Chad Ochocinco

Chad Johnson, who changed his last name to Ochocinco in 2008, is a professional football player for the Cincinnati Bengals. A wide receiver, he is known for his unique touchdown celebrations during regular and postseason games. He appeared on the 10th season of "Dancing with the Stars."

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How many kids does Chad Ochocinco have?

Chad Johnson (previously Chad Ochocinco) has 5 kids. The four with Andrea Pearson are Jicyra, Chad Johnson II, Chade, and Cha'iel.

He has a daughter Kennedi Johnson with Crystal Bates.

He was married to Evelyn Lozada from July to September 2012, but they had no children. Lozada has two children from other marriages.

What team does chad ochocinco play for?

Ochocinco was recently traded to the New England Patriots.

Did chad ochocinco change his name legally?

Chad Ochocinco was originally Chad Johnson, but then he LEGALLY changed it to Chad Ochocinco, which is 85 in spanish(85 is Ochocinco's number).

Where did Chad Ochocinco go to college?

He attended Langston University (Langston, Oklahoma) but did not play football. He then transferred to Santa Monica City College in 1997, where he played football with future Panthers WR Steve Smith. He then transferred to Oregon State in 2000.

Who is chad ochocinco's girlfriend?

Don't know her full name but her first is Maya, @whoismaya on twitter.

Who is better Chad Ochocinco or terrell Owens?

Ownes according to stats. I can't stand the guy but his stats do speak for them-self.

9 - 1,000 yard seasons

8 - 10 Plus touchdown seasons

Over 1,000 receptions in his career

Over 14,000 receiving yards

Over 140 TD's

Ochocinco or Chad Johnson has time to catch him but as of right now Owens is better

7 - 1,000 yard seasons

1 - 10 Plus touchdown season

Over 600 receptions in his career

Almost 10,000 receiving yards

Over 60 TD's

When was sage northcutt born?

Sage northcutt wasnt born, simply just one of chuck Noriss' Spawn.

What is the twitter username of Chad Ochocinco?

@OGOchoCinco your welcome. He blocked me a long time ago. LOL @CoronaInYaEyez

What college chad ochocinco went to?

Chad Ochocinco attend Orgegon State University

Did Chad Johnson change is name to Ochocinco?

Yes, he is the wide receiver for the New England Patriots that changed his name.

Is Chad ocho cinco good?

no he sucks he is an over payed wussy