Known as crisps in the United Kingdom, chips are fried or baked slices of potato. Ask questions about calories and popular brands here.

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Can green potato chips make you sick?

Technically, yes, but you’d have to eat such a large amount of them that it’s not worth worrying about.

First, let’s understand why parts of potatoes turn green. Potatoes, for the most part, are grown underground, but occasionally, a small part might be exposed to sunlight. Those exposed parts turn green as chlorophyll begins to form. Although most of these colorful outliers don’t make it onto the grocery store shelves, the occasional green potato might go overlooked, and this is why you might see a slice in one of your snack bags.

In terms of safety, chlorophyll is both tasteless and nontoxic. However, as a potato turns green, conditions are right for it to synthesize a glycoalkaloid poison called solanine, which potatoes produce to defend against insects and predators. Ingesting large amounts of solanine can cause vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, and a slew of other unpleasant symptoms—including death. The good news is that those toxic levels would equate to eating several pounds of green potatoes.

Long story short, the moderate solanine formation in one or two errant potato chips is not enough to do any harm.

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How many carbs are in corn chips?

read the nutrition list on the back


Can you eat potato chips on Passover?

The label on the bag has to say "Kosher for Passover". Otherwise, chips can't be eaten.


What makes potato chips flammable?

The glucose (energy) is the fuel that helps it burn. Pepper also makes chips hot and spicy.

No, the vegetable oil in the chips, along with potassium makes the chip HIGHLY flammable... For example the POE TATE R CHIPS I THREW into my firepit at 1:00 am Sunday, June 03, 2012... IF you want proof, go get a bag of POE TATE R CHIPS with 290mg of Potassium, 190mg of Sodium, and Vegetable oil. And stick them in an open flame outside.. Inside you just effin idiot.

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How Do You Make A Chip Bag Wallet By Only Folding It?

No. Neither way its immposible to do it in 1 fold.


Do potato chips give you gas?

Yes. I don't know what is in them but they definitely give you gas


Do baked potato chips have grease?

Baked lays don't have any grease so eat up.


What is the weight of a bag of crisps?

A bag of Walkers crisps is 25g, but I'm pretty sure that I used to get more in a bag.

Desserts, Snacks, and Treats
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Do chips have sugar?

its doesnt have direct sugar but it is present in the form of glucose.


What are some examples of a rack jobbers?

The rack of chips in a store from Frito lay would be considered as a rack jobber.


How do you use a potato chip to kill someone?

take a bite then make it sharp

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How can Humpty Dumpty potato chips customer services be contacted?

Humpty Dumpty customer service

Humpty Dumpty foods apparently has been bought by Old Dutch Foods. If you plug in the web address,, it will take you to a screen that informs you of the buyout of Humpty Dumpty. It also will let you click on Old Dutch to take you to their website. Good luck.

From TheBeeB - Sept 24, 2009:

I live in Vermont and have a difficult time finding Humpty Dumpty chips in my part of the state. After some research, I found out that they are distributed in Vermont and Maine (and likely elsewhere) by a company in Scarborough, Maine called Michaud Distributors.

I called there and spoke to a very helpful lady that promised to try to contact the driver for my area to find out about getting some local stores to carry the Humpty Dumpty line.

Rather than give their phone number here (and possibly cause them to receive endless consumer calls), I recommend you Google for the company, and get the contact information from there. Best of luck!

-Another Humpty Dumpty Fanatic


Why was the potato considered alive and potato chips as not?

In the same way a cow is alive but a steak is dead, a potato is a living organism which, given the right conditions, will grow into a plant. A chip is dead, fried.


Are middleswarth chips gluten free?

According to Walmart, YES! See the product attributes section on their product page:



Do chips really expire?

Yes chips expire they will have an expiry date on the package somewhere. Chips are a perishable item that means they will go bad or stale.


Do they still make gibbles potato chips?

The sure do!! If they don't sell in your area you can order online. The Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe purchased them. Got to to order!

As of March 9th 2013 Gibble's snack products have been discontinued.

A statement from the company:

"Gibble Foods is discontinuing the manufacturing of Gibble's snack products effective March 9, 2013," Dieffenbach wrote in a statement Thursday. "This will allow the company to focus on private label manufacturing of its snack food products. The company will not be delivering any more Gibble's products after March 9, but will provide a selected weekend pack out service for March 9 and 10. Over the next several weeks we will have limited support to close out the Gibble's products."

Commercial Jingles

What is song played in 2012 Lays potato chip commercial?

"Baby I'ma Want you" by Bread


Where to buy takis in Charlotte NC?

Some people say from a gas station


Did George Crum have any siblings?

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so technically he did have siblings.

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What is the slogan for Lay's Potato Chips?

Betcha cant eat just one :)


What happens if you burn a potato chip?

It burns. Potato chips have high fat content.


Why do potato chip manufacturers fill the packet of chips with nitrogen?


Chip packages are filled with nitrogen gas to stop oxidation, and thus spoilage, of the chips. In the abscence of oxygen they cannot oxidize.


nitrogen being an unreactive gas,retards bacterial growth and keeps the ffod from decaying.


When fats and oils are oxidised, they become rancid and their smell and taste change. Food items containg oil and fat are flushed with nitrogen to prevent rancidity of oil and fat as nitrogen is an inert gas and prevent the oxidation of oil and fats.


Nitrogen is added to the potato chip packet to add strength to the packaging. Normally aluminum cans are used for packaging beverages, these beverages are carbonated drinks and the carbon dioxide present in them provides the internal pressure in the can and thus gives internal strength to the aluminum can. But in non-carbonated drinks, there is no carbon dioxide present and so Nitrogen is added to it to give the required strength to the packing.
To retard (slow) changes of oxidation.

(Stays fresh longer.)


Which gas is put into bags of crips to keep them fresh?

Nitrogen[N] is put in Crisps bags to keep them fresh. It is Oxygen which spoils the crips by oxidising them and making any fats or oils go rancid and water vapour in air makes them go soggy. So oxygen and water vapour which is about 20% of the air is removed and the remaining 80% is mostly Nitrogen, which does not react with the crisps.