Chippewa Indians

The Chippewa or Ojibwe refer to the same people and are one of the most populous and widely distributed Indian groups in North America. The tribe call themselves Anishinabe in their own language, which means 'original person.' Lands include Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ontario and Manitoba.

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Chippewa Indians

What kind of weapons the Ojibwe tribe had?

Before contact with European explorers the Ojibwe bands used bows and arrows as their main weapon, with clubs of various types as secondary weapons. Guns were supplied by white traders from an early date, leading to the bow being used far less than in earlier times.

Ojibwe bows were made of ash, hickory or birch and ranged from about 43 to 67 inches in length, often entirely stained a dull red. Arrows were of split hardwood or second-growth shoots, with early points of bone or wood, later metal points from traders. Fletchings were from golden eagles or turkeys (a very unusual arrow survives with 5 flicker feathers) and arrows were from 24 to 35 inches long, usually with very shallow nocks for the string.

War clubs varied in shape and size; some were huge ball-headed clubs carved from hardwood, often with bone (later metal) spikes added; the gunstock-style club might have a trade knife blade fitted.

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What kind of crafts are made and sold in France?

This Site has information about crafts that are made and sold in France along with information about the artists:

Chippewa Indians

How do you say 'Blackthunderbird' in the Ojibwa Indian language?

makadewaa animikii

Chippewa Indians

What is the Compare and contrast of the housing of the ojibwa and the mohawk?


Chippewa Indians

What do ojibwa wear?

Ojibwa wore moccasins in the summer. Moccasins are a type of shoes they wore. They also wore animal hides in winter and breech cloth in summer. Not many of them wore feather headresses but some did. The Ojibwa wore clothes made from animal skin like woman wore animal skin dresses. Hope this helps.

Chippewa Indians

What sports did the ojibwa play?

but truly i would say maybe a form of basketball because others did that

Chippewa Indians

What did the Ojibwa do that the Dakota Indians did not do?

A complete answer would fill many books, but a few examples are:

  • the Ojibwas built wigwams, the Dakota did not
  • the Ojibwas built birchbark canoes, the Dakotas did not
  • the Ojibwas had a society of shamans called midewewin, the Dakotas did not
  • the Ojibwas used ribbonwork decoration on clothing, the Dakotas did not
  • the Ojibwa men often wore cloth turbans, the Dakotas did not
  • the Ojibwas made a specific type of moccasin with a puckered front seam, the Dakotas did not
  • the Ojibwas lived north of Lake Superior, the Dakotas did not
  • the Ojibwas had clans called Crane, Loon, Hawk, Gull, Pike, Otter, Moose, Caribou, Wolf and Lynx, the Dakotas did not
  • the Ojibwas spoke an Algonquian language, the Dakotas did not
  • the Ojibwas made containers of birchbark (wigwassi-makak), the Dakotas did not
  • the Ojibwas performed an annual Snowshoe Dance to give thanks for their ability to continue hunting in winter, the Dakotas did not
  • Ojibwa men often wore decorated garters around their leggings, just below the knees, the Dakotas did not
  • Ojibwa bows often had curved scoops cut out along one edge, Dakota bows did not

. . . . the list could go on indefinitely.

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Are there any living Quinnipiac Indians?

Yes there are many Quinnipiac living today, in spite of the oppression. See Wikipedia articles, " Quinnipiac: Population and Whereabouts Today" and "Quiripi language: Quiripi History and Culture Resources." Also see WE ARE STILL HERE! Thank you. Ruth Thunderhorse,

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Chippewa Indians
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How do you build a bow and an arrow?

If your serious about making a bow, start with a heavy or dense wood, Indians used osage orange for the're short bows, Europe used Yew for the're long bows, Both were effective. A simple way to make a Bow is to get 3 sapplings of your choice of wood, 1" (inch) in diameter, (Dry, Season, or Cure for a year in a cool dry place, Now use the 1/3 method. Make 1- 4ft 1- 3ft and 1- 2ft long, mark each stick in the center and match up the center line of your sticks, now use a strong cord and wined 3 or 4 times an knot, move a couple of inches and do again, do this from the center out until all your sticks are bound together, for your string I would use fishing-line, 30lb test and use 3 or 4 together and wax them. Good-Luck Answer If your serious about making a bow you will forget everything you read above and go to this website. Whoever wrote that has obviously never made a bow and has no idea what they are talking about. I have made nearly twenty bows and the guy who made this site is an excellent bowyer and has a very educational site. Follow his instructions and you will be able to make first rate bows.

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Are there any living Wompanoag Indians today?

About 3,000 Wampanoag survive (many of whose ancestry includes other tribes), and many live on the reservation (Watuppa Wampanoag Reservation) on Martha's Vineyard, in Dukes County. It is located in the town of Aquinnah (formerly known as Gay Head), at the extreme western part of the island. It has a land area of 1.952 km² (482.35 acres), and a 2000 census resident population of 91 persons. There are currently five organized groups of the Wampanoag: Assonet, Gay Head, Herring Pond, Mashpee and Namasket. All have applied for recognition by the government, but only the Gay Head Wampanoag still have a reservation on Martha's Vineyard. They received government recognition in 1987 from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. They currently have 1,000 registered members. Their reservation consists of 485 acres (approx. 2 km²) and is located on the outermost southwest part of the island. The official registered name is "Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head". The "Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe" consists of 1,200 registered members and owns many stores and museums. Since 1924 there has been a powwow every year at the beginning of July. The reservation is located near Mashpee on Cape Cod. After decades of legal disputes, the Mashpee Wampanoag obtained provisional recognition as an Indian tribe from the Bureau of Indian Affairs in April 2006, and then received official Federal recognition in February 2007.[citation needed] There is also still land which is owned separately by families and in common by Wampanoag descendants at both Chapaquddick and Christiantown, and they have also purchased land in Middleborough, Massachusetts to build a casino upon. In addition, a remnant of the Wampanoag reside on St. David Island, Bermuda. They are descendants of those sold overseas in the aftermath of King Philip's War by the Puritans. See "External Links" on article Metacomet.

Chippewa Indians

What is the Ojibwe word for white man?

I'm not sure how you would spell it but it sounds like "Chah-mook".

Chippewa Indians

Is the Ojibwa tribe nomadic?


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Chippewa Indians

What kinds of crafts are made in France?

In France, as all over the world, people make the same kind of crafts. People the world over use clay, paint, glue, scissors, paper, wood, yarn, beads and whatever else you would use for your crafts.

If you put a craft class from France next to a craft class from any other country in the world, they would look the same. I can't think of anything that would set France off as being different.

Chippewa Indians

What did Ojibwa eat with?

a wooden spoon

Chippewa Indians

How did Ojibwa use legends to explain things in nature?

Because they era very inteligents

Chippewa Indians
Algonquian Indians

How do you say drum in odawa or ojibway?

In Ojibwe the general word for drum is dewe`igan, or deweyigan, or madwe`igan, or madwewechigan, or tewe`igan.

A hand drum is dewe`igan or dewe`igaans.

A sacred Mide drum is midewewe`igan

In Odawa, the word is dewe'gan, which is obviously very closely related.

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Is the Sega company still around today?


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What are the midewiwin?

"The name Midewiwin (also spelled Midewin and Medewiwin) is derived from a Native American term for the Grand Medicine Society, a super-secret society of which today members would nominally be called by others than the Medewiwin, Shamans. Tribal groups who had such societies include the Ojibwa, Chippewa, Ottawa, and Potawatomi, the last of whom were prominent residents of the Midewiwin National Tallgrass Prairie region from the mid 1700’s to the early to mid-1800’s. According to the Potawatomi, Mide’ or Mida (pronounced mid-day), means ‘mystic’ or ‘mystically powerful.’ The curing rituals performed by the members of the Midewiwin relied heavily on a tradition that incorporated mystical elements arising from the beliefs about the spirits that protected the A-nish’-in-a’ beg (term used by the Ottawa, Potawatomi, Ojibwa, and Menomonee to describe “the original people."

Chippewa Indians

What does uni chi do mean in ojibwa?

In most modern Ojibwe orthographies (ways of writing down spoken languages) there is no letter "u", so uni chi do does not even look like Ojibwe.

Ojibwe vowels can be short (written as: a, e, i, o) and some can be long (aa, ii, oo).

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Chippewa Indians

When you are 37 weeks pregnant can you have bad dreams?

Yes, vivid dreaming is a symptom of pregnancy. You can try and program your dreams by thinking of restful scenes like gardens or the ocean before you sleep. Also keeping a journal to write down the things you are worried about may remove them from your brain so your dreams are more peaceful. When ever a person is going through a transition, and motherhood is a huge transition, they get their dreaming stirred up. It's normal. Good luck.

Chippewa Indians

Where did the Ojibwa settled?

Or Iowa -same person that said lake supuroir

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What type of rock did the Indians use to make arrows with?

Depends on location. Flint, obsidian, chert are some types of stones used.


Additional information: Native Americans only used wood, stone and bone to make arrowheads until Europeans began to provide them with sheet metal, tools and even ready-made metal points. By the late 18th and early 19th centuries most Plains tribes (for example) were only using metal arrow points and they had absolutely no idea who had made the many stone points found lying about on the Plains - the Crow tribe firmly believed the stone points had been made by a mythical race of dwarfs!

Some woodlands tribes such as the Iroquois appear to have quickly abandoned the bow as a weapon in favour of guns obtained from Europeans, so they ceased making stone points at an early date.

At the important site of Cahokia (about 650 to 1500 AD) many very beautiful small points of Burlington chert and Kaolin chert have been discovered, along with some fine bone points.

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Chippewa Indians

What are the guidelines for a municipality to govern the people?

you have to be a male or a strong leader who is capable enough for this job

Chippewa Indians

What type houses did Ojibwa people live in?

== == * Their typical dwelling was the wiigiwaam(wigwam), built either as a waaginogaan (domed-lodge) or as a nasawa'ogaan (pointed-lodge), made of birch bark, juniper bark and willow saplings.

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Chippewa Indians

What are the 5 kinds of forest?

Pine, Submarginal,Dipterocarp,Mangrove and Mossy.


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