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Historical and modern questions about the Cherokee tribe of Native Americans.

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Does the Cardona Salt Mountain still exist?

Yes. has information including the geological significance. It dates to when the Mediterranean dried up.

What does the Cherokee word aya mean?

Aya refers to one's self - I or simply "me"

What was Thomas Jeffersons's cognitive dissonance?

I'm not going to say that this was his only one, but Jefferson had trouble recognizing the inherent freedom of those who were not Caucasian balanced with their human political rights & freedoms.

I guess the same could be said with his views on national and state governments; he saw it as easier to effect change and protect rights in a local setting but at the same time recognized that a 'majority rule' doctrine was destroying human rights without some form of federal oversight to bring all states inline.

Were Cherokee Plains Indian Tribe?

No, they are regarded as an Eastern Woodland tribe. The Cherokee historically lived in the Great Smokey Mountains in eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina. The majority of them were removed to Oklahoma, on the southern plains, in 1838.

What are the traditions of Cherokee Indians?

There were not really holidays, but they would celebrate planting and harvest. Now, there is an annual pow wow each summer based in North Carolina. This is a time that many Cherokees do celebrate.

Some Cherokee traditions include basket weaving, pottery, and carving. The Cherokees were the first Indian tribe to publish a newspaper.

In Tallige Cherokee culture, all important matters are settled around the Council Fire, and new moon ceremonies are held once a month.

How do you say ''great wolf'' in Cherokee?

Great wolf in Cherokee would be wa-ya e-qua (Wah-hyah eh-qwah). Wolf is wa-ya and great is e-qua. In Cherokee like in many languages, you use the descriptive word after the thing it is describing.

Why did American Indians agree to move to reservations?

They didn't agree to go. They had to go, because the white men had control of their land, and they wanted to change their culture so they were just like them.

What clothes did the tillamook Indians wear?

The Tillamook, like their neighbours the Clatsop, Affalati, Siletz and Yaquina wore very little clothing.

Men often went completely naked, or wore aprons or breechclouts, sometimes covered with feathers. In cool weather they added deerskin or elkhide leggings and shirts, belted at the waist. A headband of fur or dressed leather kept the long, loose hair in place. Men generally wore nose ornaments of dentalium shell.

Women traditionally wore just a fringe skirt of shredded cedar bark, with a cold-weather cape of the same material. For special occasions they had knee-length buckskin tunics decorated with fringes, bear-grass tassels, quillwork, pine seeds and dentalium shells - the amount of decoration signified relative status. Women also wore flat-topped basketwork hats.

Both sexes generally went barefoot, but in winter there were deerskin moccasins which covered the ankles.Simple round snowshoes were also worn by hunters in winter.

How many black slaves died on the Trail of Tears?

There were 17,000 Cherokee plus, 2,000 Black slaves they owned that marched on the Trail of Tears. The estimated deaths on the trail run from a low of around 500 and a high of around 8,000. There isn't a separate breakdown for the slaves that I have found.

Actually the answer is none. The "Trail of Tears" was less than one years time 1838-9. The actual forced removal after the "round up" of Cherokee remaining in the So. East did not include any slaves. By all accounts everything of any value was taken from the Cherokee before. They were not allowed to take anything when they were forced out of their homes at gun point. Then locked up in stockades as prisoners before being marched 2,000 miles to Indian Territory. As the Cherokee were marched out of their homes the whites were walking in the back door & stealing/claiming anything of value, possessions, livestock & slaves included. Or were "claimed" for often fraudulent "debts" from the Cherokee. Georgia had already carried out a lottery for the Cherokee's land & "improvements". So anything there was up for grabs. The Gov. did not even allow a payment for soap to be used on the way. Slaves were "property" & as such were not allowed for by the Gov. The transport of "personal property" (slaves) would not be payed for. To be sure yes the Cherokee did own slaves. However most were "mixedbloods" like Major Ridge & the others of the "treaty party" who signed the illegal "treaty of 1835". They were rich in their own right & moved to Indian territory at their own expense before the "forced removal" (Trail where they cried) "Trail of Tears". Many Cherokee had moved West from right after the Revolutionary War & formed what was called the "western" or "Old Settlers" prior to 1838.

Why was the Cherokees' last treaty a sham?

Because they eventually started stealing land from the Cherokees.

Answer 2:


The treaty of New Echota was intended to steal land from the Cherokee, even though the treay before that one promised that the US Government would not take any more land. The Cherokee tribe refused to sign the treaty, so the US Government asked a few US Citizens to sign it on behalf of the tribe (for money) and they did. The US Supreme court found that the treaty was invalid; but that did not stop the government from taking the land anyway.

How did soldiers during the Trail of Tears mistreat the Cherokee?

This was a forced marches of several tribes starting in 1831. The Choctaw became the first to be removed and their removal was a model for future relocations. After 2 wars the Seminoles were removed in 1832 and the Creek in 1834, Chickasaw in 1837, and finally the Cherokee in 1838. Along with the tribes were spouses, African Americans, and slaves. By 1837 46,000 Native Americans had been removed from their lands. This open 25 million acres for white settlers. The largest death toll comes from the forced relocation of the Cherokee. In 1838 the remaining Cherokee were rounded into camps and of over 700 people. Disease spread quickly throughout the closely quartered groups. The marchers were subject to violence along the route and they were forced to march in the hottest and coldest months. This killed many from exposure, disease, and starvation, harassment by local frontiersman, and lack of rations. Up to one-third of the Choctaw and others died on the march.

What was true about the treaty of new echota?

One of the things the Treaty of New Echota did was that it divided the Cherokee.

What is the Cherokee spelling for Michael?

It would be spelled "M-I-C-H-A-E-L" or "MICHAEL" as there is no direct translation for english/christian names into Cherokee. Normally you can find the root of the name and then translate that root, as in your case Michael is a Hebrew word meaning (he/she) "...who resembles god" and translate that to Tsalagi. However this brings another problem to the table. Before christian influences on Cherokee beliefs "god" was a pro-noun, not a noun. So... If you were to translate this to the modern version of the noun you would call yourself god - and that would not be good to do with Christian Cherokee's around / in the alternative you could use this around traditionalists and they would simply ask you which one (or something like that). This would embroil you in a internal conflict that you do not want to get involved with. Please understand that translations like this are not word for word but involve concepts as well. As a modern traditionalist your name would be a sentence, not a name. I cannot say what a modernist would say on the subject.

To make it easy, your name would not translate.

What did the Indian removal act of 1830 do?

Gave the president power to negotiate with Indian tribes Authorized treaties with eastern Indian tribes Allowed Jackson to negotiate treaties to get Indian tribes to move west

How do you spell family in Cherokee?

Without the proper font associated with the language it would be impossible to show you how to spell it, the letters are "close" to: "bJAFA" however the J &F would be backwards the first A has no crossbar, and the second also has dots at the bottom.

The word is "Si da ne lv h" on an English keyboard and pronounced: "see-da(h)-lee-(low)-he"