track bar cause rear axle shake?

No! A track bar is just what it states, it holds the axle in line with the body or frame. A bad or worn out bar will make the car or truck feel very "loose" or unresponsive. The only thing to cause a "shake" is tire balance or a bent rim. A stutter on accell is a missfire. The two are not the same.............

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Why would your vehicle vibrate at high speeds?

My van did this as well and turned out I just needed my tires biggie..and it went back to driving smoothly on the highway

Answeryou might just want to check to see and make sure the insides of your rims are clean too. snow or dirt that is caked on the inside of the rim will cause this. and by inside the rim i don't mean in the air chamber of the wheel, but just on the inner circle of a wheel. gl. AnswerIf none of the above work, look over every tire very carefully making sure you see no humps or bumps(goose eggs). You could have possibly broke a belt in the tire. SNM AnswerIf it snowed recently, and the problem did not exist before the snowstorm, there may be frozen snow/ice stuck to one or more wheels, causing imbalance. Take the care to a self-serve car wash and spray the wheels from underneath the car and in the wheel wells. BW

yes it could be ur tires but it could turn out to be balljoints and or tirod ends

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How do you remove snow and ice from wheel wells on a car that is always in extreme below zero temperature?

Not sure where your at but I'm in Northern BC Canada so we get a heck of a lot of snow. I find the best thing to do is just get a small hammer and tap the inside of your wheel-well hard enough to knock the ice loose but not hard enough to cause damage.

Try GENTLY hitting the fender just above the wheel. Hit it too hard, you'll have a dent. Keep tapping it, and the ice will break off.

When you have the snow and ice cleaned out, give the wheel wells a good spray of WD40. You will still get buildup, but it will 'release' much easier when you bump the fender above the wheel.

i am not sure where you are but i am in northern Michigan usa and we get a load of snow and ice so i see my fair share of build up in the wheel wells if you his the body of the car wont do all that much try finding a open car wash if that isn't a option try to find some one who has a heated garage you can put your car in long enuff to thaw if neither of those are a option take a pole about 3 feet in leingt and just use it as a ice scraper when i have to do it that way i use a base ball bad but don't hit the ice you could trash to body of your vehicle

Take it to a heated building and park it inside for 24 hours or so. It should be free of ice when you go back. Not always easy to find, though.. a storage place, a barn with a space heater, an automotive shop?

A small military-style shovel works fine for me.

Car Shaking Problems

What make a car shakes when it accelerates over 40mph?

The most common cause is a tire out of balance. It can also be a bent wheel, defect in a tire, worn steering or suspension parts, bad wheel bearing, broken motor mount, or CV joint failing. Have your tires rotated and balanced and all steering and suspension parts inspected. If they find no problems then have it looked at more closely by a trusted mechanic.

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