The chinchilla is a small creature which is primarily farmed for its fur. All questions concerning the care and feeding of this animal can be directed here.

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What temp do chinchillas live in?

Chinchillas NEED cold temps. They have very thick furry coats and can not sweat to loose heat so anything over 75 degrees Fahrenheit will make them upset and can die. Best to keep them in basements (cold rooms) or air conditioned rooms. If it is very hot out you can freeze a plastic bottle and they will sit on it to cool off.

How long does a chinchilla stay pregnant for?

anywhere from 102-111 days the number of babies she has varies from 1-4

How do you take a pet chinchilla to college?

Most dorms will not let you bring a pet but you should check your schools policy. You can try to hide it, which is not a good idea. Or you could try to get an apartment. Your best bet would be to find a new home for him while you are away at school.

Can chinchilla's eat pine needles?

No It can hurt their stomachs and throats

What state do chinchillas live in?

Chinchillas are often seen in the cold states of mexico... also by the rocky mountains. They are mostly located in these places because of their thick coats, so they enjoy being in cold areas

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What can chinchillas eat?

They eat grass, fruit, leaves, roots, and bugs.etc

What do chinchillas eat as pets?

They eat regular food from a pet store an you can feed them little pieces of a apple before you go to bed

Can televisions damage guinea pigs hearing?


Guinea pigs are very sensitive to different sounds and can hear way better than any human. If there is any sound that is loud to you it will be miserable for it. When you ask if a TV can damage your guinea pigs hearing, it can only do so if the TV's volume is loud. The sound may not damage her hearing, but can be very unpleasent and disturbing to your guinea pig. My suggestion would be for you to put your furry friend in a quiet non-drafty room isolated from all noise. That's the best way to go, but just remember that A loud noise to you is a VERY VERY LOUD noise to your poor pet. GOOD LUCK!


Do chinchillas get scared and die?

Yes, chinchillas can die and they can get scared and they can get so scared they could run away and crash then die.

What is the taxonomy of a chinchilla?


Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Rodentia




Do rabbits need to go to the vet?

vetyes a rabbit will at some point in its life should go to get a check up like us humans need to go to doctors. Rabbits need it so much because if you don't it may have a diesease and later die like my neighbors in real life never did it so the poor thing died. from:friends

Also, rabbits are naturally prey animals. They don't cope well with disease and injury. Once your rabbit gets sick, it is very hard to save them (unless the illness is minor like the snuffles). Other minor health problems can often lead to greater health problems if left untreated.

Most experienced rabbit breeds know signs and treatments for many illnesses and may not have to take their rabbits to a vet. For a simple pet owner, it would be wise to check with your vet from time to time.

Are chinchillas hypoallergenic?

yes chinchillas are hypoallergenic.

Can guinea pigs and hamsters share cages?

After hearing all this rubbish by UNEDUCATED zoologists it's time for me to answer the question. So 'can a guinea pig and hamster share the same cage', my answer is yes my friend. Under Circumstances.

I did an observation for a month housing a male guinea pig and female hamster, everything worked out well, they slept together , played together etc. But you need to be aware :

Warnings :

- Only house the opposite sexes, e.g. female hamster and male guinea pig or female guinea pig and male hamster.

- Make sure it's a large enough cage for space.

- Be careful with food, mix there foods together in a feeding bowl.

Most definitely not they cannot share a space, guinea pigs can kill hamsters and will because hamsters are so small they will get hurt my guinea pigs. Plus they cant eat the same food so they cannot share feeding bowls.

I would have to agree with the above answer, a Hamster is a different species from a Guinea pig, and it is never advisable to cage them together, the size difference between the species would also make them inappropriate cage mates and they have a different diet, housing opposite sexes makes no difference to anything and a male guinea pig would most likely squash a Hamster to death trying to mate it.

Can guinea pigs and mice share a cage?

No, different types of rodents are generally either territorial or predatory when it comes to sharing a living space. A guinea pig is large enough to kill a mouse even if it's just trying to give it a warning bite. Other rodents, such as rats, will kill and eat mice for food, and just the smell of other animals is usually enough to make mice nervous and stressed out.

Female mice and female guinea pigs can. I have them living together right now, and they're fine. HOWEVER, I don't suggest putting male guinea pigs in, they can get nasty

Why can't you flush tissues down the toilet?

Tissues are made to stay together (not disintegrate) when wet so you can use them to blow your nose or whatever. But that means they can cause plumbing problems if you flush them. Even though they look similar to toilet paper, they're not because toilet paper is made to disintegrate immediately upon contact with water.

How did chinchillas get its name?

Chinchillas live in the Andes Mountains and were named after the Chincha people who also lived on the mountain.