Chemotherapy, or simply chemo, is the control or treatment of a disease with the use of chemical agents. It works by slowing or preventing the growth of cancer cells, which which develop and multiply rapidly.

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Can you get pregnant if partner has had testicular caner and chemotherapy?

It is possible, but very unlikely, since chemo causes massive damage to whatever area it's in. It can cut down on sperm count and also make the sperm that does exist more likely to be flawed.

Is Infliximab considered a chemotherapy?

Infliximab (brand name is Remicade) is not a drug used to treat cancer.

The definition of "chemotherapy" in a basic sense can mean any chemical used to treat any condition. Aspirin could be considered a chemotherapy for a headache.

Traditionally, the word "chemotherapy" is used to discuss drugs used to treat cancer. That line blurs a bit because there are newer medications for cancer that are not in the same classes of typical "cytotoxic" chemotherapies. These new treatments, for example, monoclonal antibodies like rituximab, don't cause the same side effects of older cancer treatments. But they are frequently used in conjunction with traditional chemotherapy and for ease of discussion are frequently called chemotherapy.

The monoclonal antibodies include drugs to treat other conditions, like infliximab to treat Crohns. Some doctors that use these medicines for these other conditions may call them chemotherapy. It is not wrong to do so, but those doctors should be aware that calling a treatment "chemotherapy" may cause a cultural association with harsh cancer treatments.

Remember that language is a dynamic thing and we are often caught trying to carve new words to describe treatments accurately (and not scarily). Technology moves so fast sometimes the language can't keep up, and there aren't committees of people sitting around deciding who gets to use which words for what treatments they give.

Asking questions of your health care providers is the best way to get your exact concerns addressed.

How can you tell if someone having chemotherapy?

simple just ask them... if they are the type to not say anything and hide it. signs are very obvious. loss of appetite sleeping more then usual.. thinning of the hair or full loss of hair.. could include loss of eyelashes dark circle around eyes.. they will just look more sickly and pale.. if you want to know more i would just look up more information on the internet that's your best bet

Does chemotherapy hurts?

your mom hurt me last night she wanted to got again after i came in here mouth

My mum had to go throught chemo and she said that it did not hurt abit.

If a person has intestinal cancer and they can't get their weight up to start chemotherapy what challenges could they face?

Chemo is long and tiring and physically hard on the body. You need to make sure you are in the best possible weight before you start because it is going to take a lot of effort to get through. If not, you will not have enough strength and - to be blunt - you risk dying. During chemo you will be nauseous and will not want to eat. You will be irritable, sleepless and physically weak. Have you spoken to your specialist about diet? If you had part of your intestines removed, food will move through you a lot quicker and therefore your body will not absorb the necessary vitamins and calories. You need to eat a special diet (and avoid some foods!) and eat in a particular manner when you have has this operation. Try eating 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones.

What is chemo brain?

It's an expression used for the rather foggy response of the brain due to the effects of chemotherapy. It wears off after the course is complete.

Thats not True! The Wearing off part) I had treatment a year ago,& I still suffer from it & so do Alot of people

Go look for yourself O the American Cancer Society Wbste! It hangs aroun!

Can a medical insurance company drop coverage in the middle of chemotherapy treatment for cancer?

No, is there something else going on, like not paying your premiums? Are they cancelling EVERYONE in your state? Did your employer stop paying the premiums?

For more info see

Did they drop your coverage or were only 30 treatments approved and the doctor "forgot" to ask for additional treatments? Additional treatments can be retro-approved so this shouldn't be a big problem.

Update: (1/18/2010 - Nameless Cynic) Excuse me? Yes, they can and will drop you on any basis that they can dream up. The process is called "recission," and Blue Cross admitted in front of Congress just six months ago that, not only does this occur, but they have no plans of stopping it on their own.

Can Jehovah's Witnesses accept chemotherapy?

Yes there is no bible prohibition that would effect the acceptance of chemotherapy.

Is chemotherapy a good solution for brain cancer?

Yes, chemotherapy can be used as a solution for brain cancer. Moreover, surgery and radiation therapy are also good solutions for brain cancer and are sometimes used in combination.

Does chemotherapy work?

Certain types and stages of cancer are easily treated with chemotherapy. You must investigate each case individually of what can be reliably done.

Statistics are available on 5, 10, and greater year survival rates with certain forms of cancer, certain stages of cancer, and certain combinations of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Check for the patient selection criteria for inclusion in such trials--some studies will reject patients if the prognosis is too poor-- for example, stage of cancer is to high, and death is too likely, and will make the outcome of therapy look extremely poor.

Some randomized control trials on this are also available.

If a certain "type and stage" of cancer is selected, the survival rates may be around zero, but for others it may be greater than 90%--it all depends on the initial prognosis. Some cancer spreads to other places--this affects the survival rates.

Some critics have indicated that the studies are often funded and conducted by the particular drug companies who produce the given chemotherapeutic agents, and so cannot be taken as fully reliable due to numerous financial conflicts of interest.

Critics have correctly identified that some patients do not survive the treatment and in many studies these deaths are excluded from the statistics because, strictly speaking, the patients did not die of cancer, and nor were they able to complete the full schedule of treatments due to their premature deaths. A published study might therefore state that 197 people were in the study, but this number might exclude 100,000 patients who died of the therapy instead of cancer.

Certain forms of alternative cancer therapies claim to have certain levels of efficacy, but unbiased measures of efficacy (published statistical studies) are unavailable. Because of this, alternative cancer therapies rely heavily upon individual case studies / anecdotal / testimonials that must be found in web videos, or off-shore web sites. Some alternative cancer treatment methods are recommended by word of mouth by friends, relatives, and acquaintances.

Cancer videos are searchable. View them with a grain of salt by considering if the patients are paid for appearing in the videos. Some of these alternative therapy patients state that their situation was otherwise hopeless--they had no choice except alternative therapies because surgeons could not cut out their remaining lungs, heart, vital organs, etc, without killing them.

Some web sites state that the cure for cancer has been known since the 1920s to 1940s, but has been kept from the public for the reasons of population reduction by the Rockefeller foundation. (See National de-industrialized cancer population control cure suppressed 1969 Dr. Richard Day planned parenthood Rockefeller). (See also "the Rick Simpson Story").

What does the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness mean?

Pink Ribbon

The pink ribbon is now an international symbol of breast cancer awareness. It is worn to show support for those whose lives have been touched by this disease. The more it is worn, the greater the chances that the public will associate it with breast cancer. This concept works in the same way as a coporate logo or tagline.

What exactly are the worst effects of chemotherapy?

Unfortunately the side effects of chemotherapy can be fairly troublesome. One such side effect is depression of the immune system leaving the patient more vulnerable to infections and sickness. Chemotherapy can also be physically tiring or even exhausting. Some consider this worse than others but chemotherapy can also lead to hair loss.

What state has lowest cancer rate?

Utah has the least, then Hawaii, then Arizona, then Colorado, then New Mexico, then a surprise at number 6- California

Schedule c and c1 in Drugs?



THE DRUGSAND COSMETICS ACT, 1940]Biological and Special Products

1. Sera.

2. Solution of serum proteins intended for injection.

3. Vaccines for parenteral injections.

4. Toxins.

5. Antigen.

6. Antitoxins.

7. Neo-arsphenamine and analogous substances used for the specific treatment of infective diseases.

8. Insulin.

9. Putuitary (Posterior Lobe) Extract.

10. Adrenaline and Solutions of Salts of Adrenaline.

11. Antibiotics and preparations thereof in a form to be administered parenterally.

12. Any other preparation which is meant for parenteral administration as such or after being made up with a solvent or medium or any other sterile product and which a) requires to be stored in a refrigerator; or b) does not require to be stored in a refrigerator.

13. Sterilized surgical ligature and sterilized surgical suture.

14. Bacteriophages.

15. Ophthalmic preparations.

16. Sterile Disposable Devices for single use only.



THE DRUGSAND COSMETICS ACT, 1940]Other Special Products

1. Drugs belonging to the Digitalis groups and preparations containing drugs belonging to the Digitalis group not in a form to be administered parentally.

2. Ergot and preparations containing Ergot not in a form to be administered parentally.

3. Adrenaline and preparations containing Adrenaline not in a form to be administered parenterally.

4. Fish Liver Oil and preparations containing Fish Liver Oil.

5. Vitamins and preparations containing any vitamins not in a form to be administered parenterally.

6. Liver extract and preparations containing liver extract not in a form to be administered parenterally.

7. Hormones and preparations containing Hormones not in a form to be administered parenterally.

8. Vaccine not in a form to be administered parenterally.

9. Antibiotics and preparations thereof not in a form to be administered parenterally.

10. In-vitro Blood Grouping Sera.

11. In-vitro diagnostic Devices for HIV, HbsAg and HCV.


Pharmaceutics devision

Can chemotherapy cause death?

Yes, a person can die from chemotherapy. A person can die from many different types of medical treatments. Every type of treatment needs a decision made with the doctor and patient about whether the benefit of the treatment is worth the potential risks and side effects. A doctor should not put a person's life at risk to treat, for example, a wart; however it would be reasonable for a doctor to use a relatively dangerous chemotherapy to treat a dangerous cancer.

Structural formula of amoxicillin trihydrate?

7-[2-amino-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl) -acetyl]amino-3,3-dimethyl-6-oxo -2-thia-5-azabicyclo[3.2.0]heptane -4-carboxylic acid

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How does chemotherapy work in healing?

Chemotherapy works in healing by the use of certain chemicals to eliminate cancer cells. Often times it is helpful due to the fact it can eliminate cancer cells discovered far from where the cancer was first located.

What happens if your bone marrow stops functioning?

well what happens is something bad that you don't want

when bone marrow stop functioning

usually the body structure stop working

such as been paralyzed can occur. bone marrow in your bones are very important because

they produce white and red blood cells

which helps fight many kinds of problems in the body system

well this is it about bone marrow

hope this helped you understand

Can chemotherapy affect AST and ALT?

If the chemo affects your liver, then yes