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Originally the Chicago White Stockings (from 1901-1903), this category is for questions about the Chicago White Sox team as well as their history, their players, records and anything else about the team in general.

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Who were some Chicago White Sox players from the 1950s?

Luis Aloma,Jack Burner,Bob Cain,Bill Conley,Charlie Cuellar,Randy Gumpert,Micky Hafner,Ken Holcombe,Howie Judson,Gus Keriazakos,Lou Kentrow,Bob Kuzava,John perkovich,Billy Pierce,Matt Rotbatt,Ray Scarborough,and Bill White

What White Sox pitcher has had the most strikeouts?

At the time of this question, Mark Buehrle had the most strikeouts, but currently Freddy Garcia does.

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Who pitched 57 shutouts in the 20th century?

Hall of Famer Ed Walsh hurled 57 shutouts for the White Sox between 1904 and 1916. He finished up with the Boston Braves in 1917. His career ERA was an amazing 1.82.

Why is the Ivy at Wrigley Field not centered?

It might be so that the batters don't lose their vision of the ball after it is thrown by the pitcher.

Who wore number 12 for the White Sox in 1972?

According to Baseball Almanac, catcher Ed Herrmann wore #12 in 1972.

What is the Chicago White Sox logo?

Click on the 'Chicago White Sox' logo on this page to see the logos of the White Sox throughout their history.

Where do the White Sox play in chicago?

Since 1991 they have played at US Cellular Field, nicknamed The Cell, which was orginally called New Comiskey Park.

Where do the Chicago White Sox play?

U.S. Cellular Field

U.S. Cellular Field commonly referred to as "The Cell" (formerly New Comiskey Park). It is the home of the Chicago White Sox of the American League. The park opened for the 1991 season, after the White Sox had spent 81 years at Comiskey Park. The new park, completed at a cost of $167 million dollars. The park originally opened with the Comiskey Park name, but became U.S. Cellular Field in 2003 after U.S. Cellular bought the naming rights at $68 million over 20 years. The park hosted the MLB All-Star Game that same year. A few sportscasters a fans, however, continue to use the former name, (new) Comiskey Park.

The stadium is situated at 35th Street and Shields Avenue on Chicago's South Side and in Chicago's Armour Square neighborhood ajacent to the Bridgeport neighborhood. It was built in the parking lot of old Comiskey Park, which was torn down and became a parking lot for the current park.


333 West 35th Street

Chicago, Illinois 60616




Left Field - 330 ft (100.5 m)

Left-Center - 375 ft (114 m)

Center Field - 400 ft (122 m)

Right-Center - 375 ft (114 m)

Right Field - 335 ft (102 m)

Backstop - 60 ft (18 m)


U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago.

How did the name Chicago White Sox originate and what are sox?

The White Sox were enfranchised in 1894 and were known then as the Sioux City Corn Huskers, from there they moved to St. Paul and eventually settled on Chicago's South Side in 1900. By this point they were called the White Stockings. Prior to 1901 The White Sox were a part of the 'Western League' (a minor league) which became the 'American League' (still a minor league until 1901) In 1901 the American League declared itself a part of Major League Baseball and the White Stockings (Sox) were a charter member of the new league. The White Stockings won the very first A.L. Pennant in 1901 and Chicago Tribune sports writers almost immediately began shortening the name White Stockings to White Sox. The team adopted the shortened name OFFICIALLY in 1904; Four years AHEAD of the Boston Red Sox who were known as the Boston Americans until 1908.


Sox are socks, as in, to keep your feet warm, and the baseball team based in Chicago wore white ones. (from ENGLISHangel)

Where can you find information on a White Sox player from 1944 named Philip Macy?

There is no mention of a Philip Macy on the White Sox roster in 1944. But google him if you are not satisfied. ----

The Baseball Almanac is available online. It has information on every player who ever played in a major league game.

Why do the Chicago White Sox wear Black socks?

The White Sox are one of 8 original American League teams. It is a franchise that is over 100 years old and so it is rich in history. The Sox' uniforms have changed a multitude of times over the past century plus. Theirs is one of the most recognizable logos in sports and their merchandise sales are among the highest in baseball.

The team wears black socks or black stirrups over white socks and it looks really great.


How many games did the White Sox win in 2005?

99 wins 63 losses ws champs 11 and 1 in the playoffs 3-0 alds, 4-1 alds, and 4-0 in world series 100% sure of it

What is the value of a baseball signed by the 1960's White Sox?

It's tough to assign a value without knowing a few very important particulars - namely the precise year versus the era, "1960s," as the value can be a lot greater or lower depending on the players present - and the accomplishments of a team in a particular season. For example, a White Sox team-signed ball from the 1959 season, in which the Sox won the American League pennant, would be worth considerably more than a ball documenting a more mediocre season. Other key factors include type of ball, whether there are any "clubhouse signatures" (autographs signed by ballboys, attendants, etc), and number of signatures present. Photos greatly help in addressing these questions as well as identifying specific players and seasons, and I invite you to send me pictures.

When did the White Sox team form?

The Chicago White Sox team was enfranchised in 1894. However, they were known as the Sioux City Corn Huskers at that time. They later moved to St. Paul and finally settled on Chicago's South Side in 1900. The team was owned by Charles A. Comiskey who was the first baseman in his home town, Chicago. In 1900 the old American League formed, and Comiskey changed the team name to White Stockings. The White Stockings team was first managed by Clark C. Griffith, who nicknamed his players "Boy Wonders," and his team lived up to that name. That year, the White Sox won the American League Pennant.

The American League (a minor League up to that point) declared itself part of the Major Leagues in 1901 and the White Stockings won the very first A.L. Pennant..

Chicago Tribune Sports Writers immediately began calling the White Stockings the White Sox for short. The organization OFFICIALLY changed the name to White Sox before the 1904 season, making the Chicago White Sox the FIRST Sox team, as the Red Sox were known as the Boston Americans until 1908.

Who were the White Sox players who wore number 20 in the last 15 years?

Members of the White Sox who have worn #20 since 1990: 1990-1997: Ron Karkovice

2003-2007: Jon Garland No player wore #20 for the White Sox between 1998-2002.

What are the dimensions of Wrigley Field?

The dimensions of Wrigley Field: Left field foul pole: 355 feet
Left center: 368 feet
Center field: 400 feet
Right center: 368 feet
Right field foul pole: 353 feet

What was the attendance of the first Phillies game played at Recreation Park on Tuesday May 1 1883?

A little more than 1,000 attended that game. The long forgotton park had a seating capacity of 6,500 and the last game played there was a double header against the Detroit Wolverines on October 9,1886.The second game was called because of darkness. The attemdance was just about 1000 and it cost 25 cents to enter the park!!!

Who were the White Sox players who wore number 6 or 8 in the last 20 years?

The White Sox have not reissued #6 since the passing of former hitting coach Charley Lau in 1984.

Those who have worn #8 since 1988:

Daryl Boston, 1988-1990

Phil Bradley, 1990

Bo Jackson, 1991, 1993

Olmedo Saenz, 1994

Mike Devereaux, 1995

Tony Phillips, 1996

Albert Belle, 1997-1998

Brook Fordyce, 1999-2000

Charles Johnson, 2000

Mark Johnson, 2001-2002

Miguel Olivo, 2003-2004

Carl Everett, 2004-2005

Alex Cintron, 2006

Who were on the First Red Sox team ever and who was the coach?

1908 Boston Red Sox Complete Roster: Pitchers: Frank Arellanes, King Brady, Fred Burchell, Eddie Cicotte, Ralph Glaze, Charlie Hartman, Doc McMahon, Cy Morgan, Case Patten, Tex Pruiett, Elmer Steele, Jesse Tannehill, Jake Thielman, George Winter, Joe Wood, Cy Young, Catchers: Bill Carrigan, Lou Criger, Pat Donahue, Ed McFarland, Harry Ostdiek, Infielders: Larry Gardner, Frank LaPorte, Harry Lord, Amby McConnell, Harry Niles, Jake Stahl, Bob Unglaub, Heinie Wagner, Outfielders: Jimmy Barrett, Walter Carlisle, Gavvy Cravath, Doc Gessler, Jack Hoey, Jim McHale, Tris Speaker, Denny Sullivan, Jack Thoney, Manager: Deacon McGuire

Can a single White Sox player be called a 'White Sock'?

Why not? not really. the players wear two socks. if they were called the

"white pants" would it make sense to call a player a white pant?

How can you find out the year of a 1950's vintage White Sox wool pennant color maroon and gold with flying Sox logo?

Vintage pennants are difficult to date to a specific season. Many pennants were for sale at the ballparks for several years in a row. Team logo's and artwork could help in dating. Often team will use the same artwork on other souvenirs like programs, and yearbooks making it possible to date to a specific year. A 1950's Chicago White Sox Winged Foot Pennant is worth about $100. - $125. in excellent to near/mint condition. Even minor flaws will bring the price down significantly. Common flaws with pennants are missing ties, pin holes, frying, creases, and "crackling" on the printing. Sometimes people will trim down a pennant to rid it of the frying or other flaws like a flat tip (point) Caused by being pinned up and ripped off. Any of these flaws will degrade the pennant significantly. Doctored pennants - A term used to describe a pennant that has been altered to cover up a flaw, is a practice that is frowned upon among the collecting community, and could sell for less than a pennant with the flaws it was meant to cover up.

Most pre 1970 full sized (12" x 30") felt pennants sell for below $50.- $100. Photo pennants, and scroll or roster pennants listing team players, Championship, and World Series Pennants are more desired by collectors and will sell for more. Premium mini pennants offered by candy companies in a special offer for example could also sell for more. As with all collectibles condition is important.

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