Chicago Cubs

Originally formed as an amateur team less than a decade after the Civil War (1874), the Chicago Cubs joined the National League for its initial season in 1876. They were originally known as the Chicago White Stockings and they were also later known as the Colts and Orphans but for the 1902 season they had changed their name to the Cubs. This category is for questions about the players, the coaches, records, the ball park and anything else about the team.

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How did Chicago get its name?

The town of Chicago was founded in 1833 and named by the French Canadians in their pronounciation and spelling of an Algonquian word. It is either the Fox tribe's word for "place of wild onion" or the Ojibwa tribe's word for "skunk". Either way, it has been recorded that wild onion, chives and garlic grew in the area and the Chicago River was named for the plants and their fragrance. Then the city that was built on the river was called by the same name.

What is the seating capacity of Lambeau Field?

Lambeau Field is an outdoor athletic stadium in the north central United States, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The home field of the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League, it opened in 1957 as City Stadium, replacing the original City Stadium at Green Bay East High School as the Packers' home field.

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Is there Go Cubs Go sheet music?

There is none available free, but you can probably go to a local music store and see if they have any for less than what would be on the internet.

Who pitched the first no hitter?

Joe Borden of the Philadelphia White Stockings against the Chicago White Stockings 4-0 on July 28,1875

How did the National League get started?

the national league grew from the first pro league the national association by Chicago owner William Hubert because of general disorganization

Click on the 'History of the National League' link on this page to read about the history of the NL.

What is the value of a 1945 Chicago Cubs vs Detroit Tigers World Series program?

I COLLECT CUBS WS PROGRAMS. IF IN MINT CONDITION AND UNSCORED, $200-$250. A 1945 Detroit Tigers World Series program played at Briggs Stadium is worth about $225.-$350. in excellent - near/mint condition. A 1945 Chicago Cubs World Series program played at Wrigley Field is worth $150.-$200. As with all collectibles, condition is the most important factor of all providing that the item is authentic. With programs/scorecards the slightest flaws will bring the price down significantly. An exceptional mint condition scorecard could sell for more.

Common flaws would be staining, foxing (yellowing), fading, creases, rips, loose pages, cracked binding, and writing on the cover. Un-scored programs will generally sell at a higher price than a scored program but sometimes it doesn't effect the value. The over all condition, and how well the cover displays will.

The value on a "scored" program as opposed to a un-scored program can vary depending on the game, and collectors preference. In general I would say an un-scored program will sell at a higher price. Some collectors do not mind scored programs. == ==

What month does the ivy grow in at Wrigley Field?

The ivy at Wrigley Field turns green about mid-May. Until then, the ivy is brown.

How can you contact a Chicago Cubs player?

All you have to do is send a letter to Wrigley and they will give it to the player.

How can you get a photo of the Wrigley Field sign with your name on it?

:What? Alright u have to talk to the Cubs organization and pay for it if u want it to be real.

If you don't care then use a picture of the sign and photoshop it.

What are the best books on the Chicago Cubs?

There are several good books on the Chicago Cubs. One is "The Complete Chicago Cubs: The Total Encyclopedia of the Team" by Derek Gentile. It provides a great overview of the Cubs.

A more recent book release is "Da Curse of the Billy Goat" by Steve Gatto. This book about the history of the infamous Billy Goat Curse that many fans believe prevents the Cubs from winning a pennant.

A third is the "Wise Guide Wrigley Field." Pocket-sized, funny and useful look at the experience of attending Wrigley. Includes area restaurant and bar guide

How many times have the Chicago Cubs won the World Series?

The Chicago Cubs have won two World Series titles. The last was in 1908, the other in 1907.

In 1907 they beat the Detroit Tigers 4 games to 0, and in 1908 they again beat the Tigers 4 games to 1.

Was 2003 really the first post-season series win for the Cubs since 1908?

Yes, the Cubs' series win over the Braves is indeed their first post-season series win since 1908 - the last time the Cubs won a World Series. While it's true that the Cubs went to the World Series several times after 1908 - their last being in 1945 - they never won any of those Series and failed to win NLCSes in 1984 and 1989 and failed to win the NLDS in 1998.

Playing in the World Series did not require a team to win a playoff series until the two leagues split into divisions in 1969. Until then, the best team from each league played for the championship.

When was the last year the Chicago Cubs won the World Series?

1908 was the last year the Chicago Cubs won a World Series Championship.

The 2011 season marks the 103nd anniversary since their last World Series Title.

Is Brian Urlacher more popular than Derrek Lee in Chicago?

yes he is because only 50% of chicagoans like derrek lee because Chicago has 2 baseball teams and only 1 football team

Why are the Chicago Cubs called the Cubs?

In 1876, the Chicago White Stockings become one of eight charter members of the National League.

The White Stockings go on to win the inaugural National League championship. Using nicknames such as the "White Stockings," "Colts," and Orphans," the team plays in five different locations in the 1800s

In 1902, noting the youth movement lead by new manager Frank Selee, a local newspaper penned the nickname Cubs for the first time. The moniker prevailed over time and was officially adopted by the club in 1907. It is currently one of the longest running-and most beloved-alias' in all of sports

Have the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs ever played each other before?

I believe that the last time they played (before this year... June 10-12, 2005 at Wrigley) was in the 1918 World Series. The Red Sox won.

What does it mean when the Chicago Cubs raise the white flag?

The raising of the white flag at Wrigley Field means that the Cubs have won. The flag has a blue W on it, meaning win. The flag is raised immediately after the game and is taken down a few hours later.

Where on the internet can you find the schedule of who is singing the seventh inning stretch of the Chicago Cubs home games?

On the Chicago web site.

AnswerOn Len Kasper and Bob Brenly's blog site, , They usually have a list of singers for the next homestand

How many times did the Cubs allow 20-plus runs in a single game from 1900-1999?

The answer is 12. It seems that this is a question on Dunkin Donuts' "Sip Scratch and Score" game. You win a free donut if you answer correctly. Good luck.

What is the origin of the seventh inning stretch?

President Howard Taft was attending a game and by the seventh inning he needed to get up and stretch. According to some, the game was delayed a couple minutes while Taft stretched. Thus, the seventh inning stretch was born. According to urban legend, President William Howard Taft started the trend on April 14, 1910 in a game between the Washington Senators and Philadephia Athletics at Griffith Park in Washington. Taft, who weighed over 300 pounds, grew more and more uncomfortable in his chair as the game wore on. Finally, by the middle of the seventh inning, he could not stand it no more, so he stood up from his chair. Everyone in the stadium thought that the President was about to leave, so they stood in respect. The seventh inning stretch was born. In another bit of trivia, Taft launched the tradition of the Presidential first pitch in the same game. Apparently on the spur of the moment, umpire Billy Evans handed Taft the ball after the managers had been introduced, and asked him to throw it over home plate. The President did so with delight. Nearly every president since has done this at least once during his term in office. The story has it that the seventh inning stretch originated during a game between the Senators and Athletics in 1910, in which the 27th President of the United States, William Howard Taft, was in attendance. No one is really sure why, whether his leg began to cramp or some other reason, but at the conclusion of the top of the seventh inning he stood and the rest of the crowd, out of respect and possibly because they thought he was leaving, stood with him. After a short period of time he sat down, and the rest of the crowd sat down with him, thus the seventh inning stretch and a long standing baseball tradition was born. The president at the time, I believe it was Taft, stood up in between the top and the bottom of the seventh inning of a game he was attending. This prompted just about everyone in attendence to stand as well. A President once attended a game and at the break at the 7th he stood up to strectch, the spectators saw him standing and thought he was about to leave so as a mark of respect they stood up too, not knowing he was just stretching. The tradition has just continued. That president was William Howard Taft.

Why is the Ivy at Wrigley Field not centered?

It might be so that the batters don't lose their vision of the ball after it is thrown by the pitcher.